How to host a casino themed party

If you’re thinking of hosting a casino party, you may already have some ideas about how you’ll organize it and how the theme will play out for you. However, there may be some things you haven’t thought of. Take a look at our casino party ideas to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

A casino party can be a great idea for a bridal shower, bachelor party, engagement, anniversary or birthday party. It can also be a great fundraiser idea for a charity or cause, or just a fun get-together with friends, family or colleagues. One big advantage of a casino party is that if the guests don’t know each other very well, those “icebreaker” games are already built in. Try out our casino party ideas at home to host your own themed party, whatever you’re celebrating. 

Use casino colors

There are a few colors we tend to associate with casinos: red, black, white, green and gold come to mind. Black and red particularly evoke the classic roulette wheel or a pack of cards. Many casino tables have a green background, and green is of course the color associated with money. You may want to look at the casino party games you’ll be setting up first, then plan to feature the colors in those with your décor, partyware and even food choices. 

Affordable party decorations, such as balloons, streamers, bunting and confetti, chosen in the right colors, will really set the mood. Keep the color scheme going throughout the night, building it into everything from the tableware to the party favors. You might even want to consider a red carpet and a themed, color-coordinated backdrop for photos.

Set up your casino games

A casino party means casino games, but exactly how you set yours up is up to you. You’ll want to create a look that is as close to a real casino as possible, so study the casino floor at your local casino, in movies or online and try and set up the tables in a similar way. How far you go will depend on your budget. 

You can make your own game tables or buy accessories online to help you create them. You’ll find casino party games and accessories, such as roulette wheels and poker sets, for sale online. You can also buy giant felt cloth coverings that mimic real casino game layouts that you can lay over the top of tables. 

Make sure you order everything well in advance as you will probably have to play around with all the accessories, fitting them to the tables and other surfaces you have available. Some experimenting will be needed to make sure it all looks just right and works from a practical point of view. 

While you can use regular card decks and dice for games such as blackjack, baccarat and craps, you may want to invest in some novelty items such as oversize dice or a dealer’s shoe to shuffle the cards. 

You’ll also need to buy some casino chips. Bear in mind that a poker set, for example, will usually come with chips included. Casino party games you might want to consider include roulette, poker, craps and blackjack. Check out Resorts Casino online for some casino game inspiration.

Lastly, you’ll need to think about your dealers and croupiers. Are you going to hire someone to man each table or can you, as the host, along with friends and family, get involved? Again, this will depend on your budget and whether this is a formal party or a fun get-together with close friends and family. 

While thinking about staffing, you may also want to think about food and beverage servers. It will add to the casino atmosphere if you can have serving staff delivering cocktails and other drinks to the players at the table. 

Get some casino-party-themed entertainment

The casino games are the entertainment, of course, but to give your party a true Vegas feel, you could also consider hiring other entertainment, such as a live band or singer, DJ, comedian, dancers, mimes, or other performers. You could even go wild and bring in some real Las Vegas-style entertainment such as circus performers, showgirls, a hypnotist, or a magician. 

You’ll also want to think about music, whether you’re hiring a band, singer or DJ, or simply putting together a themed casino party playlist. A few classic Bond theme songs will help set the scene. You could also consider casino-themed songs in different styles and genres, perhaps for different stages of the night. Your casino party playlist might include: 

  • “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga
  • “Viva Las Vegas” – Elvis Presley
  • “The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers
  • “Luck Be a Lady” – Frank Sinatra
  • “Tumbling Dice” – Rolling Stones
  • “Waking Up in Vegas” – Katy Perry 
  • “Money Money Money” – Abba
  • “Money (That’s What I Want)” – Barrett Strong

Depending on the style of party you’re going for, you could also incorporate casino-themed movies, either as part of the main entertainment or maybe as a backdrop to the action. Consider James Bond movies such as Casino Royale, casino heist movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, or other well-known gambling movies such as The Sting, The Color of Money or The Card Counter

Consider the dress code

While we might associate casinos with a black-tie kind of dress code, that’s certainly not always the case, especially not with resort casinos. So, if you have a dress code in mind, make sure you let your guests know and give them time to source an outfit. You can go super formal, keep it casual or add in a costume party element with a casino, gambling or Vegas theme. 

Make sure there’s a great place for people to get pictures of themselves in their outfits, maybe against a casino-themed backdrop or under a color-coordinated balloon arch. You can also consider renting a photo booth.

Tie the food and drink to the theme

A night at the casino lends itself to a buffet rather than a sit-down meal, so consider something simple that people can visit at their convenience between games. Servers bringing drinks and canapes to the players at their tables will also give your party a true casino vibe. 

Consider creating at least some color-themed food, such as red and white cupcakes or maybe a playing-card-themed cake. You could also consider using playing cards or poker chips as dessert toppers, icing cookies that look like playing chips, or brownies that look like dominoes.

You’ll need to consider drinks as well, and for a casino night, you’ll definitely want to serve some cocktails and mocktails. The classic James Bond (a shaken-not-stirred martini) should be on the list, along with margaritas, daiquiris, mai tais and mojitos. You can always give your drinks some casino-themed names as well. Why not serve a Gambler’s Ghost-ini, a Lucky Lady Liberty or a Poker Face Pimms?

Pay attention to the details

There’s really no aspect of your party that you can’t tie into the casino party theme. Consider incorporating playing cards, chips and iconic casino imagery into everything from your invitations to your party favors. Find some posters from casino movies for the walls, roll out a red carpet, go Vegas style on the furniture, buy or make some huge dice to use as extra seating, or build your own Sphynx or other iconic Las Vegas landmark. 

The only limit is your own imagination and, of course, your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, look at what you can make yourself or consider asking guests for help. You could, for example, ask everyone to bring a casino-themed food item and even offer a prize (or extra playing chips) for the most creative one.

Don’t fall foul of the law

As you’re probably aware, there are various laws and regulations that control gambling activities that vary from state to state, so it’s fair enough to have concerns about it. However, legal restrictions generally only apply to commercial events. They won’t usually be relevant to private casino party games at home with friends and family. On the other hand, if you’re renting a venue or raising money for charity, you may need to check what the best practices are for your situation. 

For charity events, for example, some organizers will have the ticket price include a certain number of chips. Guests with the most chips at the end of the night might win a non-cash prize (which will usually be something donated to the charity). The money from the tickets then goes to the charity. 

You can always check with local authorities if you have any concerns about organizing an event that involves gambling, but generally, private events are viewed very differently from commercial ones.

Whatever the size, budget and reason for your themed casino party, we hope you like some of our casino party ideas. It’s a great theme with a ton of possibilities and lots of opportunities for fun, glitz and glamor for you and all your guests.


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