As one of the leading operators in the industry, Resorts Casino aims to be a one-stop shop for all casino needs in New Jersey. The online casino offers play real money roulette, offering high quality of its gaming services.

As far as roulettes go, Resorts Casino offers the performance you would expect in a top-notch casino. To get started enjoying our roulette tables, you first need to download the app to access our games. 


Smartphone and tablet users will be in luck as they can access their Resorts Casino online player accounts directly from their mobile devices. Both apps support all the major functionalities of the casino’s offerings, including the various game types, support channels, banking, and certain bonus claiming segments. 

With well over 300 casino games on the Resorts Online Casino app, there is even more to explore. This is also more than enough to meet players’ expectations and overall experience. 


Ready to start your online experience at To begin, all it takes is to register your free account to get started, which only requires a few minutes of your time. 

Once you are set up, you can use your new account to play for real money on whatever device is comfortable for you. This includes your PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet from anywhere you like in New Jersey. 

For a more detailed description of joining, you can simply follow these seven steps to get started:

  • Click on the JOIN NOW button. It is right at the top of the home page. Hopefully, you will see it because it will be hard to miss it.
  • Enter your email address and then confirm it. You will need to set a password, one that will be hard to guess but one that you can remember. Make sure the password is at least eight characters long and contains at least one number. When you are done with that, click on Next.
  • This is where you will enter your personal information. You will need to enter things such as your name, gender, and date of birth. You also need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Your social security number is required by the state, but they take extra precautions to make sure your information remains safe and secure. When you have completed that part, click on Next.
  • Enter your primary contact information. This is for your current address to verify your identity, and they promise never to share it with a third party. When you have finished that, click on Next.
  • Now, this is the part to select a few security questions and to provide them with answers that only you would know. These questions will help just in case you need to reset your password if you forgot it. Now is also the perfect time to enter a Bonus Code if you have one ready. When you are done, read the three declarations and check the boxes if you agree to them. You are almost to the action and to get started with your casino experience. Before you make your deposit here shortly, double-check to make sure you have the correct information, and you are prepared to enter your numbers. Then, simply click on Register Details.

    You have finally made it and are good to go. Now you are ready to play as many online casino games to your liking. You can now enjoy real money gaming at from anywhere in the comfort of New Jersey.

Still needing some help? Support is standing by to get things sorted. Contact them 24/7 by clicking the Live Support icon on the bottom left of your screen on their page. 

A custom image with a black background a large text which says "Get a first deposit match of up to $500!, Play roulette today with and an image of a red roulette wheel at the centre bottom


The app for all Android operated devices is available right from the Google Play Store. Users of devices that run on an iOS operative system can get it at the Apple App Store. Once you have downloaded the app and make an account, you can follow the steps outlined above to make your first deposit.

You can visit the Resorts Casino to make a deposit or withdrawal from your account. 


Resorts Casino has a wide variety of roulette games. Each one is different and unique in their own right and provides a betting opportunity for just about everyone. 

The wide selection in roulette will offer players from all over to find the one they love. The following are the most popular options for roulette:

American roulette

American roulette is among one of the table games that are enjoyed the most and have the greatest popularity in casinos throughout the United States. The game tends to become increasingly popular at casinos in Asia and the United Kingdom but is somehow avoided by players in Europe because their focus is primarily on the European version of roulette.

Classic Roulette

If unfamiliar with Classic Roulette or confused with other variations, it is a fixed-odds betting game. The Roulette wheel has 37 numbered slots, ranging from 0 to 36, each of which has the option to be bet on. 

The wheel is then spun in one direction, and a ball is spun in the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will then land in one of the numbered slots mentioned above. If you bet on the numbered slot the ball has landed in, you will win the payout.

Most Roulette games are variations of classic roulette, so it is important to know the differences before playing. As such, all of them will have very similar styles and operations. 

French roulette

It would not hurt if you could brush up on your French, because you are going on a virtual trip to France to play French Roulette. You do not have to speak French to win at this single-zero roulette variation. 

However, it would be wise if you know words like Manque, Impair, and Passe since that will definitely help. Take a seat wherever you are, as your chaise is waiting for you.

