Best Jackpot Slots at Resorts Casino

The best jackpot slots at Resorts Casino are popular because people enjoy the gameplay mechanics and winning styles. Online gambling is increasing in popularity, and there are plenty of options to choose from regarding slots.

This guide will help you choose the best slots based on your gameplay preferences. Understanding how each game works will help you avoid playing games you wouldn’t enjoy. People have different preferences when it comes to slots, among many other things.


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Are you ready for a game full of magic and mystery? If so, China Mystery Quick Strike is here to deliver. You can unlock mystery symbols and play the Balance of Fortune in-game feature.

Spin all five reels and choose your line count. This game also features a progressive jackpot with plenty of untapped potential. So, let’s discuss the rules and betting options before you play.

Unfortunately, the RTP on this game is only 88.09%, while every other option on this list is in the 90s. People play this game when they’re looking for big winnings rather than frequent winnings. You’ll need to understand your gambling style before putting money into a game, which is why we offer a demo version.

This game offers a Free Spins feature that many people enjoy. However, you’ll need at least three golden coins to trigger the minimum number of free spins. Fortunately, the free spins can get retriggered as often as they hit. There is no maximum number of free spins in this game.

Rules: Place a bet by adjusting your denomination and number of line bets. Then, spin the reels. When you hit a combination, your earnings will display in the credits before hitting your balance. You need a minimum of three coin wins to trigger the Free Games feature.

Betting Options: CHINA MYSTERY QUICK STRIKE requires a minimum bet of 30 credits. However, you can bet more than that based on your preference.


A big panda bear staring at the viewer. The text below say China shores

Do you prefer credit prizes or free games? Well, when you unlock the Balance of Fortune feature in China Shores Quick Strike, the choice is yours. Pandas, gold turtles and yin-yang symbols will be your best friends while playing this game.

The RTP rate on this game is only 90%, but it has a great progressive feature compensating for this low percentage. This game also features mystery symbols that you can unlock. You’ll need to get at least three of the yang symbols to trigger the bonus round. When you enter the bonus round, your chances of winning increase.

If you prioritize large progressive jackpots over frequent wins, this is one of the best games you can play. Progressive jackpots are a huge motivator for many gamblers. However, some people prefer frequent wins instead.

Rules: The minimum amount required to unlock the Free Games feature is three scatter symbols. Increasing your bet improves your chances of hitting the progressive compared to lower betting amounts. You can exchange free games for a credit prize if you wish.

Betting Options: The game requires a minimum bet of 30 credits. You can increase this bet if you want to use more lines during your gameplay session.


Picture of a red ball, text in the middle says crazy money deluxe

The presidents of the US became symbols of wealth when their faces were stamped on money, and they play a huge role in Crazy Money Deluxe. When you land on a president, you’ll also hit a jackpot. 

This five-reel slot game features a spinning sky wheel at the top. If you hit the correct symbols on the reel, you’ll spin the sky wheel for bigger wins. This game features four jackpots, and you can achieve these depending on your bet and your luck. You can win the mini, minor, major or grand jackpot depending on which president you land on.

Rules: The bonus options appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. If these reels all hit a bonus, the game allows you to spin the sky wheel. The sky wheel is where you’ll land on a jackpot or another prize offered in the game.

Betting Options: To spin the reels on CRAZY MONEY DELUXE, you need to bet a minimum of 60 credits. The cost of these credits depends on your denomination.

Divine Fortune

As soon as you open Divine Fortune, you’re greeted with adventurous music and ancient Greek symbols. Wild animals, Greek gods and lightning strikes are all strong indicators that you’re on the way to winning.

This game has a 96.6% RTP, which is low for online standards, but balances out because of the higher wins available. Several slot games with higher jackpots are likelier to have a lower RTP rate. You’ll have the ability to win three jackpots depending on your minimum bet.

Rules: You can activate the jackpot feature by landing at least three gold coins to enter the bonus. The bonus round splits into 15 reels instead of five. Then, the multiplayer activates to increase your wins.

Betting Options: To play Divine Fortune, you need to buy at least 20 credits. You can adjust your denomination, which affects how much you spend each spin. Increasing your bet allows you to win larger jackpots.

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Sci-Fi themed image, purple background with texts that say Dr reactive and an atom.

DR. REACTIVE is a slot game that greets you with funky music and requires you to match symbols to win. For example, you’ll notice beakers and lightning strikes during your gameplay that you’re supposed to match together. This game features an 8×8 grid full of icons that could help you win.

The RTP of this game ranges between 94.11% and 96.11%. You can enter bonus rounds or win money by matching icons together. The goal of this game is to create combinations.

Rules: There are multiple features you can enjoy while playing this game. Wild multipliers can increase your chances of winning during your session. Atom scatter explosions can create a cascading feature that enables more wins.

Betting Options: The minimum amount you can bet on this slot is 20 credits. The cost of 20 credits depends on your denomination. Make sure that you set the correct amount before spinning.


gold circle bowl with a number 8

Fate of the 8 opens with classic Chinese music and symbols. You’ll have the chance to win one of six jackpots if you hit the right icons to spin the big wheel.

