The Importance of Bankroll Management in Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest classic casino games, alongside blackjack and roulette. While gaming devices and casinos have evolved, the game still follows the same rules and rudiments. The gameplay requires you to place one of three bets: player, banker or tie bet. Whichever hand gets a total closer to 9 between the player and banker’s hands wins the round. If you bet on the losing hand, you lose your bet, and if the game ends in a tie, you lose unless you’ve chosen the tie bet for that round.

This inherent possibility of winning or losing in baccarat makes bankroll management essential. The outcomes of this casino game might be based on luck, but there are several strategies you can use to maximize your chances of winning. Bankroll management is one such strategy and a very important aspect of any successful gaming experience.

Understanding bankroll management: how to set a budget

Firstly, a bankroll is the amount of money that players set aside for staking on casino games. Managing these funds properly largely defines if players meet their winning goals or not. Fortunately, bankroll management is not a complex concept and is quite easy to achieve. 

Bankroll management involves setting rules and letting them guide the allocation and use of your bankroll in a way that aligns with your gameplay objectives. It is also about knowing what to do during winning streaks or losing runs.

How much to start with

Bankroll management always starts with setting aside the right budget. One reason why many gamers go into baccarat games with more than they should is that this game has a very low house edge – as low as 1.06% on the banker bet. In effect, the baccarat rules give players a higher chance of winning than in other games such as video slots, roulette and poker. Only blackjack has better payout rates.

Nonetheless, it is important to stake with caution as the low house edge still suggests that the casino has an advantage over your bets. With that said, it is advisable for you to start your budget with an amount you can afford to lose. You can stay on the safe side by cutting your budget lower if it’s your first time playing baccarat. If you’re as confident as James Bond in the 1965 movie Thunderball, feel free to start with a bolder budget, as long it remains within the scope of an amount you can afford to lose.

How much to walk away with 

A good baccarat player should have a clear winning goal. This suggests having a target amount that you will walk away with if or when it is attained. A good budget plan should also consider the comeback from such winning scenarios and provide necessary answers. For instance, after a good winning streak, how much of the initial budget or win should be budgeted for the next gaming session?

Deciding the best wager size for each bet

This is another crucial aspect of bankroll management. Since you have decided on the size of the bankroll, you should also figure out what the size of each bet should look like. Note that the bet size will depend on your overall gaming strategy. If you’re using a progressive strategy such as Martingale, you must consider that this technique requires you to double your bets whenever you lose.

Nonetheless, the bankroll should be split in such a way that it will give you a great chance of evening out the odds. Note that setting up the wager size for quick, big wins can also expose you to big losses that could rapidly exhaust your bankroll. 

Setting the budget right provides the following benefits: 

  • Limits your chances of losing your entire bankroll.
  • Gives you more playing chances.
  • Helps you manage your wins and prevent you from staking too big. 
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Basic rules: managing your bankroll

Below are some important rules you should have at the back of your mind while drawing up your bankroll management plan. 

Stick to the same game type

Bettors must realize that the bankroll management that is effective for baccarat games might not yield any good results with video slots. This is because the different casino game types offer different winning chances. Also, it is typical for players to exhibit varying levels of skill in each game. 

Obviously, the bankroll management plan should be more stringent for games you are unfamiliar with. For players interested in focusing their budget on uncharted waters, it’s advisable to test out the demo versions first to get a feel for the game. Regardless, after setting a bankroll management plan tailored to the baccarat rules, it is important to stick to this same game type. However, within this, there are many different variations of baccarat you can play. For instance, at Resorts Casino, there are several unique versions such as Baccarat Touch with outstanding features including an RTP of up to 98.94% and bets of up to $1,000.00.

Set limits

The fundamental difference between problem gambling and responsible gaming is being able to stick to your limits. Therefore, the core of effective bankroll management is a good bet limit and a willingness to stick to it. This could refer to the limit on the amount you should stake on a single game or the max win limit or loss limit. Legitimate casinos, such as Resorts Casino, provide the opportunity for players to set such limits on their gameplay.

Common mistakes to avoid when managing your bankroll in baccarat

All-in bets

A good baccarat strategy spreads players’ chances across several stakes and sufficient game time. That way, you can avoid enormous losses and enjoy your favorite games for much longer. Despite the glamour and finesse that Hollywood films add to making all-in bets, it is a move you should avoid, especially in a game such as baccarat. Unlike blackjack, where you can decide to receive another card, stand, split, etc., baccarat doesn’t allow such additional decisions. Here, you have limited influence on the outcome, as you can only place your bet on one of the three possible options.


