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You want to try your hand at gambling but are not sure where to start. You’ve heard of all the exciting games – baccarat, slots, roulette, poker – but you know nothing about them. If you go in without any knowledge, there are good odds (forgive the pun) that you’ll lose your money.

Slot Squad aims to change that. For the first time in casino history, players can watch casino floor action live from wherever they are to get a feel for the different games, understand how casinos work and pick up tips from experienced players.

The concept is simple but powerful. Resorts Casino has partnered with Slot Squad to livestream games right from the casino floor.

Influencers play in a real casino for real money, and players can interact with them, ask questions and learn their favorite tips and strategies.

The team brings the excitement of real casino action right to your home. As a beginner or one who hopes to try their hand at gambling, it is a great way to learn.

The partnership with Resorts Casino allows Slot Squad to use its proprietary platform, Resorts Digital Gaming, to showcase games and content. By watching the Slot Squad, users are inspired to give casino games a try.

If you are a first timer, the partnership between Slot Squad and Resorts Casino is a great introduction to the casino world as it immerses you in a real casino atmosphere.

What is Slot Squad?

Think about Slot Squad as online tutorials for casino games, only more exciting. You can livestream the lessons straight from the Resorts Casino floor, and your instructors are influencers.

Launched at the beginning of 2020, Slot Squad had just two streamers and was available in only three states. Today, its core team is made up of five influencers, and they stream content for all major land-based casinos in the US.

The idea is to help these casinos attract and retain clients by teaching them how to gamble smart. Client safety is the most important thing for Slot Squad. Even as they teach clients winning strategies and tips, they encourage them to be responsible at all times, always sticking to their bankroll.

Slot Squad teaches how to set limits, how much clients should deposit in a day, week or month, and how to estimate your losses or gains for any game you play.

The team’s mission is to educate and entertain while building relationships with viewers. They invite guests to co-host often to keep things fresh. Even experienced gamblers will learn something new from Slot Squad every night.

As a beginner, you may wonder whether it’s legal or ethical to teach people how to gamble. Federal law allows gambling in many parts of the US, but states are free to regulate online gambling as they see fit. 

Slot Squad only streams in regulated markets. In these markets, casinos are guided by a strict set of rules that put the player’s well-being at the center of all activities. All deposits and withdrawals are protected, and casinos within these markets offer high-quality games.

As more states legalize online gambling, the Slot Squad team hopes to explore new markets and introduce more people to the world of online casino games.

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Who presents Slot Squad?

Slot Squad is brought to you by a team of experienced casino players who stream every night, seven days a week. They are picked based on their ability to entertain, their knowledge of how streaming works and of course their in-depth knowledge and passion for different casino games.

  • Hoagie

Hoagie is a native of Riverside, New Jersey, with years of casino gaming experience. Hoagie also has plenty of experience with live streaming, so he brings the best of both to Slot Squad.

His favorite games are slots and poker, and his winning personality makes each session lively and fun. He discovered his penchant for casino games as a college student and has used his knowledge to educate others since.

Hoagie is especially well-known in the slots community in the US and frequently visits land-based casinos to meet other players.

Whether you’re a beginner or would like to improve your game, Hoagie has plenty to teach you.

  • Tiffany Gambla

Her name says it all; she loves casino games, and she decided to put her experience and passion to good use. She lives in New Jersey and spends a lot of time in Atlantic City building her online persona with vlogs, YouTube videos and celebrity appearances at land-based casinos.

Tiffany is best known for her casino lifestyle videos. She joined Slot Squad after several guest appearances.

She was introduced to the slots by her grandpa during family visits to Atlantic City and has never looked back. She discovered that she had a natural affinity not just for the slots but other table games and has accumulated plenty of knowledge over the years.

Tiffany is one of the main influencers on Slot Squad, and on any given night, you’ll find her streaming live from a land-based casino, showing players how it’s done.

Tiffany at Resorts Live

Apart from online slots and online poker, Tiffany enjoys most table games and brings her experience and sense of fun to every game she plays. She’s keen to give players tips and advice on how to gamble responsibly.

  • Vorti

Vorti is one half of the double-act Vorti and Twila, a married couple that enjoys casino games and has plenty of experience with casino games. They have a loyal fanbase, and they regularly stream together on Slot Squad.

The couple shows players the best games to play legally, how to take care of their bankrolls and how to maximize their chances of winning.

They are all about responsible gambling, so if you’re concerned about losses, you should tune in to hear what they have to say and how they handle a bankroll.

Originally from Michigan, Vorti and his wife have plenty of streaming experience that they combine with their love for casino games to keep things lively and fun.

When they aren’t streaming on Slot Squad, you can find them in their favorite Detroit casinos.

Their live streams usually last six hours, and they have plenty to teach fans during that time.

  • Twila

Twila is Vorti’s wife, which makes her the other half of the double act. Like Vorti, she has lots of experience with casino games and streaming.

According to Twila, her fanbase keeps her going. She feels privileged to share her experience with them and help new players learn how to gamble responsibly.

You can join her on her six-hour streaming sessions with Twila, and she’ll answer all your questions.

  • Elliface

Known as the Queen of Stream, Elliface is all about bringing fun to the game. With her sense of creativity, she makes each session enjoyable as well as educational.

Elliface is from Pennsylvania and has a loyal following at home and across the US.

What are the benefits of watching Slot Squad?

Should you watch Slot Squad or just head straight to a casino and try out the real thing? Before you pack your bags for New Jersey or Las Vegas, it pays to have a good idea of what you’ll be doing there.

Casinos can be confusing for newbies. They are noisy places with plenty of action all around and can easily get overwhelming.

Slot Squad is a great way to familiarize yourself with the action before you try out the real thing. You get to practice in a real casino environment with experienced players who teach you how to play and give you tips and strategies that you can use whether you’re playing online or in a brick-and-mortar casino.

By watching Slot Squad, you learn how to take care of the most important thing – your bankroll. Most new players get in trouble because they don’t know how to place bets and have no idea about the house edge. When they win, they tend to overstretch themselves, betting more than they should because they assume the wins will keep coming.

Slot Squad is a great place to learn how to handle your money. You learn the ideal size for bets in different games, what cut the house takes for each game and what you should do when you win.

Not many people have the privilege to learn from respected industry insiders, but you can by tuning into Slot Squad every night of the week. Games include Wild Hoy Wasabi, Dream Catcher, Diamond Arrow Slot Game and Jumanji.

How does Resorts Live work?

It’s simple; it streams live casino games every night of the week that teach players how to play slots and table games. Together with influencers in the industry, it uses a special platform, Resorts Digital Gaming, to educate and entertain players and prospective players.


If you’ve wanted to venture into casino games but are worried you may lose money, tune in to Slot Squad every night and learn from the best. Watch them as they play to learn the basics. Hoagie, Tiffany, Vorti, Twila and Elliface will answer all your questions.

Visit Resorts Live to learn more about Slot Squad and how it works.

Author: Tanya Fields

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