This game also features a power wheel that corresponds to several jackpot wins. The power wheel feature ends after you receive your reward. When the wheel lands on a wedge, that’s the payout you can expect.

The number eight is lucky in several Asian cultures, which is why it’s the focus of this slot game. The number sounds like the same word that people use for generating wealth in Chinese. 

Rules: If you land on the bonus wedge while spinning the power wheel, you’ll unlock the koi fish bonus game. You’ll need to touch the screen to make the most of this bonus. You can also unlock the instant stacks feature when you land on one of those icons. This feature pays on top of your pre-existing line wins for larger earnings.

Betting Options: To play FATE OF THE 8, you’ll need to make a minimum bet of 40 credits per spin. However, increasing your bet improves your chances of winning in larger brackets.


A pink bunny coming out of a top hat

You’ll rub your wand on the brim of a magician’s hat to determine your prizes in this online game. Lucky players hit the bonus options, but there are other prizes available.

This slot game has an RTP of 96.75%, which isn’t high for online gaming standards. This game features a multiplayer feature dice game along with several winning styles. It also features magician graphics, including bunnies and magic wands.

FLASH PAYS MAGICIAN LUCKYTAP offers a 5×5 grid that players watch to observe their wins. This game also has autoplay mechanics so that you can watch the game play without interaction. Some gamblers prefer this method when looking for a laid-back gaming style.

Rules: You win the round when the magic top hat shows a sparkling animation at the time of the award. You can activate the multiplier if 10 or fewer prizes are awarded during the winning play. However, the multiplayer doesn’t activate every time this happens.

You’ll activate the dice game feature when you land at least three bonus awards. This game allows you to roll two dice and collect your wins at the end of the roll. These wins go on top of your pre-existing line wins.

Betting Options: There are several betting options in this game. You’ll need to push the down button to reach the minimum bet. Pay attention to your denomination before setting out your bet to ensure that you’re spending the right amount of money.


A picture of a well

Tossing a coin down a well is a classic way for people to make a wish and hope for the best outcome. This game features graphics that are based on this concept. The tricky part is getting your coins in the well to unlock the prizes.

When you play this game, you can win one of three jackpots. This game offers a mini, major and mega jackpot award. The RTP on this game is 97.47%, which is higher than a lot of games on this list. So, if you’re looking for a slot game with a higher RTP rate, this might be the right option.

The gameplay style is straightforward and traditional. You won’t have to ask yourself many questions while spinning the reels.

Rules: FLIPPIN RICH offers a progressive jackpot that changes depending on the player base. Your goal is to land coins in the wishing well. This game also features a bonus round that allows you access to the three progressive jackpots.

Betting Options: To spin the reels on this game, you’ll need to bet at least 30 credits. Always check your denomination before setting the credit amount. This is the best way to avoid accidentally spending larger sums of money.


FU BAO BANG - lucky tap

Playing FU BAO BANG LUCKYTAP lets you ignite fireworks to unlock your win, which is a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This game has an RTP of 96.61%, which is about the average for our online slot games.

A random number generator (RNG) determines your game odds, as is the case with most online slot games offered at our casino. There’s no skill involved in this game, and you can use the autoplay feature if you prefer to sit back and watch the game play itself.

Rules: You win the round if the meter fills up completely. A full meter gives you anywhere between three and 18 currency wins based on the RNG. You can unlock the multiplier feature if fewer than 10 currency wins occur during a round. However, this multiplayer feature activates randomly, so you’re not guaranteed it every time.

Betting Options: To spin the reels on this online slot game, you need to bet at least 20 credits. As usual, check the denomination before choosing how many credits you want to spend. One of the most common mistakes that people make while gambling is not checking their denomination on slots.


A women holding a crystal ball

GYPSY FIRE QUICK STRIKE is the perfect game for lovers of the moon, tea and tarot cards. Aim for the crystal balls to unlock the bonus feature so that you can maximize your wins. This game also offers a progressive feature, so jackpots increase based on the number of people playing.

The RTP on this game is only 90.19%, the lowest number on our list. If RTP percentages are a huge concern for you, then you should choose one of the other available slot games. However, some gamblers prefer medium-volatility games – this is the perfect option for those players.

Fortunately, a free play option for this slot game exists, so you can experience it before spending real money. If you’re interested in an online slot game that offers a psychic reading experience, look no further than this one.

Rules: This game is not skill-based, so you’ll rely on an RNG to determine your wins. You’ll need to land a minimum of three scatters on the five reels to activate the Free Spins feature. This feature enables up to 20 free spins, and you can retrigger it while spinning.

You can also autoplay this game if you don’t want to push the button every time. Remember, as no skills are involved in this game, choosing the autoplay feature doesn’t affect your wins. Players can adjust the sound settings by choosing the help option.

Betting Options: This game requires a minimum of 30 credits per bet at a 1-cent denomination. You can increase this bet to improve your gambling chances. The amount you win depends on the symbols you land on and whether or not you activate the Free Spins feature.

Are you interested in learning more about the best jackpot slots? At Resorts we have a large collection of slot games, even mythological slots if that interests you. Sign up Resorts Casino and learn to play some of these games. 

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