Online casinos are an established phenomenon within the gambling arena. Despite this confirmed virtual presence, many people still doubt the legitimate safety of online gambling and frequently question if an online casino is safe.

This article answers the question of “Are online casionos where the notion of rigged online casinos comes from and how to distinguish between a safe online casino and a possible scam.

Are all online casinos rigged?

Online casinos, like any other business, want to make a profit. Legitimate and reputable online casinos want their players to enjoy their gambling experience with the assurance that their online casinos are safe.

Many conspiracies, such as online casino roulette is rigged’ or ‘online casino blackjack is rigged’, exist on the premise that online casino players seldom or never win. Although there are unlicensed casinos and online casino scams preying on unwary victims, legitimate online casinos are not rigged.

A safe and secure online casino is licensed and regulated. This means that the online casino is legally registered with and monitored by a gambling authority such as the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

These regulatory bodies conduct audits and tests to ensure game fairness and random number generation. Safe online casinos in the USA are legal and have solid reputations.

Algorithms determine the random output of games, ensuring fairness and safe online casino games. These random number generators (RNGs) ensure safe online casino slots and table games. RGNs, for example, stop online casino live roulette tables being rigged.

You should only sign up with safe online casino sites. A safe and secure online casino will display its legality and regulatory affiliations on the homepage. Therefore, we can confidently assure you that there are safe online casinos.

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Why people think online casinos are rigged

People tend to look for patterns in everything. Once an online slot or table game repeats certain outcomes, people think that the online live casino is rigged or that the online casino slots are rigged. Few consider randomness and outcome probabilities.

These opinions are unfounded. The result of one play – whether it be on a slot machine or a table game such as roulette – does not depend on the previous play. Unusual outcomes, such as the roulette ball landing on the same number five times in a row, are rare but can occur.

When wondering how safe online casinos are, you should keep this principle of probability in mind. Something might seem impossible but is, in fact, probable no matter how unlikely the repeated outcome appears.

Casinos have the house edge

Still wondering whether online casino games are rigged? Players should keep in mind that all casinos, whether land-based or online, have the house edge. This is the mathematical or statistical advantage of a casino over a period of time.

This does not mean that an online casino is rigged. It merely ensures that the house retains a certain percentage of returns and players lose a certain percentage of their wagers. Therefore, an online casino, as a business venture, will pay out less in wins than what it makes in losses.

The house edge applies to all casino games. These include roulette, blackjack and slot machines. Players who lose can quickly jump to conclusions and spread the word that online casino slots are rigged. However, it’s all about where you place your wagers. Some win where others lose.

Can online casinos be rigged?

Unregulated and blacklisted online casinos can be rigged. You should, however, keep in mind that online gambling is an established industry and there are stringent laws and regulatory requirements in place.

Rigged online casinos and gambling scams are therefore a rare occurrence, but you can still fall victim if you don’t do some background checks.

  • Is online gambling legal in your state? As previously mentioned, not all states in the US approve online gambling.
  • Is your chosen online casino licensed and regulated? This information is usually at the bottom of the casino’s homepage. The regulatory authority, awards and acknowledgments, and other official information, such as support groups for gambling addictions, will be indicated.
  • Scan blacklists containing online casino sites red-flagged as rigged gambling establishments.
  • Read reviews and stick to the recommended online casinos to ensure that you register with a safe online casino for real money.

Is it safe to play at an online casino?

Absolutely. If you are diligent in your background checks and register an account with a licensed and regulated online casino, you are on your way to having an enjoyable gambling experience.

Keep the above tips and advice in mind. As with any form of gambling, luck and risks are part of the game. Losing money does not automatically mean that an online casino is rigged.

Author: Tanya Fields

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