2024 gambling trends

The gambling industry has experienced significant changes in the past few decades. Extravagant gambling destinations like Las Vegas, New Jersey, Reno, Macau, and Singapore have gone all out to ensure that they offer patrons nothing but the very best. The rise of online gambling has also brought about a significant jump in casino earnings, and for many establishments, it is now a significant part of their annual revenue. 

2022 and 2023 proved especially significant years for online gambling. When COVID-19 restrictions kept gamblers away from brick-and-mortar venues, many establishments experienced a decline in earnings, and they quickly realized that the way to go was to put a bigger emphasis on online gambling. They invested in more robust and secure platforms, expanded their offerings, and created bonuses and offers to attract new players. 

Today, there is hardly an established casino that doesn’t have an online gambling arm, and many continue to invest because they realize the potential this line of business holds. 

But what does all this mean for the future? What gambling trends in 2024 can we expect and how will they change the industry? 

Even exploring the trends that are expected to shape gambling in the coming year, there is one thing to be sure of: the industry is poised for growth. No matter how big the industry grows, it never seems to level off. 

People have gambled for centuries and today, the number of online and land-casino gamblers grows every year. 

For casino owners and stakeholders, the secret is staying ahead of the competition. There is a lot of competition to attract and keep patrons, and establishments that stay ahead are those that understand what gamblers are looking for and offer it to them. 

With that in mind, what can be expected from the casino industry in 2024? What trends will shape the landscape, and how will they affect casinos and gamblers?

Even as things are bound to change in the coming year, it is important to keep in mind that there will not be monumental, earth-shifting changes. Most of what will happen will be gradual as the market tests it out to see if it will work. Most of these changes will revolve around the introduction of new technologies, improvements on existing ones, and changes in regulatory frameworks aimed at safeguarding gamblers. They will have to do with growth in the market, the growth of AI, the improvement of live streaming and interactive features, and the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Growth in the market

One steady thing to expect from the casino industry is constant growth and 2024 will be no different. After COVID-19, casinos in the US and all top gambling destinations invested a lot of money to recover what they had lost and also make themselves more resilient against future disruptions. 

These investments are paying off, and 2024 is expected to record impressive growth numbers. According to an AP News report, the US casino industry generates around $330 billion every year. In 2022, revenues were up by 26% from 2017 but when the pandemic hit, these figures were impacted quite significantly. 

Recovery was swift, with online gambling making up for much of what was lost in land-casino gambling. In 2024, the country is expected to generate at least $39 billion through online gambling based on an annual growth rate of approximately 5.4%. The number of users is expected to grow to nearly 30 million by 2028, with each user generating about $380 in revenue. 

The exceptional growth comes about because of several factors and dynamics, many of which are expected to continue to fuel numbers upwards in the coming decade. 

Legalization and regulatory changes have seen many states that had previously banned gambling legalize it, creating new opportunities for investors. Improved regulation also makes for safer spaces for gamblers allowing more to patronize both online and offline casinos without fear of loss or recrimination.

Other factors that have led to steady growth include technological advancements that allow people to game from wherever they are, and increasingly secure platforms that use the latest encryption systems. 

Shifts in consumer behavior have also seen more people willing to participate in casino games. There is an increasing acceptance of gambling and as perceptions shift, more people are willing to try their hand at gambling. Many are also using blockchain and cryptocurrency to pay for their gambling activities.

Growth of AI

Just like it is changing so many other spheres of everyday life, Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to shift the way casinos operate. Some casinos have already adopted some use of AI and report positive feedback – it is helping to enhance the user experience and improve casino operations. 

AI has already been used to predict outcomes in poker. As it is all about predicting the future based on past outcomes, computers have been fed data and then programmed to predict how a poker match could end, and they have shown that this can cause massive upsets. 

AI is revolutionary as it can make far more predictions than a human brain can, and experts are now looking into ways that it can be used to enhance the user experience. This includes learning what sorts of games the patron most enjoys and serving them, saving patrons the trouble of scrolling through hundreds of games to find one they can play. AI can also track how long a user likes to play, which is especially advantageous for slot game players because they can time themselves and also have better control over their bankrolls. 

