Beat the Streamer is Resort Casino’s new and exciting game. Those who follow the action in this renowned New Jersey gambling establishment know that every month, there are fresh games that allow players to take home rich wins. 

Beat the Streamer is the new addition to that collection, and just as the name suggests, it allows players to play against streamers. It is the casino’s way to spice things up and make gameplay for certain slots more interesting while allowing gamers to test their skills. 

Beat the Streamer isn’t just for experienced slot players. Anyone can join, as slots are designed for players of all experience. 

What is Beat the Streamer? What are the rules of the game? And the most important question; ‘How do players participate?’ It is all very simple, and this guide will answer these questions, so if any player is looking for something new and exciting to do during their next gambling session, they should keep reading to find out all about Beat the Streamer. 

What is Beat the Streamer?

The concept is simple enough; play one of three selected games against the favorite Resorts Casino host streamer and beat them. To participate, it is important to first understand what a streamer is. 

Resorts Casino has partnered with several influencers, and every night they livestream a slot game that anyone can watch. They are called streamers because that is what they do; they stream live games, giving advice, tips, and strategies to anyone who is watching.

These influencers are present in the casino in New Jersey, and players who are within it can join them for a game or two. They are part of the live stream, and they play along with the streamers and participate in the fun. Anyone can join the fun by becoming a registered member of the casino and logging in any time they want to watch the livestream action. 

The casino is partnered with several streamers, as explored below. Beat the Streamer is the casino’s way of giving players a chance to win big while playing against them. 

To play, players must be present in the casino in New Jersey. However, turning up is not a guarantee that a player will be picked for the game. The streamer determines who they will be playing each night, so interested players should make sure to register their interest early enough. 

The streamers are also free to pick what game they want to play for the live stream. Selected players get money from the casino to use for the competition, and at the end of each session, they keep everything they win. Even when players lose, they don’t walk away empty-handed. The casino gives them a small consolation prize, so whichever way players look at it, they are winners anyway. 

All the action is live-streamed, and anyone who logs in can watch. All they need is a stable internet connection to join the stream, and they can ask questions and comment on the game as it goes along. Gamers aim to learn as much as possible from the streamers who have plenty of experience from years of playing slot games. 

Who are Resorts Casino’s streamers?

There are several, and they are specially picked by the casino not just for their gaming experience, but because they are fun and interesting, bringing a lot of skills and expertise to the gaming floor.

Brittany Lynn is one of the casino’s most popular streamers, and for players who like to game while catching up on the latest on the casino floor, she is the one to watch. Players will learn a lot about the slot game she is hosting for the night, and she will also explain what’s happening behind the screens. 

Tiffany Gambla’s name says it all; she has always loved the casino scene and has dedicated much of her life to building an online persona with her blogs and vlogs, online videos, and celebrity appearances. 

When players log into her livestreams, they will learn more about her casino lifestyle. She became a permanent member of the streaming team after several guest appearances, and players can find her on any given night on one of the livestreams showing players how it’s done.

Hoagie, a New Jersey native, has been streaming on Twitch for years and has plenty of casino gaming experience, having won at least 125 online tournaments. He streams with Resorts Casino four nights a week and is available to answer questions and provide tips and tricks to anyone watching. Hoagie also loves poker, and his winning personality makes him one of the best Resorts Casino streamers. 

Players can find him streaming from the casino floor on any given night and he is available to teach players how to play different slot games while giving them tips and strategies on how to improve their odds of winning.

Vorti and Twila are a husband-and-wife team, a favorite streaming couple for those who regularly watch Resorts Casino live-action. Between them, they have lots of experience. They have a lot to teach both beginners and experienced players about different slot games. 

Elliface is all about action and creativity, and each session she hosts is packed with action, advice, and great fun. 

It is important to mention that streamers and influencers don’t tell players how they can win games. Rather, they help them improve their play, understand different strategies and rules, and teach them how to place smart bets. 

They provide useful insights that gamers may not be aware of, and most importantly, they bring a sense of fun to every game they stream. 

Now that this article has covered who players will be playing against in Beat the Streamer, let’s look at how the game is played and what rules players need to keep in mind. 

What are the rules of the game?

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Beat the streamer game

Beat the Streamer’s three basic rules are simple, and they are designed to allow anyone to participate:

  • The contestant selects their favorite streamer.
  • The streamer picks three games, and the chosen gamer from the night chooses one game to play from the three. 
  • The player is given $250 by the casino, and he must use all of it to play.
  • If they win, they receive $100 and if they lose, they walk away with $20.
  • If they tie with the streamer, the contestants win $50.

This video demonstrates how the rules work. The Beat the Streamer episode was hosted by Britanny Lynn, and she chose three games; Ice Opals, Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies, and Rolling in Gold

The player, Dan, decided to play Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies but lost to Brittany who won $94. Even after losing, Dan was awarded $20 for his time. Dan also got a chance to have his name in the grand draw that sees one lucky winner take home $100. 

Whichever way you look at it, the player is always a winner in Beat the Streamer. 

In this game that was hosted by Hoagie, he chose Stinking Rich Slingo, Slingo Pirate Treasure and Slingo Stampede. The player chose to play Stinking Rich Slingo, beat the streamer, and took home $2,000. 

How can the player maximize their chances of winning? There are no guarantees, but it helps if they have a working background in different slot games. 

If a player understands the basic principles, it doesn’t matter if they are unfamiliar with the games that the streamer chooses. They can follow the play, and they know how to place bets. 

How do I participate?

To take part in Beat the Streamer, individuals need to be a registered member of Resorts Casino. All the details they provide are safeguarded using the latest encryption protocols and players don’t have to worry about personal information falling into the wrong hands. To become a member of Resorts Casino, players must be 18 years old and above. 

The next step is to join the competition which players can do by clicking this link and filling in the form. It asks for the most basic details like the player’s name, email address, and state. Players will also be asked to name their favorite slot and upload a short video about why they would like to participate in Beat the Streamer. 

If they are chosen to take part in the competition, they are informed about the show that is currently in production so that they can make appropriate plans to be present at the casino on the correct day. 

After the player arrives in New Jersey, they should visit the Resorts Live Kiosk located at the Boardwalk Lobby at the scheduled time. Set aside at least an hour for this; players will be officially registered to take part in Beat the Streamer, learn about the terms and conditions of the game, and find out exactly when they will be streaming.

After each game, the player’s winnings are deposited into their accounts as cash credit, and the funds are ready for withdrawal in 72 hours. 

If the player doesn’t want to play slots, they can participate in the streaming shows by choosing live casino games like live dealer blackjack and live dealer poker. These are also hosted by casino influencers, and they provide a wealth of information on how players can increase their odds of winning in both online and offline games. 

Players may be wondering whether they can find these same games in other casinos in New Jersey. Most casinos have some form of promotional jackpot every month, but Resorts Casino takes the time to create unique competitions that offer every player a chance to win. 

It is one of the oldest and most respected institutions in the city, and it enjoys a high level of trust from its patrons. It also takes care of its players, offering 24-hour customer support as well as assistance for players who may feel overwhelmed. 

Beat the Streamer is live on Fridays and Sundays at 7pm. Players can tune in to find out how they can enter to win $100 cash!

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