Are Megaways Better Than Traditional Slots?

Few genres of gambling games have garnered as much loyalty as slots. Fans all over the world have their favorite titles, and many of them swear that their pick is the very best. Perhaps because of this popularity, the mechanics behind slot machines have expanded over the years. While traditional slots still exist, there are now slots based on updated mechanics. Megaways slots, for example, are a new entry to the market. These slots offer players 117,649 ways to win, while traditional slots typically offer between 25 and 30, though outliers certainly exist. 

Megaways is a much newer type of slot than classic slots offering 25 or 30 paylines, but they have quickly gained popularity in the industry. Their biggest fans appreciate the immense win potential all the paylines. Traditional slot fans, on the other hand, appreciate the more concentrated and sometimes bigger wins they have to offer. 

Would you like more information about Megaways and traditional slots to understand how to pick the right slot? Let’s take a closer look!

How do Megaways slots compare to traditional slots?

Megaways slots are unique for a few different reasons. First, they almost always offer the same number of win lines and the same grid size. Traditional slots, on the other hand, vary widely in grid size and number of paylines. 

Megaways slots offer players a staggering 117,649 paylines. This gives players an incredible opportunity to win, though these wins are sometimes less substantial than they would be with a traditional slot. This is primarily because traditional slots only have a few paylines, which makes winning less common. Megaways slots, however, have more than 100,000 ways to win. Wins are a lot more common, in other words, but because of this, the win amounts tend to be lower. 

The size of the grid is also an interesting difference between Megaways slots and traditional slots. The latter tend to have grids that are more or less square in formation. One of the most common grid sizes for traditional slots is 5×5, for example, with 5×4 following closely behind. Megaways slots, on the other hand, often have unique grid layouts that can change during the game. Some begin on 5×5 grids, for example, only to transform during the game with added reels or additional rows and columns. A variable grid is exciting, but it can also change the gameplay dynamics. 

Beyond these differences, Megaways slots often have more bonus features than traditional slots. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, of course, but in general, they have more to offer. 

What are Megaways slots?

The Megaways mechanic was created by Big Time Gaming. Launched in 2011 as a game developer of exciting and interesting traditional slots, the provider quickly moved to more innovative pursuits. One of the most important and successful of these was the Megaways mechanic. Officially released in 2016, Big Time Gaming’s Dragon Born was the world’s first Megaways title and remains a staple in the genre. 

More specifically, Megaways slots utilize a random reel modifier. That’s the basis of the game, in fact. The number of symbols on the reels during any spin can change, offering players additional ways to win. Traditional slots, on the other hand, tend to have a fixed number of symbols per reel throughout the game.

While the majority of Megaways games feature the aforementioned 117,649 ways to win, some games increase this number to 248,832, while others reduce it to 15,625. In both cases, this is still much more than the number of lines that traditional slots offer to players. 

To summarize, Megaways slots utilize a fluid number of symbols and paylines to offer players more chances to win. The number of symbols and paylines tends to change from one spin to another, as does the number of paylines. That’s right – these slots don’t have 117,649 paylines every time you spin the wheel. Instead, they have up to 117,649 lines every time you spin. On some occasions, you will experience more paylines than others, and the maximum number of symbols per reel is seven. 

Finally, Megaways slots require players to land the same symbol across at least three adjacent reels. 

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What are traditional slots?

Unlike Megaways slots, which are a relatively recent addition to the market, traditional slots have a long and illustrious history. The first slot machines were developed by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, New York, in 1891. These slot machines contained three reels, 50 face cards, and a lever to pull every spin. Players entered a nickel and crossed their fingers for a good poker hand, which determined whether they won or lost their spins. Note that these machines did not feature a direct payout function. Instead, good hands paid out free drinks or cigars – whatever the establishment desired. 

Today’s slot machines still contain the essence of this mechanic, though the style and complexity of the games have changed. The original slot machines contained just three reels and one row, for example, and we no longer use poker hands to determine payouts. While there are still some traditional slots with just three reels, the vast majority of them include at least three reels and three rows. 

The payout mechanism of traditional slots has also changed dramatically. Both physical slot machines and online slots have the same kind of payout function. When you win, your earnings are determined by both your initial bet and your luck on the reels, and you receive your funds quickly. We don’t play for the chance to win free drinks, in other words, but rather for cash prizes.

Both Megaways and traditional slots have a rich array of themes and concepts. From steampunk to ancient Rome and everything in between, slots can be as magical or practical as you would like. There is truly something for everyone.

Tips for choosing the right slot machine

If you are looking for help choosing the right slot machine, then you are in luck! We have the lowdown on how to pick the best slot for you. 

First, determine your playstyle. Do you like to bet big and burn out quickly, or do you prefer to spend an evening slowly moving through your bankroll? The answer to this will narrow down your slot options dramatically. This is because slots have different volatilities, and each volatility impacts how quickly players tend to lose their funds. 

Slot machines with high volatility take players on a rollercoaster ride. Just as you inch your way to the top of the grid and prepare yourself for a thrilling win, you’ll fall right to the bottom again. The reels shift an incredible amount in this kind of slot, which means that results are unpredictable and often extreme. If you get lucky on a high-volatility game and manage to win, you might land an impressive payout. When you are not so lucky, however, the losses tend to be just as severe. 

Low-volatility games are the exact opposite. This kind of slot takes players on a meandering train ride across peaceful hills and with slow turns. The spins, while not necessarily the same from turn to turn, often yield more predictable results than their high-volatility counterparts. 

You might wonder why anyone would pick highly volatile slots if they might win more often with low-volatility titles. The difference comes in the size of the wins. You are more likely to burn through your funds more quickly with high-volatility titles, but you are also more likely to land significant wins. Low-volatility games, on the other hand, stretch out your budget but feature much lower highs. 

You should also pick a game with a theme that interests you. From classic rock to archeology and even space exploration, there is a slot with the perfect theme for you. 

How to maximize your winnings with Megaways and traditional slots

Both traditional slots and Megaways slots require a healthy dose of luck to win big, but there are still some factors you can keep in mind to maximize your wins. 

If you are playing a classic (three-reel) machine, you have a better payback percentage when you bet maximum coins. With that said, there are additional factors to consider before you start betting your budget. First, are there multipliers at play? When playing a classic slot machine with multipliers, payback percentages are dependent on the multipliers in play. This means that it might be just as lucrative to bet lower as it is to bet high. 

Video slots (what we consider ‘traditional’ slots in this article) are different. The amount of money you bet often depends on how many paylines you want to activate. Sometimes, betting just $1, for example, only activates a few paylines, while betting more activates more of them. This theoretically boosts your chances of winning, but it also burns through your budget faster. 

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Author: Tanya Fields

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