The importance of online gaming security at Resorts Casino

Online Gaming security is arguably the second most important concern for online casinos after attracting clients. Online transactions, by nature, are vulnerable. Businesses may create what they may consider an airtight security system, but so long as someone can write smarter code that can rip through the layers of security, transactions are vulnerable and can be corrupted. 

Casinos spend huge amounts of money to protect their online gaming activity. If they didn’t, they would lose clients and a significant part of their revenue as a result.

Resorts Casino is no different. It is one of the most popular New Jersey casinos, and it attracts a lot of online gambling clientele. The casino offers hundreds of slots and other online games, and has paid out millions of dollars in winnings over the years. 

Online players continue to visit Resorts Casino because they are guaranteed gaming security and online gaming privacy. They know that their bets are safe and their winnings will be deposited into their accounts as promised. 

Play safely with Resorts Casino

This popular New Jersey casino opened its doors more than 40 years ago and has gained plenty of experience in providing security to its clients over the years. 

Although online gaming is a more recent addition, management draws on its long experience to make sure that players are secure at all times. Resorts Casino is NJDGE (New Jersey Divisions of Gaming Enforcement) approved. No matter where players are, they have access to reliable support.

To understand how Resorts Casino guarantees online security, we will look at some of the features that it uses. These include 2FA or two-factor authentication, which is a vital extra layer of security needed for safe gaming. We will also look at the company’s commitment to the safety of personal information. 

2FA: Extra layer of security you need for safe gaming

User identification is vital in most online transactions, not just gaming security. It is considered the best practice in reducing identity and payment fraud. Crucially, it helps protect the casino as well as the client.

We all encounter 2FA from time to time. If you have ever tried to log into an account (your bank is a good example) and they sent a verification code to your mobile phone, the site is using a type of two-factor authentication. In a nutshell, this refers to a verification process where the user must present two different identification factors to prove who they are. 

For example, if a hacker has figured out a password for an account, when they try to log in, they will be asked to enter a code that has been sent to the mobile device of the owner. 

This complicates things for the would-be hacker. Not only would they have to figure out what the phone number of the user is, but they would also have to find a way to get into the device and read its messages. This is a process that could take weeks or months, and the payout isn’t usually worth the effort. 

The logic behind 2FA is rather simple. If hackers have to go through a large number of hoops before they can break into an account, then it isn’t worth it. The more complicated authentication is, the harder it is for corrupt elements to figure out what they need to do to break it. 

Three types of 2FA are commonly used:

  • Something that the user knows, such as a username and a password.
  • Something that only the user has, such as a one-time verification code received on their phone.
  • Something that the user is, such as a fingerprint. Advanced systems often use other complex biometrics like facial recognition or retinal scans. 

Most systems use the first two. The username and password are the basic layer of security, and the one-time verification code sent to the user’s mobile device provides an additional layer. 

In online gaming, 2FA is used to prevent phishing attacks, brute force attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks.

When you create an account at Resorts Casino, you are asked to provide a username and password. Each time you log into a game, you will be sent a unique verification code on your phone that you need to enter into the site to be granted access. The code is treated as a second password that can only be used once, usually within a few seconds, and is verified by the casino server before the gamer is granted access. 

Gaming platforms use 2FA for three reasons:

  • Casinos collect a lot of personal information, and this is exactly what malicious actors need to access accounts. If this information should fall into the wrong hands, it can lead to catastrophic losses. Clients would quit the casino for fear of compromise, and no doubt lawsuits would follow. It would be hard to attract new clientele because no one wants to game on a platform that could potentially compromise them. 
  • Gaming regulation and licensing authorities have made it mandatory for casinos to use these types of measures to protect their clients. It protects consumers and reduces fraud in the industry. 
  • Casinos have come to appreciate that using 2FA reduces the number of support requests that they handle every day. It frees up employees to focus on more important tasks. 

Setting up 2FA on Resorts Casino is easy. When you create an account, you are asked to select your preferred form of authentication. You have the choice between receiving a code on your mobile phone and using an authenticator app. 

You will only be required to get a new 2FA every 13 days or if you use a new device to log into your account. 

This added layer of security for Resorts Casino works because it uses the phone number that you registered when setting up your account. 

For someone to get around it, they would need to hack into your phone and read your messages within 30 seconds of receiving the verification code. This is rather difficult to do. 

If you need to change the phone number on your account, you can visit the Strong Authentication page under “My Account.” If you have any difficulties or notice unusual activity, contact the support team immediately.

If you opt for an authenticator app, the process is a little more complicated. There are several reliable authenticator apps on the market, and Resorts Casino recommends that gamers use either Google Authenticator if they log in through their mobile phone, or if they use a Windows or Mac computer. 

Each time you log into your account, the app will send a six-digit code to your phone to enter on the website. If you enter it in correctly, you will be redirected to your account. 

For additional online gaming privacy, Resorts Casino also uses Strong Authentication in addition to 2FA. On every login, this feature sends a unique code to your phone via text message or the authenticator app. 

To enable this feature, make sure that your phone number is current. You can change it by visiting “My Account.” Under “Login Details,” click on “Strong Authentication.” You will be provided the option to use or not use Strong Authentication. Click on “Use Strong Authentication” to activate this additional layer of security. 

Once it is activated, each time you log into your account, you will receive a text message with a four-digit code that you should enter on the site when prompted. 

If you encounter any obstacles along the way or suspect unauthorized activity on your account, you should contact the Resorts Casino support team right away. 

Resorts Casino’s commitment to personal info safety

Every internet user wants to know whether their personal information is safe, and Resorts Casino has done everything necessary to make sure that their client information is never compromised. 

It uses industry best practices to safeguard whatever information you submit when you sign up. Your gaming history is also safe. No one can access your account to see what online gambling games you play, how long you play or who you play with. The casino has invested in state-of-the-art servers to protect client data.

However, there are certain basic precautions you should use to make sure that your account doesn’t have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. 

Make sure that you have a strong password that isn’t obvious. If your password is your mother’s name or your spouse’s name and their birthday, it can be breached. Look for unique and hard-to-guess passwords. You can use a password generator to generate random, complex passwords. 

Don’t share your gaming account with others. Whatever login credentials you share with them can fall into the wrong hands and facilitate unauthorized access. You also shouldn’t share your banking information with anyone. 

The whole point of online casinos is to allow players to access their favorite games from anywhere, but you shouldn’t use public computers. They are like catnip for hackers, and they collect a lot of personal information using public Wi-Fi networks. 

If you play in your local coffee house or library, install a VPN on your device to obfuscate your details and location. 

Many web browsers ask you whether you want to save passwords. You should never do this for sensitive sites, including your Resorts Casino account. It is never a good idea to email your account details to anyone. Email is the fastest way for malicious entities to infiltrate your device. 
Resorts Casino has a strong support team that readily assists players. If you encounter any problems when signing into your account or suspect unauthorized access, you should contact them right away

Resorts Contact Player Support.

You can also get in touch with them if you are having problems withdrawing your funds from your account. Support is available 24 hours a day, and you can chat with a team member between 8 am and 12 am. 

You can also contact the Player Support Center. This is a database of articles that provide answers to commonly asked questions like 2FA setup, how to withdraw funds and how to be a responsible gamer. 

Join Resorts Casino today to get the best of online gaming security with support whenever you need it.

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