Highest odds in Slingo Slots: How to win big

The online casino gaming industry has a reputation for always reinventing itself with new interfaces, features, winning mechanisms and even new game categories. One of the latest game categories is the unique Slingo slots, which combine slots gameplay with online bingo. Not only does it appeal to a larger audience, but Slingo also provides multiple chances to win when you buy additional spins.

Understanding Slingo Slots

Slingo is a vibrant game type designed as a hybrid between video slots and bingo, and it’s easy to understand. The playing field combines a bingo game card with a mini slot reel placed underneath.

Each round has a number of free spins, usually about 10 or 11, depending on the variant. On every spin, players will hope to get a matching number on the corresponding column of the bingo card. Matching numbers are marked off on the card.

The goal is to mark off Slingo lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally. With every Slingo line marked off, you climb up the bonus ladder with increasing prizes. The highest prize on the bonus ladder is for a full house, which involves marking off all spots on the grid.

Importance of knowing the highest odds

Fortunately, when playing at an online casino, Slingo slots will have an information section that players can check out before even spinning the reels. Here, you’ll get valuable information that could help you extend your playing time.

Not every slot game is made the same, and this applies to Slingo as well. Apart from having different themes and bonus features, there may also be differing winning odds. Regardless of the maximum win amount, the odds determine your actual chances of winning. You wouldn’t want to play a game with a high payout only to spend your entire bankroll without winning at all, would you? That’s exactly why playing Slingo slots with the highest chances of paying out is important.

Finding the Slingo Slots with the highest odds 

Several factors influence the winning odds of Slingo games. Having this information puts players in a better position to enjoy Slingo games.

Below are some of the factors and details to consider when searching for your next Slingo game to play:

Return to player (RTP)

The number one factor that affects your chances of winning is the return to player (RTP). RTP is expressed as a percentage and represents the amount players can expect to win from a particular Slingo game.

For instance, a Slingo game with an RTP of 96.00% suggests that the game should pay $96 out of $100 bet. This index has a long-term consideration, though. It’s based on probability and gets increasingly accurate as more bets are placed.

Free spins

Just like video slots, Slingo gameplay involves free spins. This bonus allows gamers to complete winning combinations all at the cost of a single bet. Some games start you off with more free spins than others. With chance-based games like Slingo, every additional spin means an opportunity to win big. Note that you can win extra free spins during the game or buy additional spins at an extra cost at the end of the round. Here, there’ll also be a max number of spins you can buy. So, check for that limit before you play as well.


The presence of jackpots in these games changes the pay structure significantly. Slingo slots offer some of the best jackpot gaming experiences, as players can enjoy fixed or progressive jackpots. So, you can also benefit from the jackpot prizes beyond the regular payouts won by marking off symbols.

While progressive jackpots are a sliver of hope that you could take home a big win, they often take out a chunk of the RTP. So, you’ll technically be playing at a disadvantage unless you hit the jackpot. Just make sure you’re well informed so that you know what to expect.

Slingo Slots with the highest odds

As it stands, there are only a handful of Slingo Slots available, and each of these titles offers varying winning odds. From the earlier parts of this article, it is clear that these odds depend on a combination of factors. With proper consideration of these factors, here are some of the Slingo Slots with the highest odds:

Slingo Startbust

This casino offering builds on the popular game from NetEnt called Starburst. It retains some of the features of this video slot and incorporates them in the hybrid bingo and slot design. Slingo Starburst has a single row, 5 reel slot beneath the 5×5 bingo grid, where players get 10 regular spins per round. Here, players can win big with prizes of up to 1,500x their stake as they land Slingos and move up the Win Spin bonus ladder.

In this game from Slingo Originals, there are several bonus features, including the Expanding Respin Wilds, Extra spins and a high RTP of 96.50%.

Slingo Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania

One of the main distinctions between an average video slot and a Slingo slot is that the latter usually have lower RTPs. However, titles such as Slingo Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania are changing the narrative. This fishing-themed casino game has an RTP of 96.50%, improving players’ chances while climbing the Slingo bonus ladder.

In the Slingo Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania slot, you can benefit from different tiers of the Buoy Pick Bonus game, free spins and even fixed jackpots of up to 1,000x your stake. These features not only increase the odds but also achieve this in very exciting ways. For instance, with the Buoy Lobster fishing bonus pick’em game, players get to choose locations and pull up traps to trigger cash prizes.