Players should avoid alcohol, especially in excess, to remain sharp and focused. Beyond the risk of fumbling your gameplay, intoxication can also make you swerve away from your bankroll management plan. This mistake is more common in brick-and-mortar casinos – for some reason, drinks are a popular prop in these gaming facilities. However, it goes without saying that online casino players should also avoid distractions such as alcohol while playing.

Chasing your losses

This is a common mistake that players make when they allow emotions to take over their gameplay. While nobody likes to lose, placing more stakes to regain what’s lost will often only lead to more losses. Moreover, in a game such as baccarat, which is heavily based on chance, there is no guarantee that fueling a losing streak with more stakes will eventually tip the odds in your favor. Effective bankroll management is also about knowing when to stop.

  • Tips to manage your bankroll 

There are several betting management systems out there promising to help players outsmart baccarat rules. Unfortunately, most of these models are not as effective as they claim. It’s almost impossible to beat the house because of the inherent casino advantage on every bet you place. What you need are useful tips that help you perfect your baccarat strategy and manage your funds effectively.

  • Set your budget and stick to It 

As earlier parts of this article emphasized, setting the right budget is the first step to properly managing your bankroll. However, this budget must be reasonable and be set so that gaming doesn’t affect your regular living habits. After setting the budget, you should stick to it. This means that if you were to lose all of it, you wouldn’t be tempted to dip into your pockets to stake more.

Also, if your budget specifies an upper limit for the wager size for each bet, you should stay within those confines. Do not abandon the plan just because there is a new baccarat game with a very appealing RTP and house edge.

Keep track of your results 

Often, you can get caught up in the game and forget about evaluating your results. Tracking your results will help determine if you are on course to meet your goals on the casino table. To keep track, casinos such as Resorts Casino have a Game History feature. With it, you can easily check all the games you have played and their outcomes.

Keeping a good track of the results of your baccarat strategy will empower you with the information to make the next best move. For adventurous gamers, auditing their performance also makes it easier to identify the best baccarat games to stake on.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions 

This is one way that players can easily increase their bankroll and their winning chances. Fortunately, most casinos offer plenty of these promotions to draw the attention of new customers and keep existing ones. Below are some of the bonuses you can take advantage of:

  • Welcome Bonus: This is the first taste of a casino’s generosity because it is used to welcome players. The welcome bonus is strictly for newbies. You may receive the bonus immediately after registration as a sign-up offer that requires no deposit. In other cases, this offer comes as a deposit match bonus, and its value increases with the size of your first deposit. For instance, at Resorts Casino, players can get a deposit match of up to $1,000.
  • Reload Bonus: This means more money to stake in your favorite baccarat games. The reload bonus is not like the welcome package, as it is directed toward existing players with records of regular deposits. Here, you get a portion of your deposit back as a bonus. 
  • Loyalty Program: This promotion is a long-term bonus that is usually activated when you register on the site. It builds rewards through your lifetime activities at the casino. Here, you get to benefit from different forms of premium services and features. For instance, loyal customers can get an invite to the casino’s VIP club, which comes with a personal account manager, birthday bonuses, expedited withdrawals, etc. 

Take breaks when necessary

This single tip can help in achieving the ones listed above. Calculating the hand values, figuring out which hand to stake on, and considering how much longer your bankroll will last can all be mentally demanding. So, it is necessary to take breaks to clear your head. If you are in the heat of a winning or losing streak and about to be carried away by your emotions, taking a break will enable you to get back to your right senses. Also, it gives you time to audit your performance and strategically decide how to move forward.

Overcome your emotions while playing

Casino entertainment can involve lots of different emotions, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular pastime. Your love for the game can make you become overwhelmed in the face of different outcomes – and when stakes are involved, players tend to get even more attached. It is important to apply more sound reasoning instead of listening to raw emotions, which can easily make a mockery of the bankroll management.


It is necessary to manage your bankroll properly, regardless of whether you are new to casino gaming or an expert. Making sensible financial decisions is just as important as following the baccarat rules, and if you properly dovetail these two, you will likely not overspend or underspend. Baccarat is already a fun casino game. With a bankroll management plan, you can reduce your losses, thereby tipping the scale consistently in favor of wins.

Author: Tanya Fields

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