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Monopoly is easily one of America’s favorite games. We play at home with family and when we’re with friends, and everyone is welcome to join. It is simple enough that anyone can learn it in minutes, and it rewards players well enough to keep them coming back. 

If you love Monopoly and online slots, you’ll be happy to know that there are many Monopoly-themed slots out there. Game developers have been keen to exploit the features that make Monopoly so addictive, and they have created some wonderful iterations. 

Monopoly slots are aesthetically striking and make use of different aspects of the game. Some even incorporate the board itself. Gamemakers have become adept at adapting Monopoly’s best features for online gamers and slot lovers.

One of the first questions you may ask if you have never played Monopoly is whether you need to know how to play the board game before you attempt these slots. 

It helps, but it isn’t necessary. If you have never played the Monopoly board game, you can still figure out the slot games. It may take a little longer to get acquainted, but you will be able to master the rules well enough to start winning. 

What Monopoly-themed slot games should you play? There are lots, and we will describe some of the best below. We chose them for their aesthetic appeal, the fact that they are easy to master even for beginners to slot games, and also because they offer generous rewards. 

Epic Monopoly II

A red curtain with blue and white text which says Epic Monopoly.

Epic Monopoly II is considered an epic version of the board game and features symbols such as the boot, the car and the top hat. 

The game is played on two Monopoly reels. The main reel has five reels and four rows and the colossal reel has five reels and 12 rows. The second reel holds all the goodies in this game. You can use it to trigger different types of bonuses and free spins. 

To win, you need to get at least three matching symbols in a row. The least valuable symbols are the boot, the car and the top hat, which win you 50 coins. If you are lucky enough to land on a wheelbarrow full of gold or sexy blondes and cute cowboys, you win anything between 75 coins and 5,000 coins. 

The game has 100 paylines. This is a lot compared to many other slot games and players can win up to $250,000 from a single game. The minimum you can bet is 50 cents and the maximum is $50. This game gives you the chance to walk away with some serious cash. 

Monopoly 250K

A logo with a diamond and buildings in the background, a text which says Monopoly 250k.

This is another Monopoly-themed slot game that is relatively easy to master and is good for beginners. It has five reels and five rows and 40 fixed paylines, which means that you cannot turn them off. 

You can multiply your bet by up to 100x and the maximum you can expect to win is $250,000. Whether you are a high roller or a beginner, these are pretty good numbers.

When it comes to slot games, there is no way of knowing how a game will go. Most experienced players will tell you that the secret is to place small bets and play for long enough. 

However, with Monopoly 250K, you can increase your odds by placing bigger bets – that is, if you can afford them, of course. If you can’t, stick to small bets and be prepared to play for as long as it takes you to win. 

Monopoly Big Event

A red background with text and a blue and yellow sign and text which says Monopoly Big event

This is an easy version of Monopoly that has five reels and 20 fixed paylines. The minimum bet on Monopoly Big Event is 20 cents and the maximum bet you can place is $30. The wild symbol can appear and substitute all other symbols except the bonus symbol. 

It is a good idea to stop and review the paylines if you are playing this game for the first time. Some combos may be winners in other slot games, but in this one, they aren’t. 

This game pays out quite frequently and offers big wins. However, if you want to make the most of it, you should be prepared to place bets that are higher than the minimum. 

While it is relatively difficult to win the jackpot, players who keep playing for long enough eventually do. 

The most exciting feature of this game is the Big Event. If you land the right symbols across the right reels, you trigger a sneak preview into the chance card and the location of the three hotels. If you can trigger them correctly, you stand to win big. 

Monopoly Big Spin

A game logo with text and colorful blocks which says Monopoly Big spin

Monopoly Big Spin is a little different. Instead of the classic slot, players bet on where a wheel will stop after a spin. Bet amounts in this game range between 10 cents and $700. 

The wheel has 14 sectors and the first eight award only cash prizes. You can also win cash prizes on the remaining six, but in most cases, players get bonuses and free spins. 

This game is also unique in the sense that among slot games, it has a variable RTP, which is dependent on where the wheel stops. 

The free spins pay rather well. If you use a free spin and land on Go, for example, you will have a 40:1 payout and one extra round. If you land on Free Parking, your payout is 30:1 and you qualify for two more free spins. 

This may not be your everyday slot game, but it is exciting and rewarding enough to keep players coming back. 

Monopoly Bring the House Down

A game board with a question mark and text which says Monopoly bring the house down.

This game is fast and fun and brings together some of the best elements of Monopoly. Wild houses and hotels allow you to win, and if you want to make things more exciting, you can use them to increase your payouts in the Big Bet. 

The game features Mr. Monopoly himself and also other common Monopoly characters. Featuring five reels and four rows, the game has 40 paylines and a maximum payout of $250,000. 

