The Paroli System

Playing table games is fun but playing table games and winning money is even more so. Whether your game of choice is blackjack, roulette, or something else entirely, chances are good that the Paroli system will be a good match for your gameplay. The Paroli system gives players the chance to win big without risking their bankroll in the process. This is in contrast to other betting systems such as the Martingale, which advises players to bet exponentially more until they win a game, which can quickly burn through your budget. 

This blog post will explore the Paroli system, how to use it, and how it benefits players of today’s most popular table games. 

What is It?

The Paroli system is a betting system that follows a positive progression. The simplest way to think about the system is to “double bets after wins.” The Paroli system was first used in the 16th century when it was especially popular in Italy, and over the centuries, the technique has remained popular and spread around the world. 

The system has built a loyal fanbase among players of craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack for one simple reason: it is an easy system to use. There is no complicated math involved in the Paroli betting system, and the concept is a simple one to understand. It also works for any game with an even money bet, including sports betting, making it an especially diverse strategy.

How does it work?

The Paroli system is easy to master. First, players should make a fixed base stake, which refers to the money staked at the beginning of each cycle. This can be any amount, but keeping it in proportion with the rest of your budget is important. This will mean different figures for different players, but in general, between 2% and 5% of the total money you have to spend is a good starting place. This might not sound like a lot, but the wagers have the potential to grow exponentially, and starting small is the safest approach. Out of a total budget of $100, for example, between $2 and $5 is a good fixed base stake.

Here is where the fun begins. Whenever you win, double your stake. If you began with $2 and win, your next bet should be $4. If you win this round too, your next bet is $8. After three wins, return to your base stake. The idea is that while winning three times in a row is not unheard of, winning more than that consecutively is increasingly less likely. Dropping back down means that if you lose the next round, you will not lose all of your profits. 

If you lose a bet, your next bet should be your base stake. Note that this is true no matter how many times you lose consecutively. You might lose 10 times in a row, and your wager should still be just $2 (following the above example). 

That’s it! That is how simple the Paroli system is to learn and use. Your overall goal is to double your stake three times, then take your money and begin the cycle again at your stake (lowest) bet. This cycle should hopefully play out a few different times during a session, with the end result being a net profit despite the losses. This is not guaranteed, of course, but that is the appeal of the technique. 

The Paroli betting system in roulette 

In roulette, the Paroli system is just as simple to use as discussed above. Let’s look at an example. 

Say you bet $1 on Red and Black, both of which pay 1:1. If you win three times in a row, you make $7 in profit. At this point, the stake reverts back to $1, and the cycle begins again with the next spin. You lose twice, then win twice, with the eighth spin also losing and leaving you at a $4 profit for all eight spins. 

It is possible to ride both winning and losing streaks with the Paroli roulette betting system, although we discuss exactly how many losing games in a row can still yield a profit later in the post.

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The Paroli betting system in blackjack 

When using the Paroli system, blackjack players will have little problem controlling their bankrolls. Just as in roulette, the Paroli betting system in blackjack is used to help you navigate the winning and losing streaks that are so common in casino games. It is worth noting that while it offers players a simple, basic wager management system, the Paroli system does not offer any mathematical benefits that make it the best choice for blackjack players. The Kelly Criterion, for example, impacts the house edge to offer players a better chance of making a profit. It is also a rather rigid system for players in a game as unpredictable as blackjack. 

The Paroli betting system in craps 

The Paroli betting system in craps is a bit more interesting than in other games. Because the system is designed for even plays, it was not created with the odds bet in mind. This gives the system a better opportunity for impressive wins in craps than other games, but it is also a bit more expensive. Players will need a more significant bankroll to get the most use out of the Paroli craps system. 

The goal when playing craps with the Paroli system is to wait until you land a winning streak while taking as much action as possible on the odds bet. This can help boost your winnings quite considerably – far more than a blackjack win with the system would net. 

The Paroli betting system in baccarat 

When using the Paroli betting system, baccarat players are in a good position to take full advantage of winning streaks. The system comes with all of the same bells and whistles described in the games above, and using it can result in impressive wins or, should you try for one win too many, disappointing defeats. 

The Paroli system does not offer an advantage against the house edge. It is simply used to manage bankrolls, not to somehow change the math of the game. Keep in mind that this is not a magical system that will automatically hand you big wins.

Advantages of the Paroli system

The Paroli system is a popular wagering technique, but what exactly are the benefits of using it? Let’s look at some of the reasons that this system is a good option for many players. 

Sustainable losses

One of the biggest appeals of the Paroli system is its ability to lose many times in a row without losing too much money. If you start with a $2 base stake out of a $100 budget, you can lose 20 times in a row and still not even be at half of your total bankroll. And because you only double bets after a win up to three times, you will not burn through your funds even if you win multiple times in a row. 

This is in direct contrast to systems such as the Martingale, which has players double their bets after every loss. Just six losses with a starting stake of $2 will send you well over half of your 100% budget. If you do win, you might very well win it back, but there is no guarantee that you will win before your bankroll runs out.

Ease of use

Another benefit of the Paroli system is, as mentioned above, how easy it is to learn. Other systems can be quite complicated, especially those that have players bet in a sequence rather than simply doubling their bets. This requires players to learn a pattern on top of keeping track of their budget and luck with the games, a process that can be quite overwhelming. 

The Paroli system, on the other hand, simply doubles bets up to three times, then drops right back down to a fixed base stake. 

Disadvantages of the Paroli system

While the Paroli system is a consistent and popular wagering technique, it has some flaws to consider before jumping in. 

Too many losses

While the amount of money spent on losses is not likely to break your budget as long as you stick to the 2% to 5% guidelines, you only have up to seven consecutive losses to land a win and make your money back. This is because, at most, players will win seven units of their fixed base stake if they win three times in a row. If you lose eight times or more in a row, you will not make your money back even after a winning streak.

Are you a fan of table games? Then the Paroli system might be a great strategic choice! Just keep in mind that this technique is bankroll management, not a system that somehow changes the odds of the game itself. It is more about maximizing profit when you do win rather than giving you a better chance to win at all. Keep the information above in mind the next time you play your favorite game!

Author: Tanya Fields

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