$11K Winner at house money: breaking records again

We’ve got another record breaker at House Money, the latest testament to the fact that big wins do come true at Resort Live’s unique live game show. Season 2, episode 2 of House Money came full of unexpected outcomes and many twists. This record-breaking episode stars Joe, an avid gamer who got the lucky jackpot payout of $11,481 from the bonus round on the Gameshow Glory slot, breaking the previous record set by Pierre. It’s a great one to watch if you want to come over to our Atlantic City casino and take your chance on the show.

How it Happened

Whitney Ullman introduced Joe, the star of this episode. Joe, a slot lover planning a vacation to Florida, was more than excited to see what he came up with on New Jersey’s most popular live slot game show.

The host of the episode was Hoagie, and the selected slot was Gameshow Glory. Based on the show’s setup, House Money contestants get $450 on the house. This money is spread across 18 bets of varying amounts. A $200 stake is among the bet values, and the only rule for the game is that this one must be played last. It is up to the player to decide which way to play their other bets – hopefully in an order that will best maximize their wins.

Joe played it safe at the start by beginning with a $4 bet. He went on to even lower bets and cleared those options of $1, $2 or $3 bets off the board. So far, Joe came up on duds, with the only payout being a 1.5x win on a $3 bet. He also won a little bit on the $6 bet, getting $6.60 returns for a couple of Wild symbols connecting.

After using his $8, $10 and $15 bets with no luck, Joe only had the bigger bets remaining. He used the $40, $20 and $30 in that order and once again came up with nothing. It was utterly nerve-wracking at this point for Joe, with only the $100 and $200 options left and almost nothing in the way of winnings.

He went with the only possible choice, which was the $100, as the max bet must be used last. This was when it happened: the $100 spin landed three bonus wheel symbols, triggering the bonus wheel.

The Bonus Wheel

Joe was hoping for the wheel to reward a multiplier but got seven free games instead. The first spin came up dry, but the second spin delivered Expanding Wilds. And just like that, the payoff was a whopping $9,340. There were still five spins to go, and the very next one paid another $830, taking Joe’s winnings up to $10,170. He landed another $780 on the sixth free game, closing off the round with a total of $10,950.

The final $200 spin was left to play, and House Money rules allow players to increase the stake up to $1,000 if they have that much in winnings. Joe decided to take the $200 up to $400 only, so overall, he stuck with a low-risk strategy throughout the show. It paid off once again, and he won some more, taking his total payout to $11,481.10, a record-breaking win at House Money.

About the Slot Game

There’s a different slot on every episode of House Money, but this jackpot was won on Gameshow Glory. This is a TV show-themed slot by High 5 Games that’s designed with a non-standard 3-4-4-4-4-3-reel setup and 75 paylines. It was recently released by the developer in 2022.

In terms of features, this game offers a good amount of action. There are Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, free spins and multipliers. A bonus wheel decides how many free spins or multipliers you get on the bonus round, and the variance level is medium throughout the gameplay.

How Do I Apply to Be on House Money?

You might just be the next lucky contestant on House Money if you apply on Resorts Live. All active players at ResortsCasino.com are eligible.

Select the Apply Now’ button on the House Money webpage and fill out a simple form providing details such as your favorite slot. You’ll also need to upload a video profile of yourself. You’ll be on TV anyway, so you might as well get comfortable being in the limelight! If you’re the chosen player for the next episode, you’ll get an invite with a date and time.

Become a Lucky Contestant or Watch Live House Money and Get Special Bonus Codes

A single lucky spin is all it takes to hit it big, and Joe’s got over $9K at a go, with additional wins taking him above the $11K mark. Joe revealed to Whitney after his big win that he’ll most likely be using his win to buy a new truck. How about you? What would you do if you were to win big like Joe?

Remember, up to $90,000 is available to win in House Money, and that’s just the cherry on top. House Money is an interactive way to spin and win money at the casino’s expense, and unlike other casino live-hosted games, you’re the star of the show.

Before you get your chance to be in front of the camera lens, you can catch up on all past House Money winners and see what strategies other contestants have used to help develop your own. House Money is thrilling even for players on the other side of the screen as they can receive extra prizes from the comfort of their homes. House Money hosts will call out special bonus codes to activate free spins packages, deposit matches or other mystery deals.

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