Live baccarat vs. online baccarat: Which one is right for you? 

Baccarat is one of the top casino games that draws in a lot of players at online casinos. Aside from the simple rules, there are also several variations available.

The best casinos also allow you to experience these games in different ways. You can play the software-based online baccarat games or choose the live dealer versions. The latter provides you with a traditional baccarat experience from the comfort of your gaming device, which is similar to playing at a land-based casino. Although both versions of baccarat follow the same gameplay, the experience is largely different.

Read this article for more insight on these two types of baccarat to help you determine which is most suitable for you.

The differences between live and online baccarat

The gameplay of any kind of baccarat game has the same objective. Players need to bet on either the banker or player side, and the winning side is the one that gets a hand total closer to nine. However, there are several distinctions between live baccarat and online baccarat that may impact your experience. Below are some of their significant differences:

Real dealer

Baccarat is a card game, so there is a need for a dealer to coordinate the gameplay. The dealer positions themselves at the center of the table and is responsible for dealing the cards after the bets are made. Another primary responsibility of the dealer is to ensure that all the players follow the game’s rules. 

For online baccarat games, the entire game is simulated and the software performs the role of dealer. The game’s algorithm and animation deals the cards. In live baccarat, a human dealer is present as these games are live-streamed from a real casino lobby or studio. The dealer’s operations and dealings are clearly visible via the monitor, just like in a land-based casino lobby.

Increased interaction and better communication

As previously mentioned, the job of a baccarat dealer goes beyond just dealing cards. They ensure that the game follows the stipulated rules, and to achieve this, they require good communication. In live baccarat, you can communicate with the dealer and other participating players. The dealer speaks into the microphone while players can utilize the chat function. This real-time communication makes the gameplay more immersive. 

However, this is not the case in regular online baccarat, as the instructions from the dealer are either implied or displayed as text. There’s no interaction or communication outside of the programmed software actions.

Game fairness

Fairness is an important factor in any game, especially in table games such as baccarat. Remember that most casino games already have a house edge, which puts the casino at an advantage over you, so it is important for these games to be fair.

In live dealer baccarat, the game’s fairness is as random as in a land-based casino because it involves real-time shuffling and card dealing. You can see it all play out, so there’s a guarantee of fairness.

In the case of baccarat online, fair play depends on the integrity of the random number generator (RNG). Even though RNGs are designed to be random, they are nonetheless mathematical algorithms that can be manipulated, so players simply need to trust that the operator plays fair.

Number of games

The slot category usually has the most titles, followed by software-based table games. On the other hand, the live casino section typically features fewer games. This is the case for most online casinos. For instance, the variety of online baccarat options is greater than the range of baccarat live dealer options at Resorts Casino.

One reason why there are fewer live baccarat online games than online baccarat is that the former is more cost intensive. The fusion of HD streaming, interactive features, real dealers and studio locations makes it harder to support a large number of these games. In fact, only a few game studios, including Evolution and Pragmatic Play, provide live baccarat games. These are often the most prominent brands as well due to the resources required to support live dealer games.

It’s a lot easier to develop online baccarat, and there’s no need for a physical location or human personnel. This is also why online baccarat games can provide free play with demo versions. On the contrary, the nature of the live baccarat titles does not allow for demo versions. You cannot have a real dealer work for free.

Speed of game

Unfortunately, the presence of live dealers and multiple players means you need to wait for cards to be dealt and for other players to take their turn. Unlike online baccarat, where cards are dealt immediately, and you can go through multiple rounds in minutes, a round of live dealer baccarat is significantly longer.

HD streaming easily takes a toll on the speed of these games. A regular internet connection might be good enough to support online baccarat games since they are not very data-intensive; however, without a stable internet connection for live dealer games, you’ll likely experience glitches and lags during these games. This can affect the game and sometimes result in its termination, in which case you risk losing your stake.

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Pros and cons live vs. online

The best casino platforms, such as Resorts Casino, provide both online and live dealer baccarat options for players. These two versions of baccarat have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before you choose one to play. Below are the most notable pros and cons of each:

Live baccaratOnline baccarat
✅Real-life gaming experiences✅Fast and smooth gameplay
✅You can trust the gameplay✅Plenty of baccarat titles
✅Interactive gaming with live chat feature✅Demo game versions available
✅Quality games from leading developers✅Works with slow connection or offline
✅Larger max bets are possible✅Cheaper bets allowed
❌Higher minimum bet limits due to cost-intensive nature❌No human interaction
❌Slower speed of play❌Fairness is based on integrity of RNG
❌Limited game selection❌Lower max bet limits
❌Lags with poor connection

Which one is right for you? 

We have considered the advantages and disadvantages of these two baccarat options. The question is, which of them is the right one for you? Before making this decision, you should consider how well they fare with respect to your skill level and gaming preference.

Live baccarat might be the better option if you are big on the authentic casino experience and optimum baccarat entertainment. These titles will allow you to relive the Las Vegas experience from your smartphone or desktop.

However, regular online baccarat titles would be a better option if your preference is tilted towards variety and your potential to win more. Online baccarat is fast paced, so you can play more quickly and potentially win more. There is also more variety available in online baccarat than in the live casino type. This makes online baccarat more suitable for adventurous gaming.

Sign up to start playing 

In order to play online or live baccarat, you must create a casino account first. Some sites such as Resorts Casino provide you with the opportunity to play the demo versions of their online games without having an account. However, you must become a registered player to get the best experience out of the casino. 

Below are the steps to signing up: 

  • Find the right casino: If you prefer online baccarat to the live version or vice versa, you could choose a gaming platform that has an abundant amount of your preferred baccarat games. However, the right casino may also be one that offers a good list of both live and online baccarat options so that you experience the best of both worlds.
  • Create an account: The next step is to complete the registration form. To do this, you can simply click the “Sign up” or “Register” icon. Registration will also require you to provide your personal data, such as your name, address and age. At Resorts Casino, you must enter your SSN’s last four digits and verify your identity before you begin playing for real money.
  • Make a deposit and start playing: Even after creating an account, you typically need to make a deposit before you begin playing games. A deposit will also qualify you to claim the welcome bonus. Simply head to the cashier section, deposit, claim a bonus and start playing baccarat.


Baccarat is a popular table game and has been around as long as blackjack and roulette. While it comes in numerous variations, it also offers options for how you want to experience it. There are both live baccarat and online baccarat options. Choosing the best way to play these games is important and may affect how well you fare and your experience. Different kinds of baccarat will also work differently with your strategies.

Ultimately, no version of baccarat is better than the other. It all boils down to your tastes and which you prefer.

Author: Tanya Fields

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