Furthermore, AI is increasingly being used to handle customer queries, and although it is yet to be completely refined to give almost human responses, it is on its way. In many casinos, regular queries are answered by bots and only the more sophisticated interactions are referred to humans. 

One of the biggest advantages that AI is expected to bring to the gambling industry is easy identification of cheaters. For as long as casinos have existed there have been people who try to make a fast buck and they aren’t always easy to catch. Using AI, casinos can monitor trends and recognize the behavior pattern of a cheater. 

As the technology continues to improve, AI will be used to catch fraudulent activity, prevent account theft, and make gambling safer for users overall.

One other way that AI will be used in the future is to spot gambling addictions and flag them. Addiction is all about repeated habits, and AI is excellent at detecting patterns. If the system spots a gambler who continues to bet despite a string of losses, for example, it can send a message to them asking them to reexamine their casino activity, or it can flag the user to casino management and they can get help. 

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Live streaming and interactive features

Live streaming has become a major part of online gambling. Many top casinos in the US have an online facility that allows gamers to enjoy live action from wherever they are. Resorts Casino in New Jersey, for example, has a Resorts Live section on its website that allows players to log in every night and join live games, either to watch and learn or to participate. 

These sessions are led by some of the top influencers in the US, and those who choose to enjoy them from home only need to log in. They are free to ask questions and take part in the discussions, and they can also place wagers and participate in the games for a chance to win. 

Livestreaming has brought casino gaming into many homes, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t require special equipment or a complicated setup process. All the user must do is become a registered member of a site and then log in whenever the games are live using their mobile device or a computer. So long as they have a reasonably fast internet connection, they can enjoy the game just as if they were in the casino. 

As 2024 begins, improvements in live streaming technologies will lead to a better user experience. These improvements aren’t confirmed quite yet, but they will certainly get even more people gaming online. 

Increased use of interactive features is also expected to shape gambling in 2024. These are features that talk directly to the player, and they can use them to place limits on wagers and deposits or even prompt a reality check if they go beyond set limits. 

Some casinos in the US rent out Virtual Reality (VR) sets to players who want to play games in a 3D environment. This is as interactive as it gets, and it is expected that more establishments will adopt the use of VR to enhance the gaming experience. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions have become increasingly common as they offer great convenience. These technologies track transactions through a global, open system and they also keep a history of all transactions associated with all accounts. It may also make it easier for them to get paid when they win because their winnings are deposited into a crypto account avoiding lengthy bank transfer times. 

Casinos have realized the advantage of crypto and blockchain operations and many now allow patrons to use these currencies. 2024 will see an even bigger shift in the use of these technologies as well as improvements in the infrastructure that make them easier to use and give more people access. 

Casinos will pay experts to implement crypto within their establishments for a better user experience for gamblers who want to use electronic currencies. They will also spend money to ensure that these systems are secure. 

Aside from making it easier for users to place bets, the use of crypto comes with several other advantages. Transactions happen very quickly, so users can make withdrawals and deposits in an instant. This is one of the most common reasons some gamblers are taking to cryptocurrency. 

Another advantage is that there are no charges for transactions on these accounts, which allows casinos to have a low house edge. The player gets to keep most of their winnings, and this can be significant for people who win large amounts. In addition, players do not need to have accounts to use cryptocurrency payments, and they can remain completely anonymous as they gamble. 

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency and blockchain are set to revolutionize gambling in 2024, and whatever improvements and innovations are added to these platforms will make adoption even easier than it is now. It will help draw in more patrons and make for a healthier bottom line for casinos. 

These aren’t the only trends that are expected to affect the gambling industry in the coming year. According to some experts, sports betting will become a core activity within casinos, and many will start keeping a sportsbook.

Outdated federal regulations that govern online gambling in tribal reservation casinos are also expected to change. It wasn’t expected that these casinos would provide their services to gamblers who weren’t located on tribal land at the time regulations were made. As a result, some have refrained from venturing into online gaming. It is expected that these laws will be revised to allow these casinos to participate in the online gambling market in the next year or so.

These trends show that the coming year is one of promise for both casinos and patrons. There is much to expect from the industry, and it is all aimed at enhancing the user experience and streamlining casino operations.

Author: Tanya Fields

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