Game of the Month | January 2024

A new year, a new month, and Resorts Casino is back with yet more opportunities for patrons to win great prizes with the Game of the Month. Every month for the last several months, this iconic New Jersey casino has featured two or three top slot games, and patrons who participated have walked away with impressive jackpots. 

For seasoned and new players alike, it is an opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular slot games and take advantage of all that the casino has to offer – and they may even win a nice chunk of cash to get them started in the New Year. 

The Game of the Month is an old concept in American casinos, and it is used to popularize new games, attract new patrons, and reward existing ones who opt to participate. 

The idea behind it is simple: casino slots experts examine hundreds of games and choose one or two that they feel are easy to learn but competitive enough to keep players interested. They also look for games that have attractive jackpots to make it worthwhile for all who choose to participate. 

It is easy for players to try their luck. All they need to do is register on the Resorts Casino website and deposit an initial amount that they can use to place bets. For every dollar, the casino gives a matching amount, doubling the player’s deposit by up to $1,000. 

New members should take some time to understand the rules, terms, and conditions set out by the establishment, and after that, they can choose whatever game of the month they wish to play and get started. 

Featured slot games

This month, the casino has chosen Slingo Gems and Dream Catcher. Both are quite popular and easy to understand, and because they are loaded with features, they give gamers plenty of opportunities to win. 

To give gamers an idea of what these games are about, we’ll talk about their themes, gameplay, and unique features. 

Slingo Gems

Online slot game called slingo gems, a slot game of numbers and if you match more lines, you will win more.

Slingo Gems was released by popular slot game producer Slingo Originals in December 2022, and although new compared to many other diamond-themed games, it has become quite popular. 

Gamers love it because – compared to several of the company’s older releases – it is rather easy to understand. Both the theme and the visuals are rather basic, but that doesn’t take away from the attraction of this slot game. 

Players who have played Slingo Starburst and Slingo Riches will see some similarities between the three games, but Slingo Gems is more immersive and offers better features.

This diamond-themed game has a pretty basic theme, with red and gold colors that are set against dark blue and pink shades which makes symbols stand out clearly. As the player progresses through it, diamond animations cascade down on the screen, making the game interesting and immersive. 

As with most Slingo games, number symbols are the ones that appear on most of the screen, but in this one, there are several that appear at the bottom as well, each with a special effect. 

The red diamond wild, for example, allows the player to select any number from the row in which it is set, and the blue wilds symbol allows them to choose any number on the grid. 

The game is set on a five-by-five grid and has one extra row of five reels. To win, the gamer needs to match the numbers on the grid in the respective columns. It has 12 paylines (five horizontal, five vertical, and two diagonals). 

Because of its bet range, the game is open to just about every player. The minimum bet they can place is 50 cents, and they can wager up to a maximum of $100. 

Playing the game is easy. After the player places their bet, they get a five-by-five bingo ticket and 11 spins that they use to create as many bingos (or Slingos) as possible. The final win is determined by the number of Slingos they can make using their bet. 

Certain nuances make the game a little more interesting. If they land a wilds symbol, for example, they can mark any number on that column, and they also get a free spin. 

If they get a super wilds symbol, they can mark any number on the entire board, and a coins symbol gets them an instant coin win.

If the player lands three or more wilds, they qualify for an instant payout, and it comes with extra spins that they can use to continue winning. 

The maximum that players can win in Slingo Gems is 500x their bet amount, which is a good payout considering they can bet up to $100. If they put down that amount and collect the maximum number of Slingos, they instantly win $50,000. 

The volatility of this game isn’t clear yet, but it has an RTP of 95%, which means that the player takes home 95% of their winnings and the house keeps the rest. This is lower than many other slot games, but considering that the game is easy to master and doesn’t require very high bets it is considered a good return to player rate. 

You don’t have to be a slot expert to play Slingo Gems. As mentioned earlier, the game itself is rather simple to master and doesn’t come with very many rules. 

That said, it is a good idea to play a few practice runs before players commit real cash. That way, when they start playing the real thing it will be familiar, they can move faster through each round, and they’ll stand a better chance of winning. 

Resorts Casino allows players to try out their slot games before they commit actual money, so make sure to play a few dummy runs before you get into the real thing. 

Dream Catcher

Online slot game called Dream Catcher, a theme of waterfalls, mountains, forests and native American village.

Dream Catcher is a casino slot game that is easy to sign up for, play, and win. It is perfect for players who want to experience a little of the Wild West without the gunslingers, bandits, and saloons. 

It is a relaxing alternative that features a canoe, a squaw, a Native American chief, and some of the local wildlife. The soundtrack, which is played on pipes and drums, is easy on the ears and is as calming as the graphics in the game. 

The game happens on a semi-transparent reel with great views of waterfalls, mountains, forests, and a Native American village. All symbols have a dreamcatcher-themed design, which is a traditional Native American charm that is used to ward off evil. 

The player aims to land a dreamcatcher on a payline because it is worth 10x their bet amount. If the dreamcatchers land across the entire reel, the player multiplies their bet by 5,000 to win the ultimate jackpot, but there are plenty of prizes along the way. 

Dream Catcher is a five-reel, 30-line slot game that lets players collect prizes when they land matching symbols across a payline from the left side of the screen. The lowest prize is awarded when Tomahawks align across a payline. If the player gets two of them, they win twice their bet amount, and if they can align five, they multiply their wager 100x. 

To win a prize the player needs to align drums, clay pots, jewels, or, as mentioned above, tomahawks. These are the low-prize symbols; higher-paying ones include a buffalo, a white horse, and a wolf. The highest prizes are won by the village, the squaw, and chief symbols which multiply the player’s wager by up to 500.

The scatter symbol is a soaring eagle, and it multiplies the total of the bet, not just the line bets. If it appears twice on the screen at the same time, the player’s bet multiplies 60x. If the player wins the jackpot, they qualify for another 12 free spins that they can use to claim smaller prizes. 

The minimum that gamers can bet in Dream Catcher is 30 cents, and the maximum bet is $150, which means that anyone can play. 

Beginners are advised to start with small bets until they get a feel for the game, but those who are familiar with slot games are free to bet any amount so long as it fits within their bankroll. 

Dream Catcher is a medium volatility game, which gives players about 50/50 odds of winning. It has a return-to-player rate of 96.05% which means that the house gets to keep 3.94% of the player’s winnings. This is about average for slot games, and it is a good incentive for players to place reasonably big wagers and play many rounds. 

The game comes with generous bonuses; the wild bonus gives the player a 10x multiplier, and getting five in a row results in the player winning the jackpot. If the player lands 2 of the scatter bonus, they multiply their wager 60x, and if they get five of them in a row, they win the jackpot. 

There is a random mini-game bonus which comes with a guaranteed prize at the end of the base game. Players only need to click on the random dreamcatchers that appear on their screens to reveal their prizes. 

Before playing any of these two games, it is a good idea for the player to consider the volatility of each. A low volatility game means it will take quite a while to get aligning symbols; therefore, they will not win for a while. Low-volatility games don’t pay out very often, but when they do the payouts are significant. 

All players who want to participate in Resorts Casino’s Game of the Month must be at least 18 years old, and they are required to provide some personal information to facilitate payouts. The casino protects this information using the latest encryption in the market, and there is virtually no danger that it will fall into the wrong hands. 

If any gamer feels overwhelmed, they can get help by reading the responsible gaming section on their website, or they can get phone or email advice by contacting the casino.

Author: Tanya Fields

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