Best Dragon- Themed slots

One of the first mythological creatures we encounter as kids are dragons. They are in books, movies and TV shows. Growing up, many of us had dragon-themed play sets, toys and bedroom sets. Even as we grow older, we continue to love them because they are big, powerful and can tap into mystical powers to unleash fiery hell on our enemies. 

Dragon-themed slots tap into all these things. In some titles, players have to slay dragons to win the jackpot. In others, the player is racing against the dragon to get to the jackpot. In some slots, the player is helped by the dragon, and if he uses their power properly, he gets to the jackpot. 

It’s no surprise that dragon-themed slots are popular. They tap into our fantasies, offering us a chance to get rich through the power of a mythical beast. The best ones have numerous features and generous bonuses, and if you’re lucky, you can even win tens of thousands of dollars. 

Resorts Casino understands the pull of dragon-themed slots. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, you’ll have your pick of some of the best ones available. As one of the oldest and best casinos in New Jersey, Resorts Casino has earned the trust of online slot lovers over the years. 

The available games include, but are not limited to, Laughing Dragon, Dragon Palace, Dragon Power, Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix, Dragon Spin, Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon, Dragon’s Law Twin Fever, Jade Dragon, Dragon Lines and River Dragons. 

To give you a taste, we’ll briefly go through each of these dragon slots to see what they have to offer, their special features and how much you stand to win. 

Laughing Dragon 

A screenshot of the laughing dragon slots game on Resorts casino. A slot game which has symbols of the rose, frogs and dragons.

With a beautiful background and well-developed characters, this Asian slot is all about Chinese dragons. The five reels features Chinese symbols such as a lotus flower, beads, koi fish, a snake, a toad of luck and, of course, a dragon. 

The game has 100 paylines, and players can bet between $1.00 and $40 for every spin. If they can align the right symbols in the five reels and three rows, players win a prize. If they trigger the lucky break, they stand to win up to five jackpots. 

Laughing Dragon has a mid-range return-to-player (RTP) rate. This is the percentage of your bet that you stand to win every time you ring in a prize. If you trigger the biggest jackpot, you’ll take home $25,000. 

The laughing dragon serves as the wild symbol for this slot game. It replaces other symbols for every press of the button, and if you align enough dragons, you win a prize. 

There is also a random prize that can multiply your stake by 100 times. Players get five free spins and three rings. If the Extra Break symbol appears in one of the rings, you get a free ring on your next spin, and if it appears in two rings, you get a free spin.

Dragon Palace

This is a Chinese-themed dragon slot that has five reels and 243 ways to win. The game is set within an ancient temple that is guarded by dragons, and it pays out when identical symbols appear on consecutive slots. 

When they do, an animation on the screen lets you know that you have won. A powerful, beautiful-looking dragon appears, perching on the roof of an ancient Chinese temple and wagging its tail while watching the spinning action. 

There is a gamble feature that can boost your reward if you correctly guess the color and suit of the next card. You can use it up to five times, and because of the multipliers, it has the potential to change the outcome of any game. Dragon Palace has a scattered palaces feature that activates free games and a helping hand from the wild dragon. The master dragon can breathe fire across reels, reveal the dragon multiplier and boost your payout.

The game’s RTP is considered medium variance, which means you don’t win very often, but you also don’t have to wait very long before you ring in a winning combination.

Dragon Power 

A screen shot of a dragon slots games at resorts casino. The game has symbols of the dragon, tiger and letters.

This game features the usual symbols that are found in dragon-themed games, so you can expect to see a lot of koi fish, lotus flowers, tigers, roosters and monkeys on your screen. It has five reels and three rows and offers 50 paylines. 

The graphics are quite well-done, with smooth animations that are easy on the eyes. The soundtrack, based on relaxing Japanese music, isn’t bad either. 

There are a couple of things that make this game one of the best dragon slots. The first is the bonus features. Players can enjoy two bonus games, a golden orb feature, a dragon power feature and free games. 

The other is the potential payout; if dragons align in the right combination, you can multiply your jackpot 4,000 times. 

You can place a minimum bet of 50 cents; the maximum is $50. Dragon Power is considered a medium volatility game.

Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix

The name of the slot, Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix, is a mouthful, but don’t let that fool you. This game is well-designed and easy to play with nice features and impressive multipliers. It gives players a chance to multiply their bets 15,000 times. 

The slot features five reels and three rows and offers 50 paylines. Players can put down as little as 50 cents and as much as $100 for every spin, and with a mid-range RTP, you stand to take home some good money if you win. 

The game is quite easy to play even for beginners. Players can set the stake level they want to play for and then start with the press of the play button. 

The game has features like wilds and scatters, free spins and holds. The buy pass feature gives direct access to free spins and holds. 

Paylines must align on adjacent wheels starting at the left, and if a player wins on multiple lines, all the wins are added up. 

Dragon Spin

A screenshot of a dragon slots game at resorts casino with symbols of different coloured dragons and letters.

Many slot games are trendy with players for a few years after they are released, but not Dragon Spin. It has actually grown more popular over time. 

The game features four dragons, and each represents an element. The red dragon is fire, the purple one is air, the green dragon is earth and the blue dragon is water. 

