How does Live Casino work at Resorts Live?

Online casino gambling is an increasingly popular activity, with many players preferring online action to in-person play. Those who focus mostly on table games, however, might wonder if they can still compete with other players if they opt for remote gambling. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Players who prefer card games and other classic table games can enjoy their favorites live even when they pick online operators over brick-and-mortar casino options. Do you want to play along with the Resorts Live stream? We tell you all you need to know about live casino before you jump in!

The Basics of Live Casino

Live casino gaming is a great option for fans of table games. The most important factors are the online operator you are betting with, the games you want to play, and your dealer preferences. 

The online operator you bet with is perhaps the single most important factor behind a smooth live casino experience. Pick a provider with a proven history of fair play and customer payouts. Make sure that the provider offers the games you want to play, as some have a better selection than others. Finally, make sure that the operator you choose works with trusted names in the industry to create a well-rounded collection of live dealers.

Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, for example, are two of the most popular providers in the industry, and both offer an impressive array of games and experienced dealers. The best casinos give their players easy access to these providers’ live tables. Players more interested in live casino game shows instead of table games should also ensure that their provider of choice offers a wide range of shows.

Let’s look at some more basics of live casino gambling. Once you’ve found a trustworthy provider, it’s time to make sure that your account is funded. You can only play live for money when you have enough funds in your account to cover the bets. Before you start playing, ensure that you have deposited money into your account and that it has cleared (that the transaction is ‘completed’, not ‘pending’). 

Beyond these basics, live casino gambling is suitable for both new and advanced players. The casino games are conducted live and on camera by a trained dealer. You tell the dealer what you want to do during your move (typically via a game-specific user interface, but sometimes also verbally) and watch as other players do the same. The moves are all on camera, so you can see exactly what the dealer is doing. You bid using funds from your account, and anything you win is added to your account automatically. 

Some live casino options require players to turn on a webcam, while others allow you to specify your moves off-camera. Note that these streams are typically available either on your operator’s website or on a website sponsored by the operator, such as Resorts Live

The Shows on Resorts Live

Some live casinos go a step beyond offering the trendy titles of the moment. These providers go above and beyond, providing their players with unique streams. As an experienced and trustworthy live casino operator, Resorts Live offers a number of popular in-house titles:

  • House Money
  • Slot Squad
  • Drag it Out
  • Win with Whitney
  • Game Tutorials
  • Classics

In addition to the specific streams described above, players can actually create their own streams and be featured on the operator’s front page. 

Here is a quick overview of the shows offered and hosted by Resorts Live. 

House Money

House Money, also stylized Hou$e Money, is a fast-paced show where players spin their way to potentially big wins.

Slot Squad

Slot Squad allows viewers to follow along with expert slot players as they explore real-money, fully licensed online casino games. 

Drag it Out

Hosted by Brittany Lynn, Drag it Out is popular for a few different reasons. First, Brittany takes players on an adventure via many different Resorts games. She also spills the tea on Resorts in general, including what’s happening on screen as well as behind it. 

Win with Whitney

This game is hosted by Whitney Ullman, a slot player with inside knowledge about Atlantic City. Players join her as she discusses current events local to Atlantic City and risks it all by playing different spins.

Game Tutorials and Classics

The final two shows, both hosted by Resorts Casino, offer players game tutorials for the industry’s most popular games as well as classic streams from your favorite Resorts Live streamers! 

The Live Casino Games on Resorts Live

Live casino games revolving around cards or traditional titles such as baccarat or roulette continue to be popular. Today, game shows and slots are also live casino options. Resorts Live offers players a large game catalog for their live gaming sessions, ranging from game shows such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live to slots such as Medusa Megaways and Gimme Gold. Live dealer games such as live dealer poker and live dealer blackjack are also common. 

Choosing the best live casino game is highly subjective. Whatever you might like to watch or play, there is something for you on Resorts Live.

How Can you Play Along with Resorts Live? 

If you are interested in playing along with Resorts Live, that’s also an option. All you have to do is register with Resorts Casino and create a streaming account. 

Registering to stream is easy. From the website’s homepage, click on the green ‘Play Now’ button. Enter the personal information requested, including your email address, password, legal name and date of birth, and then click ‘Next’. Enter the remainder of the personal info requested, and then complete the registration process. Visit your email to check for a registration confirmation email and follow the instructions in the message to start streaming. That’s it! 

Once you are signed up, you can start pulling together your stream and selecting the games you want to play. 

Are you interested in learning more about live casino gaming? If so, you’re in luck! Resorts Casino is your all-in-one solution to gambling. Whether you want to sit down and try your luck at some slots or prefer a live dealer experience, we have something for everyone. If you would like more information about our live casino games, visit Resorts Live or reach out to our experienced support team! We are always happy to answer your questions. 

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