Blackjack live vs. online

Blackjack is one of the most accessible and popular casino games today. This table game is available in almost every part of the world, in some of the biggest casinos. Online blackjack is also available in virtually every online casino.

It can be challenging to decide where to play the game with so many options out there. Here are some of the basic differences between live and online blackjack games to help you decide which one will suit you best.

What is live dealer blackjack?

In live dealer blackjack, players are playing against a real-life dealer located at a physical table. The game is accessible to online casino players through a live stream.

What are the rules in blackjack?

The rules for live dealer blackjack remain the same as blackjack offline. Players receive physical cards for a six-deck to an eight-deck shoe. Players can place a bet using their digital chips and click to split, double down, stand, or hit. The chat feature in the game allows you to interact with the dealer and other players at the table.

What is online blackjack?

Online blackjack uses RNGs or random number generators to mimic the real thing. In online blackjack, the software shuffles all the decks in the shoe for each hand. This can make it difficult to get a hot streak when compared to playing at a live dealer table.  

On the other hand, online blackjack offers a lot of other benefits, such as variety and accessibility.

Here’s a deeper look at how online blackjack and blackjack live compare to each other in terms of other factors.

Variety: online blackjack 

Online blackjack offers far more variants to players. Developers are always looking for innovative games to keep things interesting for their blackjack players. Not all of these variants are available or feasible to replicate at the live tables.

In live dealer blackjack, dealers are usually involved in traditional versions of blackjack, so there may not be a lot of variety in gameplay available.

Another major benefit of online blackjack is that players can first practice their skills with demo games, so they can feel more comfortable when they start playing the real game.

Bonuses: online blackjack 

The welcome bonus and other promotions make a huge difference when it comes to online blackjack. Online casinos offer free rewards when players deposit money in their accounts.

When you play blackjack online, casinos are essentially handing over free money to play their games. Often, they match you in the deposit amount up to a predetermined limit.  

Bonuses are one of the most attractive benefits that players should consider when deciding which online casino to join.

Experience: live blackjack

When it comes to social elements, live blackjack takes the cake. In online blackjack, players are essentially playing against a software-generated dealer because the games are more about convenience.

In live dealer blackjack, you can chat with other players at the table as well as with the dealer through a chat box.

Your experience and skill level also make a difference in whether you should choose a live dealer game or online blackjack. Those who are experienced and confident in their ability at blackjack will find live dealer games to be the better option.

Live dealer blackjack is thrilling but also more convenient when compared to a brick-and-mortar casino. The nearest casino may still be miles away, and it is not always convenient to visit one when you want. Live dealer tables are the next best thing.

If you are not as experienced, you may want to start with online blackjack first to get a better understanding of the game. Try a free demo where you can practice your skills without betting any money to build confidence before trying your hand at live dealer games.

Best odds: live blackjack

Live dealer blackjack and online blackjack may seem to be the same on the surface. There are often many subtle differences between the two that can have an impact on the odds of the game.

Live blackjack usually involves playing with a six- or eight-deck shoe. The deck is periodically shuffled. In online blackjack, the deck is shuffled with every hand. Counting cards is not recommended or encouraged in live dealer blackjack.

If you lower your wagers when there are few tens in the deck or raise your bets when there are more tens, you may be banned from the games, just like at physical casinos.  

It is indisputable that your odds are better at playing live blackjack when there are a lot of tens when compared to online blackjack, where there is a constant shuffling of the shoe. This information can help you come up with a strategy to increase your odds when playing live dealer blackjack.

Accessibility: online blackjack 

Online blackjack takes the cake when it comes to accessibility. There are no time restrictions on hands or moves, so you can play at your own pace. You can also always find a seat at any time you want.

Live dealer blackjack games usually operate on a restricted schedule, so they may not always be accessible. Seat availability is also restricted because only a few tables may be available. Dealers physically deal the cards in a live game. The seating for these games is limited because there are usually seven seats at the table.

In online blackjack, you will always be able to find a table because you will just be playing against the house. If you have not played blackjack before, it is easy to learn the game with the demo practice mode. Online casinos can run as many games as needed, so there is virtually unlimited accessibility.

Play blackjack online at Resorts Casino

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