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Have you ever watched a game show on TV and thought, “I could do that?” Resorts Live is delighted to present a fantastic, interactive new way to spin & win big money, and you’re the star of the show. As part of our live casino lineup, House Money serves up more than $90,000 in prizes per show.

But what exactly is House Money, how does it all work, and how can you get involved? All will be revealed…

What is House Money?

House Money is a live game show running exclusively at Resorts Live, Resorts Casino’s live gaming center. It’s a fast-paced spin-and-win show where anything could happen.

House Money is a slot game on a grand scale. You’re not sitting behind a PC or mobile device, but instead receive a welcome from one of our esteemed hosts. Contestants lucky enough to win a place on the show will get a set amount of money to spread across a series of bets.

It’s an exclusive New Jersey-based game where contestants can come along to Atlantic City and film live – just like you’re on TV. 

There’s a little more to House Money than just bets and live appearances, however – so here’s what you need to know.

How does it work?

House Money revolves around a giant slot game that unfolds live from our studio in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Players lucky enough to win a spot on the show get to spin a total of $450 – provided by us – over the course of 18 spins on our special reels.

Players taking part get to choose the bets, while we set the spin denominations. Your host guides you through the process, helping you weigh up what’s likely to happen next.

Players can use their 18 spins however they wish – provided that the final spin is worth at least $200. This means that you’ll need to split a cool $250 across 17 different live spins.

Regardless of how players do on the fabled final spin, anything they win converts into real winnings. All prize wins via House Money go straight to your Resorts Casino account. This means that you can continue to play live and virtual games from your phone and PC long after your live appearance.

Keep in mind, of course, that some terms and conditions will always apply. For example, you’ll need to play through, or wager, any winnings you claim once over before you can withdraw. That’s amazingly competitive (if we do say so ourselves)!

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How do I apply to be on House Money?

To stand a chance of claiming a place on a live House Money show, you’ll need to be an active player at You’ll then need to fill out a simple form (including details on your favorite slot), and we’ll get back to you.

You’ll also need to upload a video profile so that we can get a great idea of who you are and why you want to take part in our show! So, if you want to broadcast yourself to the Resorts Live masses, don’t be shy!

If we select you as a future contestant for House Money, congratulations! We’ll set a time and date with you that’s convenient for all parties.

As House Money takes place in our very own studio, you’ll need to be available to visit us at the date and time we set with you. Simply check in at Resorts Live via the Boardwalk Lobby when you arrive.

Your time on House Money will likely take around an hour, but you’ll likely feel that it flies by!

Can I win from home with House Money?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of watching House Money from afar is your chance to win prizes even if you’re not on stage.

Following win spins in the live game itself, players watching via app, mobile site or desktop get the chance to claim partial codes for extra prizes. These may include free spins packages, deposit matches or other mystery deals.

You can also take a look at previous episodes of House Money in our online archive. That way, if you would like to take part, you can check out how previous contestants fared (and maybe build your own strategies)!

What makes House Money so different from other live game shows?

House Money is Resorts Live’s exclusive in-house game show, meaning that you won’t get to watch or play it anywhere else. What’s more, it’s fairly unique in that there are also live contestants on the show!

While there are plenty of different game show formats out there with talented hosts helping virtual players along the way, House Money goes that little bit further. When you’re on the show, you’re part of the experience!

We produce House Money to offer more than just a straightforward slots experience. If you already play slots at Resorts Casino, this game really is our big, real-life glow-up. If you apply for other game shows regularly and don’t ever hear back, give us a try.

House Money already has scores of episodes and some seriously big wins under its belt. It’s a great day out, and a fantastic way to claim some extra credit to use at different games on-site.

Is it easy to get started with House Money?

Yes! House Money shows run regularly and are easy to launch straight from your mobile browser and/or your desktop app.

For contestants taking part here, it’s even easier. Your host for the day will guide you through the bets lining up in front of you.

With more than 50 episodes behind us and with a $10,000 jackpot winner already unveiled, we’re certain that there are many more exciting shows to come.

Take a look at House Money online now and watch the games unfold from home, or fill out an application if you want a shot at the limelight (as well as some big prize opportunities!). It’s your time to Spin & Win!

Author: Tanya Fields

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