Advanced baccarat strategy to level up your play

Keen casino goers who love to play a little baccarat are always looking for the next baccarat playing strategy to give them an edge at the card tables. Regular players agree that it’s not easy to devise a baccarat strategy system because this is a game of chance, where luck plays a huge part in the outcome. There are, however, a few strategies players might want to consider when managing their baccarat bankroll and placing their wagers in the game. Today we’ll look at some baccarat strategies that will help you bet strategically and make your bankroll last longer. 

Golden eagle baccarat strategy

The Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy was reportedly created by a Chinese mathematician named Ri Chang. This basic baccarat strategy involves an offense mode, used when the player is on a winning streak, and a defense mode used when the player is losing. While winning, the player increases the amount of their wager with each round until they experience their first loss. Once a loss occurs, the player reverts to placing small wagers again until they win, when they switch back into offense mode. 

It should be noted that this does not affect your chances of winning or losing. Its aim is to help players manage their bankroll and stretch it out to give them more time at the table. This strategy can be used in different game variants and is commonly used in mini baccarat and punto banco.

 Baccarat attack strategy

The Baccarat Attack Strategy also focuses on increasing your bet under winning conditions but is a more advanced baccarat strategy. The strategy consists of four different bet types that players can use at different stages of the game.

  • The starter bet is the first bet you make and is the minimum bet needed to enter the game. This is set by the casino and may be as low as $1 at some online casinos.
  • The trigger bet is your second bet; at this point, you always wager double whatever the starting bet was. 
  • Now the attack bet comes in, but only if you win the trigger bet. Attack betting means you lower your wager to half of the trigger bet and slowly increase the amount with each subsequent wager if you keep winning.
  • If you lose the trigger bet or experience a loss while in attack betting mode, you move to the retrenchment bet and start consistently increasing your bet with each round, adding the amount of the starter bet to subsequent wagers.

With this strategy, you also switch where you place your bets with each round. That is, you start by betting on the banker and then back the player in the next round, and continue throughout the game, betting on a different side each round.

 Baccarat pattern strategy

A Baccarat Pattern Strategy is based on recognizing and leveraging certain patterns in the game and betting accordingly. Of course, there are no guarantees that the game will follow a pattern, but this baccarat odds strategy is based on the “law of averages.” Some players insist that you can recognize a pattern that will help you place winning bets by paying careful attention to how the game plays out. 

However, to even attempt this means you need lots of samples of past outcomes in the game, and many point out that the law of averages itself is a bit of a myth and certainly not an actual mathematical law. Professional baccarat players don’t put much faith in pattern recognition in baccarat, and it is likely that those players who insist they can spot patterns are simply getting lucky and then having their own bias confirmed by a random win.

Baccarat tie bet strategy

Most players agree that one baccarat strategy to follow is a very simple one. Don’t bet on a tie. A tie is a very unlikely outcome, and the tie bet has a very high house edge of 14.4%. With both the banker and player bet being close to a 50/50 outcome, tie bets are simply not worth including in your baccarat betting strategy, even though they pay out at a much higher rate than either banker or player bets. Understanding tie bet can help you see it’s the right kind of strategy for you.

Baccarat card counting strategy

Pictures showcases a round baccarat table. Then the Baccarat card values, Ace cards = 1,

Card counting may work in other games and is particularly popular in blackjack. Knowing whether the cards left in the deck are mostly high or mostly low can give you a statistical advantage when deciding whether to hit or stand. With baccarat, you’re aiming to get as close to nine as possible, and higher numbers are recalculated to give you a single-digit number. Hence, card counting is not generally considered a good strategy in baccarat.

 What is the most common pattern in baccarat

Many players swear there is a set pattern they can discern in baccarat, such as when the player or banker has a long winning streak or when the player and banker seem to be alternating between winning and losing on each hand. By all means, bet according to these patterns if you want to. Be aware that each outcome really is random, and you technically have the same chance of winning as if you had picked randomly without considering the pattern.

 Difference between basic and advanced strategies

With all the different baccarat strategies available to you, you may be wondering which to try. Some, such as the attack strategy, are more advanced than others and certainly take more of your mental energy to follow. Advanced strategies require learning more rules and keeping more information in your head, so they are more challenging to employ, especially while you’re still getting used to playing the game. It is usually a good idea to start with more basic baccarat strategies and work your way up. Want to try out your casino baccarat strategy today? Play Baccarat at Resorts Casino for real money.

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