How to win at online roulette

Roulette is a casino game that’s popular all around the world; wherever players go, they’ll find gamblers who would rather play it than any other game. The reasons are obvious; it is easy to learn and with the right strategies, gamblers can bring in big money. 

The online version of the game has made it even more accessible. So long as a player has a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection, they can play roulette wherever they are. However, winning this game isn’t as easy as some make it sound. 

Like most other casino games, some strategy comes into play. Although it doesn’t guarantee a win, it goes a long way in making sure that the player wins more than they lose in both regular and online roulette. 

For those who are new to the game, the most important thing is to understand the basics before they can move on to implementing strategies that promote the chances of winning. Roulette is all about spinning a wheel with a ball in it, and if it stops on the player’s wagered number, they win. 

The online version isn’t very different, except that the player doesn’t have to go to a casino to play it. The game is easy enough even for those without any casino experience, but it has many nuances and even the most experienced players know that it is just as easy to lose money as it is to get a big win. 

New roulette players shouldn’t be discouraged by this; some great roulette tips provide an edge to any player who uses them. Keep reading to find out the top 10 tips to win at online roulette as well as roulette tips for beginners. 

Top 10 tips to win at online roulette

It is worth reiterating that before employing any of the strategies provided below, the roulette player should have some basic familiarity with the game. 

Not only will the tips make more sense, but they will find the game a little easier to understand. New players who have a good understanding of the game also find it easier to follow what more experienced gamers around the table are doing. 

Tip 1 – understand the different types of roulette 

To the inexperienced observer, roulette is roulette. Gamers pick a marker, a wheel is spun, and if it lands in the right slot they win. This is generally true but different types of roulette can be played, and knowing how they are different helps players place the right bets and use the right strategies. 

The most common in the US is American roulette, but there are also French and European variants, and the difference between the three is the table layout and the house edge. 

The European roulette table has one green pocket while the American version has two zeroes. Both European and French roulette have a house edge of 2.7% and the same number of pockets or slots on the table. 

However, the French version of roulette has some advantages over the other two variants because it has rules that give the player a significant advantage. The La Partage rule, for example, allows players to win half their money back if the ball falls in the zero pocket. 

European roulette happens to be the easiest and gives the player the biggest odds of a win. For those who are only learning how to play online roulette, it may be worthwhile starting with the European version and then moving onto the other variants. 

Tip 2 – outside bets provide great odds

Rather than placing bets on singular numbers, outside bets give the player a chance to bet on groups. They can bet on odds or evens, red or black, or they can place ‘dozen’ bets or column bets. 

Betting on a group of numbers increases the odds of a win. It is, for example, easier to land on numbers between 1 and 18 than it is to choose a single number in that sequence and hope that the wheel will stop there. 

Tip 3 – combination bets increase a player’s odds of winning

Again, rather than betting on a single number, these bets allow gamers to choose a series of numbers. These bets are placed on lines between numbers. The corners of the roulette table bring together fout different numbers, and although this strategy may not pay out right away, it tends to work in the long term. 

Tip 4 – understand the odds and returns of wagers

This is where the game gets a little complicated for new players. After playing for a little while, new players will have a better handle on the bets and can place wagers that bring in more money. 

An even money bet in American roulette has a 46.3% chance of winning while the same bet has a 48.6% chance of winning in European roulette. A split bet in American roulette has a 5.26% chance and in European roulette it has a 5.51% chance of landing in the right pocket on the roulette table. 

These may look like very subtle differences to the new player, but they mount up significantly when playing several games in a row. 

New players can learn more about how to calculate both American and European odds

Tip 5 – the en-prison rule is helpful for new players

This is a relatively simple rule that helps new players avoid losses as they learn to play the game. A player can place their even-money bets in ‘prison’ if the ball lands in the zero slot. Their bet is carried onto the next bet so if they win that spin, they get their money back. However, if they lose, they also lose what they had placed in ‘prison’. 

Although this rule applies only to the European variant, it is a useful strategy that can help minimize losses and maximize wins. It is also a smart way to safeguard a bankroll. 

