Biggest jackpots in Slingo slots: how to win big 

Players all over the world love Slingo slots. These unique bingo-based games offer the thrill of exciting spins with the satisfying wins that bingo enthusiasts love to see. Let’s take a look at Slingo, why people love it, how to play, and which games are worth your time! 

Understanding Slingo slots 

Created in 1994, Slingo is a unique combination of slots and bingo. This blend even gives the game its name: slot + bingo = Slingo. The game quickly amassed a following and eventually branched out into Slingo Originals. There is now an impressive array of unique titles with diverse themes. 

Slingo games fuse the most popular features of traditional bingo and slot games. In recent years, this combination has become even more mainstream. Slingo now works with some of the most popular names in the industry, such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, to create Slingo versions of incredibly popular slots. Even popular board games (Monopoly) and quiz shows (Deal or No Deal) have been incorporated into Slingo titles. 

Just as you might expect from a traditional slot machine game, a Slingo title typically offers players multiple exciting bonus features. These often include free spins, bonus rounds, and even a jackpot with the potential for big wins. Yet even with such an impressive combination of features, Slingo also continues to offer players gameplay with the essence of traditional bingo at its core. 

Playing Slingo is easy, and once you’ve learned how to play one game, you’ll know how to play the vast majority of other Slingo titles. Typically, Slingo games have a bingo-style layout featuring a 5×5 grid with numbers on each spot. These numbers usually range from 1 to 75. The grid also features Slingo symbols, which effectively keep the contents of the board a secret until you land on them. 

Slingo Grid - Resorts Xxxtreme slingo Slot
Slingo Grid

To play the game and visit various places on the grid, players spin the five reels that operate underneath the grid. This sends the bingo grid flying and ultimately reveals either a number or the content of a Slingo symbol. Slingo games differ from slots in that rounds typically have a set number of spins. Sometimes, these can be extended via free spins or spin purchasing options, but there is no guarantee. 

The goal of the game will be familiar to bingo fans. Players try to mark five numbers on the game’s win lines. While the exact formation of these lines varies from game to game, most of them are available diagonally, horizontally and vertically, and usually number 12 in total. A tracker typically placed on the side of the grid keeps track of the number of Slingos (bingos) you have landed. The bigger the number, the more impressive your cash prizes!

Slingo slots also typically feature at least four bonus features:

  • Joker
  • Devil
  • Super Joker
  • Coin

A Joker symbol on the grid works like a wild symbol does on more traditional slots. It allows you to cross off a number in the vertical win line where the symbol is located. Super Joker symbols are even more helpful as they allow players to mark any position on the grid. The Devil, on the other hand, is a blocking symbol. It will prevent players from marking off any numbers that spin in the column in which it is located. 

Finally, the Coin awards players funds based on their initial stakes. This usually takes the form of a multiplier equal to the current bet level times your initial stake. An initial stake of $10 at a bet level of four would result in $40 in cash prizes ($10 stake x bet level 4 = $40). 

Tips and strategies for winning big 

While many players enjoy playing Slingo simply for its unique mix of bingo and slot machine gameplay, others hope to land a big win. A healthy dose of luck is required to land the biggest jackpots that the game has to offer, but there are some strategic tips you can use to improve your chances as much as possible: 

  • Understand the grid.
  • Remember bonus features.
  • Use bonus symbols wisely.

Let’s take a closer look at all of them and explore how they can improve your chances of winning big. 

Understand the grid

The first step to improving your chances of winning is to understand the grid and how it works. We touched on this briefly above, but it’s important enough to dive into it a bit more. 

First, you have to understand the size of the grid. This is because you can’t find the center of the grid if you don’t know how big it is, and, as we’ll see a bit later, finding the center matters. Count the number of symbols across the top of the grid, then the number of symbols on the side of the grid. If there are five symbols across the top and four across the side, for example, the grid is 5×4. Most Slingo games have a grid size of 5×5, but not all of them, so understanding how to find and read the grid size is important. 

Next, remember that the grid is not stationary. It moves just like the grid in a slot game. Unlike in more traditional slots, however, the spin will mark off a symbol on a payline. Landing five symbols on a payline wins the game. 

Remember the bonus features

Don’t forget about the bonus features! Sometimes, these features are the difference between a big win and a disappointing loss. It is especially important to take note of bonus features such as free spins or purchasing extra spins before the game begins. Both of these features give you more opportunities to land a Slingo (bingo) and win big. 

Use bonus symbols wisely

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you must understand how to use bonus symbols wisely. This is where the importance of the center of the grid comes into play. The best place you can add a Super Joker or Joker position, assuming that you aren’t close to completing another payline not involving the center spot, is the center of the grid. After that, you want to place them along either diagonal win line crossing through the center of the grid. 

If you have already marked off spots on other win lines, however, you should, of course, finish those over placing a symbol on the center of the grid. 

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Play responsibly

Before you try out Slingo games, make sure that you are able to enjoy gambling responsibly. You must be realistic with yourself and your limitations and strengths. Some people can enjoy a quick round, while others end up losing hours of time to online casino games. If you are in need of help with a gambling problem, then the following organizations can help:

Your state might offer additional resources.

We take our players’ safety seriously. Only play our games if you can do so for fun, not just for profit. Slingo should be a fun break, not a stressful endeavor. 

Are you ready to try your hand at Slingo titles? If so, we offer all of the games recommended in this article! Sign up for an account and get started today.

Author: Tanya Fields

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