What is RTP in Blackjack?

One common element in casino games is the Return to Player ratio, which is an estimation of the amount players can expect to win from any game in the long run. Fortunately, blackjack RTP is among the highest, so this category of casino games offers significant winning opportunities.

This write-up takes a deep dive into online blackjack RTP, all the factors influencing this value and how it compares to the RTPs of other online casino games. Nonetheless, these games are not like video slots, as even with the best blackjack RTP, players’ skills and decisions on the table remain paramount. 

What is blackjack RTP, and why is it important?

The primary question here is, what is RTP? As earlier suggested, RTP is a theoretical value that tells you how generous a game is. For instance, an RTP of 95% indicates that with over $10,000 worth of blackjack bets, players should win back about $9,500 while the casino gains the difference. 

Although this is a long-run concept, a common casino gaming tip is to play games with higher RTPs. The element of chance doesn’t allow any guarantee for winning, but you stand a better chance when you play a game that is designed to pay better.

However, with games like blackjack, the RTP is not always a fixed figure as it varies with players’ choices. So, while blackjack games have some of the highest RTPs in comparison to other games such as slots and roulette, the decisions you make while playing and your skill level can drastically affect your odds of winning.

It’s also worth noting that different blackjack variants have different RTPs, which you should consider before staking in any of these games.

RTP in the different variations of blackjack

The game of blackjack has been around for a very long time, and numerous versions are now available at online casinos. Below are some of these popular variations and their RTPs.

Single-deck blackjack – 99.75%

As the name suggests, this is a type of blackjack played with just one deck of cards. Playing with only a single deck makes it easier for players to predict the cards that will come up next.

Multi-hand blackjack – 99.60%

This is a popular blackjack variation where players can use as many hands as they want. This game increases your chances of landing a winner.

Blackjack switch – 99.27%

In this variation, invented in 2009, players are dealt two hands and can ‘switch’ the top two cards between hands.

Double-exposure blackjack – 99.33%

This variation is similar to classic blackjack. The difference is that players can see the dealer’s two cards, which are dealt face-up (exposed) throughout the game round.

Blackjack surrender – 99.62%

This is like any other blackjack game but with the unique option of surrendering. If you do surrender, you get half of your original wager as a refund.

21 burn blackjack – 99.40%

This is an exciting variation of blackjack where players get three cards – two face-up and one face-down. Besides the standard blackjack actions, this variation comes with an additional burn option, where you increase your wager by 50%, after which you must replace the second card with the face-down one.

Pontoon – 99.64%

Pontoon rules are significantly different from classic blackjack. For starters, the dealer’s two cards are both dealt face-down, and players must hit on a hand of 14 or less. There are also differing terminologies. Here, a perfect blackjack is called a pontoon; a hit is called a twist, etc.

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Blackjack RTP and strategy

There are numerous blackjack strategy charts out there. In fact, basic blackjack strategy cards are often allowed at land-based casinos to enable players to make the best decision at any point in the game. For the more experienced players, there are several advanced blackjack strategies, including somewhat prohibited ones like card counting.

No matter the kind of strategy, RTP plays a significant role. This is because building a game plan starts with choosing the right game to play. RTP is a defining factor that differentiates these games from one another. More so, having a fair knowledge of the RTP on a casino online game can help determine the perfect approach to staking and managing your bankroll. 

What RTP can you expect playing blackjack online?

Among the numerous casino games, blackjack has one of the highest RTPs on average. Here, players should expect to find games with RTPs in the neighborhood of 99.60%. However, as stated earlier, there are some factors that can influence this value like the blackjack variation and players’ choices while playing since different bets can increase or decrease your odds. Nonetheless, the RTP of any blackjack variations will still be higher than that of an average online slot. 

Note that these RTPs are theoretical values and function based on probability. To have a concrete understanding of the payout potential, you can try out the demo versions of your preferred blackjack games before you bet for real. 

Relationship between RTP and house edge

You’ll find that blackjack payouts are mostly explained from the perspective of the house edge rather than RTP. The house edge is another important index that influences a player’s chances in a blackjack game. It is defined as the casino’s long-term mathematical advantage over players. 

Does that mean players cannot win in these blackjack games?

No, you can indeed win if you make smart bets. In this game, the goal should be to cut down your losses with a good strategy to ensure that you win more than you lose. Besides, the casino only takes a certain amount from each player’s bet in each round, so it’s possible to get lucky and win significantly more than you have wagered.

With that said, the RTP and house edge are basically crucial statistical values with opposite connotations. While the RTP suggests the ratio of wins to stakes that players can expect, the house edge shows the average loss players should anticipate while playing. As such, it is possible to calculate the house edge from the RTP with the formula: house edge = 100% – RTP. 

Best RTP blackjack games

There are numerous blackjack games in the casino space, and each of them usually has different RTPs. One thing is sure, the higher the RTP, the higher the chances of players making wins. Below are some of the blackjack games with the best RTPs you can find on Resorts Casino:

  • Blackjack Xchange 
  • 21 + 3 Progressive Blackjack
  • Multihand Blackjack Surrender


RTP in blackjack varies depending on the type of blackjack game you play. However, these figures are generally well above the 99% mark, which puts the house edge at less than 1%. Such a low casino advantage makes it easier for players to win, and this game is precisely one of the highest paying on the market.

Author: Tanya Fields

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