Slingo Carnival

This is a popular casino title from Slingo Originals. It has a carnival theme with an outdoor setting. Slingo Carnival is a medium-variance slot with an RTP of 95.6% that is packed with enriching bonuses such as bonus wheels and free spins. With these features and the regular base game wins, you can win up to 1,000x your stake. Here, the fun does not stop as long as you keep marking off the right symbols.

The Slingo Carnival slot has a wide bet range that goes as low as 0.10 and as high as 100. This accommodates players of different levels and enables you to win the highest payouts when you make the max bet.

Slingo Fluffy Favorites

Many Slingo titles are inspired by popular video slots. In this case, Slingo Originals borrowed a leaf from the pages of Eyecon’s Fluffy Favorites. This spin-off introduces Slingo mechanics with features and premium symbols that allow wins of up to 2,500x your bet. While the game maintains a cute, cartoonish design, its bonuses are pretty serious.

Players can trigger the Hook-a-Fluffy, Coin Pusher and Toybox Pick bonus games. Paired with the game’s RTP of 95.30%, the Slingo Fluffy Favorites slot exposes players to very big odds.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

This game brings the popular Irish luck theme to a Slingo title with exciting twists. First, the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot has an RTP of 95.60%. Slingo Rainbow Riches also adopts many of the features from the original slot that inspired it. Bonus features include Wishing Well, Cash Crop and Pots of Gold, all of which are also available on the popular Rainbow Riches slot.

With this bouquet of attractive attributes, this game offers increased winning chances and an exciting experience. As with most Slingo slots, the gameplay involves climbing up the bonus ladder by completing Slingo lines. The playing field features a 5-reel, single-row slot and a 5×5 bingo grid with star symbols.

Tips for winning big in Slingo Slots 

With the simple gameplay of Slingo Slots, it is easy to assume that these games boil down to pressing the spin button and allowing the in-built random number generator to do the rest. However, there are several strategies and tips that you can apply to influence the gameplay:

Buy extra spins with care

Many of these Slingo titles include the Buy option, allowing players to buy extra spins. For instance, if you’re one number away from a full house, you can purchase additional spins for a chance to hit that number. Just remember that you need to analyze the risks and potential rewards and only take this option if it’s worth it. Also, don’t be tempted to go over your budget. You should only take the option if it’s within your bankroll capacity.

Use the Joker Wilds judiciously

Players can land Joker Wilds on the spinning reel in these Slingo Slots. This unique character adds a twist to the game as they can substitute for any number and mark them off on the grid. At this point, it’s up to you to figure out the best numbers to choose for substitution. Ideally, players should use the Joker Wilds on lines closest to completion.

Opt for games with special features

A lot of Slingo Slots offer special features, which help boost the winning odds. Some of these bonuses introduce new gameplay levels; where you only need to land special symbols on the reels. Although it is impossible to tell when the bonus games will be activated, you can know which games have special features by just checking out the information section. For this reason, among others, it’s highly advised to always check the paytable before playing.

Do not get carried away

Like any other casino game, Slingo Slots should be played primarily for fun. The potential real money returns should be an added perk. Once the primary goal becomes making money, there is a tendency to make some bad decisions, like chasing losses or putting more at stake after wins.

This is why players should practice bankroll management, as this is the first step to responsible gaming. Essentially, you should dedicate separate funds to your gaming activities, ensuring it’s an amount you can afford to lose. Most importantly, you should stick to your bankroll limit whether you win or lose.


Can I get free spins on Slingo Slots?

Yes, a lot of the games in this category have free spins to offer. You get free spins at the start of each round to carry you through the gameplay. You can also win additional free spins during the game or buy them at the end of the round at an extra cost. Many online casinos also offer free spins as part of their welcome offer.

Are Slingo games the same as video slots?

No, Slingo Slots are a hybrid of bingo and video slots. They are usually a product of rebranding existing slot titles and infusing the Slingo mechanics and other additions. Despite the difference in gameplay and game design, these two game categories are equally interesting.

Which software provider is responsible for Slingo Slots?

Slingo Originals is the leading developer responsible for most of these games. However, credit must be given to the studios responsible for the original video slots these Slingo titles stem from.

How do I play a Slingo Slot?

These games usually have a 5×5 bingo grid and a single reel beneath that generates random numbers as well as special symbols. Players complete Slingo lines or make wins by marking off numbers on the bingo grid with the ones on the reel. The more Slingo lines you complete, the higher you climb up the bonus ladder.

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