House Money Jackpot: $10k Record Breaking Winner!

Are you following Resorts Live’s fantastic range of game shows? If not, you just missed out on the biggest House Money Jackpot Winner! Lucky Pierre – the contestant taking part in episode 41 – managed to spin in a huge $10,000 to use at Resorts Casino.

But how did Pierre manage to claim the big prize – and what led to his record-breaking haul? We have all the details right here. The best news is that you could stand a chance of being the game show’s next big winner!

How it happened

House Money grants players $450 free to use over 18 spins as part of a live game show experience. In the final spin, they get to use at least $200 of that money with a shot at the jackpot.

A New Jersey native, Pierre came along and started his game with a $3 bet, inspired by Sixers legend Allen Iverson. Pierre was wearing his team’s attire (just to show that he meant business!) during the show.

This first spin saw Pierre claim a respectable $27 – which went straight into his Resorts Casino account. A further $3 bet didn’t prove to be a winner, and neither did a $5 bet – but the next $5 saw $0.40 convert.

Pierre then chose to up the stakes with his first $20 bet, before scaling back to a $1 to win $0.40. Two $10 bets landed the contestant two sets of $40.

“The good stuff’s coming,” said Pierre, perhaps knowing that his shot at the jackpot was just a couple of spins away. A $100 bet threw out a stunning 30 free games and $300 – and that was just the start.

It’s here that Pierre’s free spins really started stacking up. He claimed an extra 30 free spins through retriggering, and he would soon surpass the $2,000 and $4,000 milestones.

Before reaching the halfway point of his spins, Pierre spun more than $7,000 in play. Then, with 26 games left to play, he would spin win after win, going beyond a total of $9,000.

“More’s coming!” said Pierre, keeping his composure on the back of his remaining free spins. The bonus retrigger teased itself across the spins – but it was a few spins away from his full 60 that Pierre finally broke the $10,000 record. An ULTRA WIN!

“More’s coming,” repeated Pierre, calm and collected, his catchphrase getting laughs from the audience. With a few spins left in play, the contestant claimed a small prize before throwing out that final $200. Sadly, it didn’t come back a winner, but Pierre still went away with over $10,000 – and at the time of writing, he’s the show’s record holder.

How do I apply to be on House Money?

Applying to be a contestant on House Money is easy – it’s just a case of filling out a quick webform with your details. After Pierre’s big win, it’s not surprising that players at home want to give the big money game a try for themselves.

Resorts Live asks for a handful of details and also that you provide a quick audition video. This is so that we get to know you a little better, and why you would like to take part in our live game.

Lucky applicants get to take part in House Money in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Resorts Casino calls home. Players agree on a date and time to attend filming and gameplay, with a slot of around an hour expected.

What can I win on House Money?

If you’re selected to play live with us, you’ll get a chance to win up to $90,000 in prizes. While Pierre came away with what’s still a record-breaking win (only 41 episodes in), there was always a chance that he would win more. 

For example, the top prize of $60,000 on a line triggers when you spin in three Resorts Casino symbols and a maximum multiplier. There’s also the chance to win free spins with scatter symbols, and you’ll get even more if you spin more up during the bonus game.

That, crucially, was what helped Pierre on his way to claiming his big prize. Normally, there are 18 spins in the main game – but Pierre added an extra 60 to his total, which, of course, increased his chances of a big prize.

As always, the game show is completely random – you never know what’s going to happen. As Pierre’s run on the show proves, that’s certainly the case!

Can players win from home on House Money?

It’s entirely possible for players to win freebies at home by watching House Money. We regularly give away bonus codes and deals for watchers to use and boost their own casino wallets with.

House Money airs every weekday, and having recently breached 50 episodes, we’re still looking for winners to break Pierre’s record. It’s completely possible – but you never know what you might achieve unless you apply to appear.

What makes House Money such a great live show?

House Money is fast-paced with lots of big-money opportunities. In the space of 10 minutes, players could win a jackpot prize or, like Pierre, stack up free spins.

What sets House Money aside from other live casino shows is that players or contestants get to be stars alongside our hosts! While there are many game shows where hosts play along with online contestants, you’re front and center in House Money.

House Money is a live game that’s 100% exclusive to Resorts Casino, meaning that you won’t find it elsewhere online. Before taking part, remember that there are terms and conditions that will apply. All winnings from the show head to your Resorts Casino account, and you’ll need to play through them at least once before withdrawing.

We’re thrilled that Pierre won such a huge prize so early on in House Money’s run! We’re sure that the hallowed $90,000 jackpot is right around the corner. As they say, you really have to be in it to win it!

Author: Tanya Fields

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