Lightning Roulette 

Wanting to strike it rich with all the electrifying payouts that are second to none? Take a shot and play Lightning Roulette to experience a Live Dealer Roulette that has not been supercharged. 

This variation has all of your favorite bets plus extra chances to hit it big with Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. Once you play Lightning roulette, it is guaranteed to sit on the top of your list for a new favorite.

European Roulette

Do not fret about hopping across the Atlantic to enjoy this one. European Roulette by Netent is available to play right in New Jersey whenever you find yourself in the mood. 

If you have played American Roulette before, the Euro flavor is a lot like it since it is another variation. The main difference to look for is that there is no double zero.

3 wheel roulette

3 Wheel Roulette offers you three times the excitement of a traditional Roulette game. Veterans of the classic roulette versions and others such as European Roulette or French Roulette will find a familiarity in the betting surface of 3 Wheel Roulette. 

The standard layout of 36 number options in red and black is present, as is the green zero typical on European Roulette wheels. The main difference that you will find here is that the game is played with three wheels rather than one. 

You read that correctly. What looks like a single wheel actually contains the three concentric circles. All this does in terms of gameplay, is to give players three chances to land their bets instead of one chance. 

This enhanced option does not come for free, of course. All bets placed will also now be tripled. A $5 bet on red now costs $15, and so on. What you are essentially doing now when you play 3 Wheel Roulette online is you are playing three games of roulette at the same time.

Live Dealer Roulette

It is time for you to win big at roulette with a real experience. Live Dealer Roulette is available and with a real dealer, but be sure to check the specific times to be able to enjoy this experience. 

The live dealer will be taking bets and spinning the Roulette wheel, which will make you feel like you are playing at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. The only thing missing is the beautiful Atlantic Ocean outside of your kitchen window, unless you happen to be right next to it anyway.

Live Auto Roulette

Are you still craving some live Roulette action, but at any time of the day? Then you can hit up the Live American Auto Roulette, which is a live version of roulette that spins automatically without the need for a croupier. 

It is broadcast from the casino floor at the Resorts Casino Hotel, and it features players at the casino and players at home. It really gives the feeling just like being there. This feature is sure to leave you spinning in excitement. 


You can make deposits by clicking the link on the website, deposit any time from your desktop, mobile or tablet, or you can visit them at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City and deposit at their cage.

Ready to start in on the action? You can see the many easy to use deposit and withdrawal options listed below:

VIP Preferred

When you want to start in the game quickly, VIP Preferred is an eCheck/ACH partner, is the best bet. This process is a quick and easy method to deposit and withdraw funds from your bank account. 

You do not have to miss out on the great ResortsCasino promos. You can simply deposit and play right away.


As one of the most common payment methods for buying things online, it is also available to use for ResortsCasino deposits and withdrawals. All you need is a personal US PayPal account to get started. Keep in mind that Premier and Business accounts will not work for this. 


Do you love the flexibility in credit cards and want to have total control over your money? Then you are going to enjoy the benefits of the new ResortsCard.

The ResortsCard is just like a prepaid card, but only better. You can use it to shop anywhere a Discover is accepted, both online and offline. Unlike a regular prepaid card, you can also get this card to get paid when you win games online.

Simply load your ResortsCard using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or even your bank account. Then you can use your loaded card to deposit to your ResortsCasino account. When you win, you can get paid quickly by withdrawing your money back to your ResortsCard.

Online Bank Transfer

Depositing with Online Banking is one of the fastest, safest, and easiest to use. As long as you have the bill pay feature set up in your online banking account, you can make instant deposits to your ResortsCasino account. Best of all, for people concerned with this, no credit card is required.

MasterCard or Visa

Simply make a deposit while using your favorite credit cards. 

Casino Cage


Once you have made a deposit, check out the details to claim the full extent of it. Sign up today at and take advantage of the 100% match welcome bonus, worth up to $1,000 in bonus dollars.

Resorts’ deposit bonus is subject to a 20X wagering requirement on slot games, and a 100X requirement when playing table games, roulette or video poker. 

So, for example, if you deposited $50, you would receive $50 in bonus cash. To fully unveil your bonus funds for use, you would need to wager $1,000 at slots, or $5,000 at table games, roulette or video poker.

Lucky for you, Roulette options for this casino are abundant. 

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