Features include the scatter and wild symbols and a sticky wild symbol. Monopoly Bring the House Down has an autoplay for those who don’t want to keep pushing the ‘play’ button, and its medium volatility makes it ideal for beginners and experienced players alike. 

Monopoly Electric Win$

A neon sign with purple and blue lights and text which says Monopoly electric win$

This is one of the flashier Monopoly-themed slot games. Monopoly Electric Win$ has a loud neon design with six reels and 729 different ways to win. You can bet as little as 20 cents and as much as $15. You win when you align three or more matching symbols starting from left to right. Three or more matching wilds also score a win. 

As you play, you will see a Monopoly board game around the edges of your screen. For each spin, you roll two dice, and one of them takes you through the board. 

If you land on a free property, it is yours, and when you have all properties in the same color, you start building. These are valuable as they bring extra bonuses during free spins. 

The game contains many exciting features, including free parking, go to jail, chance, community chest, railroad, waterworks and an electric bulb.

Monopoly Grand Hotel

A game poster with a pile of coins and money. Text which says Monopoly grand hotel

Monopoly Grand Hotel has five reels and 50 paylines, and players can bet as little as 25 cents and as much as $200. The game is relatively easy to master – all you have to do is travel around the board and collect and align similar symbols. 

Their value differs, and they offer players a great advantage if they can get them. The dog and the free parking sign, for example, can multiply your win by up to 5x. 

Three Go symbols in the three middle reels earn you a reel spin on the Go reel, which has bonuses including cash prizes and the minor, major and grand jackpots. 

At first glance, this game may seem a little complicated, but it isn’t. Look for casinos that offer demo play and get a few practice rounds in before you stake real money. 

Monopoly Lunar New Year

A red and gold logo and text which says Monopoly lunar new year

Among slot games, this one is unique because of just how many ways a player can win – there are 7,776 different ways. If you hit the jackpot, you can expect to multiply your bet by 13,771. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to slot games. 

This Asian-themed monopoly slot game is colorful, vibrant and exciting. You play using symbols such as oriental gates, a cute pig and wrapped presents. It features five reels and three rows, and as you play, you will collect gifts such as firecrackers and lanterns. 

Monopoly Lunar New Year has a fairly low RTP, but it is a good game to try. The game may seem a little complicated at first, especially for new players and because of how many different ways there are to win. It isn’t – the longer you play, the more familiar it becomes and the easier it becomes to win. 

Monopoly Mega Movers

A blue background with a red sign and text which says Monopoly Mgea Movers.

For this one, players can place bets between 50 cents and $75. It features symbols such as a railroad, a car and a battleship, which will multiply your payout 1.5x. 

The dog, the cat and the duck are even more valuable, multiplying wins as much as 2.5x. 

Those who play Monopoly Mega Movers can enjoy a fairly high RTP, and there are major and mini jackpots to be won.

Monopoly Megaways

A logo of a game called monopoly megaways

This game has a whopping 117,649 ways to win, and that is enough to get most online slot gamers to try it. At just 20 cents a spin, it provides real value for money because the odds of winning are rather high. You can place maximum wagers of $20.

It is a wheel-spinning game, and each sector of the wheel has a different number of symbols. The more symbols there are in a sector, the higher the odds of winning. 

Monopoly Megaways is a medium variance game, and if you win, you could multiply your bet by 14,700x. 

Monopoly Millionaire

A logo with buildings in the background, text which says Monopoly millionaire

The goal of this game is to be the first to get $1m by earning tokens through a variety of games. Although it is Monopoly slot themed, Monopoly Millionaire is a little different because it has an aquatic setting. 

Games include Marine Hunter, Island Construction, Fish Pond, Ocean Match, Fish Fight, Treasure of Poseidon and Fish Beauty Contest.

There are different types of tokens that players can collect, and it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with what they are and how you can earn them. 

Monopoly Money in Hand

A purple background with gold text which says Monopoly money in hand

This game has five reels, three rows and 10 paylines. Players love it because it has accumulated multipliers and the Big Bet feature, which allows you to play for more free spins. 

The game has a variable RTP, just like the name, Monopoly Money in Hand, suggests.

Monopoly Utility Trails

A game cover with a square sign and text which says Monopoly Utility Trails.

This Monopoly slot game has eight reels and seven rows and is considered one of the more complex Monopoly games. The game features include cluster plays and cascading reels, and players of Monopoly Utility Trails stand to win up to 1,000x what they have staked.

Resorts Casino has all these Monopoly games. As long as you are of legal age, you can register and deposit some money into your account. The casino matches your deposit amount to give you more time to play and increase your odds of winning. If you are interested in other themed slots, we have many more for you to check out.

Author: Tanya Fields

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