It’s board game night. You’re in the mood for an epic battle with friends. You reach into the closet where you stash your board games and there it is — Monopoly. You haven’t played in years, but the time to build an empire is now.

So you grab a stepstool, climb up the two rungs, pull down the Monopoly box, and bring it over to the dining room table. And there it is — Monopoly in all its glory. Yeah right. You wish. Partial glory is more like it. 

Something’s happened to the board. The pieces are all over the place, some are missing, there’s not enough money, and for some bizarre reason the dice are nowhere to be found. Perhaps it was the result of a quick cleanup after a board flip. Or maybe someone with a lack of respect for the world’s greatest board game decided to use the green house for something nefarious. Either way, Monopoly night is ruined.

Not so fast. When it comes to Monopoly, doesn’t leave you hanging. We’ve got three great Monopoly-themed games worth playing right now. To be clear, these are online slots, not board games. But you’ll find your favorite game pieces, cards, and board game elements in each one, so come play.


his really popular online slot swaps the traditional five reels that are present in a lot of other online slots with something a little more epic. Yup, we’re talking two sets of reels, which means an even bigger chance to build your virtual real estate empire and get paid big in the process.


This one might look simple at first glance, but don’t be fooled. Each spin offers you the chance to feel like you’re owning the board. All your favorite game pieces are in this one, plus there’s a Big Bet feature that could lead to even bigger payouts.


Why just bust the house when you can bring it down? This online slot is one of the most popular Monopoly online casino games around. And for good reason. Houses literally fall from the top of the screen, leading to victories of all sizes.

You can play these three Monopoly online slots right now at All it takes is your free account, so log in and play. New to Create your account and let game night begin.

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