Players can trigger different viewing modes. They can choose either landscape or portrait and can resize the screen to suit their preferences. 

Bets range between 30 cents and $120, and there are between 30 and 90 paylines. You can activate additional paylines by triggering one of the bonus features. 

The game has an auto-play feature, which players can use to activate anything between 10 and 200 spins. They can also set the auto feature to stop after they win or lose a certain amount. 

A custom image with a purple background with strawberry, star and watermelon icons with a large text "Get 500 Bonus spins"

Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon

The dragon theme has been done over and over again in slot games, but this one makes it more interesting. The game comes with two sets of reels. One is the standard 3×5, and the other is covered by a veil. 

As you align symbols correctly, the curtains lift to reveal more symbols and more ways to win.

The symbols include a sun dragon, Chinese temples, cherry blossoms, red lamps and oriental playing cards. 

The graphics themselves are quite impressive, crisp and clear, and they are easy on the eye. You can bet as little as 50 cents and as much as $100. Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon offers players a steady stream of small prizes that can enjoy as they continue to play for the jackpot. 

The game also has a bonus feature and generous multipliers that can grow your bet by up to 2,000 times. 

Dragon’s Law Twin Fever 

A screenshot of a dragon slots game at resorts casino with a green theme and has turtle symbols.

This game was originally developed for land-based casinos. It became quite popular and was eventually adapted for online gaming. Its Asian-themed setting features beautiful pagodas, mountain tops and oriental landscapes. Players get the usual symbols like lotus flowers, turtles, pigs and coins. 

Dragon’s Law Twin Fever has five reels and 30 paylines, with progressive wins until you get to the luckiest of the symbols, a Chinese inscription that is framed by a love heart. 

The best thing about this game is the special feature. Players can summon the divine dragon to bring down extra wilds. The dragon can also lead to free spins, but if it doesn’t, you can use the scatters to trigger them. 

Players need just 45 cents to place a bet, and they can go as high as $450. The autoplay button gives as many as 500 automatic spins but doesn’t have the option to stop after a certain number of wins or losses. 

Despite its name, this game doesn’t feature any dragons, but with the crisp graphics, a smooth soundtrack and great odds, it is beloved by many online slot players. The mid-range RTP is good news for those who want to place big bets. 

Jade Dragon

The game doesn’t look very different from most dragon slots, but it comes with interesting symbols. You can expect to encounter golden statues of cobras, monkeys and roosters. The coin of fortune and the lotus flower are also symbols, and there is also a jade Chinese dragon. 

The slot has the usual presentation of five reels, and players have 243 ways to win by matching the symbols left to right. 

You’ll find the usual features – free spins and wilds – and both play a significant role in triggering the bonuses. 

Jade Dragon has a medium RTP rate, which is great for those who enjoy playing for a long time or like placing large bets. 

This is a high-volatility game, which means that you have to wait a while before you get a big win, but there are plenty of small wins to keep you interested. If the jade dragons align the right way, you can multiply your bet by up to 1,000 times.

Dragon Lines 

A screenshot of a red dragon slots game at resorts casino with symbols of lantern, dice, coins and dragons.

Dragon Lines, with five reels and 100 paylines, is a popular online slot game not just in Vegas but in casinos around the world. It has a nice red theme, a crisp screenplay and a pleasant soundtrack that’s easy on the ear. 

Certain icons deliver high-value prizes; if you get the right alignment of golden ingots, firecrackers, coins or lanterns, you’ll win a good multiplier on your bet. 

The golden ingots can earn you up to 1,000 coins, while the dragons can give you as many as 100,000 coins. They are wild and can substitute for all the other symbols. 

You can bet as little as 10 cents or as much as $75, and if you hit the top jackpot, you get to take home $7,500. 

Dragon Lines is considered medium volatility, so you need some patience to play it, but you won’t be playing very long before you see a significant win. 

River Dragons

This game is designed a little differently from most other slot games. Whereas most slots pay out when winning combos align from left to right, River Dragons uses an all-ways pay format, which means that it doesn’t matter how the symbols align. 

The game has five reels, and players can win in 576 different ways. However, the slot also has a reel surge feature that increases that number to 4,608 different ways to win. If you are prepared to play for more than a few minutes, it is hard to lose. 

The idea is to transform the fish in the river into a dragon by getting them to swim to the top of the headwaters. If you hit the maximum jackpot, you multiply your bet 2,000 times. 

Where to play Dragon slots?

All of these dragon slots are available at Resorts Casino, along with hundreds of other online slot games. The casino offers players a secure environment to play, and each slot comes with a free demo version that you can use to practice slot games for free.

To make your online experience more interesting, there are also casino influencers who will teach you how to play different games. They offer tips and strategies to online players – all you need to do is visit Resorts Casino online when they are live. If you want to meet them in person, just stop by the land-based casino in New Jersey. 
New players receive generous bonuses. The casino will match however much money you deposit up to $1,000. This means that if you place a deposit of $1,000, you get $1,000 free. There are several convenient ways to withdraw your winnings, and the casino offers support to players who may find themselves in too deep.

Author: Tanya Fields

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