Beginner’s Guide to Casino Terms

Playing at an online casino for the first time is exciting, but there are many new terms to get used to. If you’re about to open an account and take the plunge, here’s a handy guide to some of the phrases you’ll be hearing a lot of. Knowing what these niche casino terms mean allows you to make the most of your experience, from choosing which games to explore to finding your way around and understanding how to manage your money.

House Edge

Casinos have a slight advantage over players in every game, slot, or lotto they offer. When this advantage is expressed as a statistic, it’s often referred to as the house edge. The house edge tends to be set per game, so you can use it to learn more about how much individual games payout. If you want to play the most profitable slots or card games, you’ll need to learn more about the house edge.


To be in with a chance of winning a payout, you have to speculate on the result of a table game, a slot spin, or a sports event. The amount of cash you decide to risk on this speculation is a fixed sum, and in casino terms, it’s known as the bet.

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Jackpots represent the largest cash prize you could win on a game; they are usually offered as side bets or on slot machines. Some are fixed jackpots, while others are progressive, which means the prize money keeps growing while the player is successful until the final jackpot is won. Games display the exact size of the jackpot you could win on the main screen, so you can find out what you might win before you play.

Table Limit

Casinos set a table limit at the start of a game that refers to the minimum and maximum bet that can be placed. To take part, players need to bet at least the minimum and no more than the maximum table limit. Table limits are often used to manage high-roller games where the bets can become pretty extravagant.


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Players lucky enough to place a winning bet are in line for a payout. In online casino terms, the amount of money a player has won is referred to as their payout.

House Rules

The house rules are an exclusive set of gaming directions that players need to stick by to play at a casino. Casino terms and conditions can be different from house to house, so it’s always a good idea to read through these before you get started.


A casino employs croupiers to run games for players; they shuffle and deal the cards, manage the table, and spin the roulette wheel. Depending on the game, they might also be available to chat with players and answer questions.


Casino slot machines feature paylines. These are the set line of numbers or symbols that must appear for the player to win. As this combination results in a cash prize for players, it has become known in casino terms as the payline.

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Tapping Out

Tapping out has two meanings in online casino terms; primarily, it means that a person has finished betting for the day. Before starting a session, experienced players decide how much money they will play with. Once they’ve reached that limit, they tap out. It can also refer to a player losing their bankroll.

Free Spins

As you might have guessed, a free spin in casino terms is exactly what the term suggests. Free spins are awarded to the players when they win on a slot or as part of a promotion the casino runs. Free spins can be enjoyed without the risk of losing any money, although they still offer the chance of winning a cash prize.

Double Down

The double down is a casino term most readily associated with the card game blackjack. It refers to a strategy in which the player doubles their bet before the dealer hands them another card. In a more general context, a double down is an additional bet that equals the first bet.


When you become a member at an online casino, you need to place a sum of cash into your account to start betting. In casino terms, this payment is your deposit, and you can make it using a range of payment methods, from cards to digital wallets to bank transfers.

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In an online table game, the dealers distribute the cards, but they can also take care of rolling dice and other tasks that keep the play running smoothly. The dealer makes sure everyone follows the rules, answers questions, and can even give advice. Dealers are aware of most casino terms and will explain these to any players who are unsure.


When you set aside a certain amount of money for gambling, this is known in casino terms as a bankroll. By establishing a bankroll, you’ll always know what you have to spend, which can help you choose the value of your bets. Casinos also have a bankroll; this is the cash they have on hand to pay players who have won.


A wager is the same as a bet in casino terms; it’s the money you are prepared to stake on a dice roll, a hand of cards, or a spin. Some players use the term wager when speaking about the total amount of cash they bet during a session.

There are many online casino terms, and understanding a bit more about what they mean can ensure you have a great gambling experience. You can also When you’re ready for a game, head over to Resorts Casino to start playing.

Author: Tanya Fields

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