Tip 6 – know the different strategies and how they work

Certain strategies increase the player’s odds of winning at roulette; they are not fool-proof, but they make games more interesting and they can result in significant wins when applied correctly. 

The first is the Martingale, which states that a player ought to increase their wager amount after every loss. If they win, they recover all that they lost and a little more. 

Another commonly used system is the D’Alembert system which allows players to place their bets in even money areas of the table. Ideally, the player increases their odds of winning by about 48%. 

Rather than double the amount of the wager like in the Martingale system, this strategy requires that a player only increase by the amount they wagered to start with. 

If they started with a $1 wager, they will increase or decrease their bets by $1 at every round. If they lose, they place a $2 bet, and if they lose again, they place a $3 wager. If they win, their next wager should be $2 and if they win that, their next one will be $1. 

The Fibonacci system is considered a safer strategy than the Martingale and experts say that it is a good one to use for those who want to increase their odds of winning. It advises players to increase their stakes every time they lose using a sequence of numbers. Each new bet is a sum of the two previous bets that the player had placed. 

If the player is lucky and wins a game, they get all their money back. However, the important thing to note about this strategy is that it quickly depletes a player’s bankroll. 

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Tip 7 – learn how to manage bankrolls like a pro

This is one of the most important things beginners will ever do, and it is all about self-control and discipline. A bankroll is how much a player sets aside to spend on every casino session. 

Whether they want to play online roulette or visit a land-based casino, gamers must decide in advance how much they will spend before they start the game. It should be money that they can afford to part with so that they don’t get desperate if they lose. 

Tip 8 – big wins are a sign that it’s time to go

It is tempting for new players to keep playing after they win big; the common assumption is that they are on a roll and the wins will keep coming. This often doesn’t work because a big win can be followed by a huge loss. 

Smart roulette players quit after they recover their bankroll and make a little money on top. They play simply for fun, and not to make huge amounts of money. They understand that chasing wins can have disastrous results. 

Tip 9 – choose the right casino

Casinos are a dime a dozen, and whether players want to play online roulette or a land-based game, there will be a casino at hand. Choosing the right establishment can make a difference in how games play out. 

Players should choose a reputable institution that is known to treat players well and pay out fast using a variety of methods. 

Resorts Casino in New Jersey is one of these. It is one of the oldest in the city and has a large variety of games to choose from, including offline and online roulette. It takes player security seriously and offers a variety of easy ways to withdraw winnings including PayPal and Visa. 

Online roulette tips for beginners

Online roulette tips for beginners aren’t very different from those discussed above. The different variants of the game are played the same way whether one is playing online or in a land casino. 

Tip 1 – think about the odds

This is age-old advice and online roulette players should pay particular attention to it. When playing online, wagers don’t seem like much. They are numbers on a screen, but they can mount up fast. A dollar here and a couple of dollars there will soon become huge amounts, and players often end up spending money they don’t have. 

Tip 2 – understand the different variants and their rules

The variants discussed in this guide don’t change in online roulette, but beginners need to understand what rules apply to the different types of roulette on offer. 

Tip 3 – stay away from ‘lucky’ numbers

Some people believe that some numbers are lucky and so bet them every time. It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose; they will repeat the same strategy over and over again. 

This is not the smart way to enjoy roulette; rather than bet on a number because it holds a certain sentimental meaning, players should look at the table and the game, then strategically place bets. 

Tip 4 – play free before putting money down

All beginners are encouraged to try free online roulette games before they put money down. Not only does it give them a chance to understand what the game is all about, but they also get a glimpse of how the different strategies work and how they are best employed. 

Free games are also a good way to test whether roulette is the right game; some players try it and aren’t impressed, and they find that they enjoy other casino games more.

Tip 5 – choose the casino carefully

Not to overemphasize the point, but where a player play makes a difference. A reputable casino provides balanced games that give all players an even chance against the house, and they also provide advice and support where needed. Most importantly, they allow several different ways for players to withdraw their winnings without delays or undue complications.

Author: Tanya Fields

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