With so many different games available at Resorts Live, it’s often difficult to know where to start! Many new players also find they have more than a few questions about making the most of our top titles. Worry no more! Our Resorts Tutorials are here to help break down the finer points.

Want to know how to master big money games or learn more about hidden features? Rather than leaping straight into a game or two, why not let our experts show you the ropes? It’s a great way to see whether a game appeals to you before you spend any real money.

What’s more, we strive to make our Resorts Tutorials a lot of fun! We’re always updating our video library. Let’s dig a bit deeper into why you may want to watch a few tutorials before you start spinning the reels for real!


Resort Tutorials is Resorts Live’s dedicated tutorial and “tour” section of our casino lounge. It’s here where you can dip into video guides hosted by our popular presenters and get a full visual tour of some of our top titles.

Resorts Live game tutorials

While all our shows and games are verified as completely random to win, there are still a few ways you can make the most of slots and casino tables. Our presenters and players are verified experts on our biggest and most popular games, so there are no better guides to introduce you to what we have in store.

Very few casinos elsewhere offer this type of in-depth experience. We really think it adds a lot to the depth of our live experience as well as our game show branding. After all, it’s you and our presenters that really make our live casino experiences interesting!

Previously, to learn more about specific games and to see whether they appeal to you, you’d have had to make a deposit and start playing, but what if you found that a game wasn’t right for you?

Now, you can simply click or tap on a tutorial for a game you’d like to play, and we’ll guide you through features, potential prizes and more.


Firstly, watching Resort Tutorials gives you an amazing opportunity to learn more from genuine experts. Our cast of presenters are seriously enthusiastic and they also know what they’re talking about.

It’s not always easy to start playing slots or live games from scratch. Sure, you could find your way on your own, but what if you had an expert helping you along the way?

We upload tutorials for some of our most popular games. From Gameshow Glory to 88 Fortunes Megaways, you are only moments away from seeing the full ins and outs of some seriously lucrative titles. Why hang around waiting to see what a bonus feature is like when a presenter can give you the complete lowdown?

We also have some games that aren’t exactly your run-of-the-mill casino favorites. Take a look at Slingo X-Scream, for example! This spooky slot-and-bingo combo might seem a little daunting to new players. Thankfully, Hoagie’s on hand to show you how the number-scoring and sinister features work in practice.

Hoagie’s also ready to show you the ropes in cluster pay games such as Direct Hit. These games differ massively from everyday slots, so if you’re really unsure what to expect, why not let Hoagie show you the ropes?

One of the biggest benefits of tuning into Resorts Tutorials is the fact you really don’t have to spend much time watching along. The majority of our tutorial videos are less than five minutes long, so you can quickly access all the information you need to get started. 

We also make sure to roll our “greatest hits” and highlights from game shows and tutorials together from month to month. This means our players are always in the loop with what’s going on.

Why not take a look at our “Play Along” feature too? If you learn best by trying out a game or two, there are plenty of chances for you to play games with our hosts. In fact, if you’d like to become a host yourself, why not tell us why you’d be a great fit for Resorts Live?

Above all, Resorts Tutorials are great fun as well as super-informative. We want to really pump you up for our games. We’re immensely proud of them — as well as all our presenters!

Resorts Tutorials aim to whet your appetite for a range of live casino favorites and slot games you may not have tried before. If you’d rather get a little insight into a title before leaping into playing feet-first, we’re always on hand to share some support.

The best perk of them all, of course, is that you never have to pay or even join to start watching our video tutorials. Give them a spin, and if you like what you see, come and join us for real!


Resorts Live is Resorts Casino’s landmark live casino lounge. Here, you’re not just playing regular slots and table games. You’ll have the full support of a friendly host in each lounge, with a game show schedule you can tune into throughout the month. You might want to check out our article on How Resort live works.

Boosted by our fantastic presenter team, you’ll have the chance to play along with a real dealer in real time! It’s as close as you’ll get to the full game show and/or casino experience without leaving your home. You can also take part in our shows and games from your smartphone or tablet too, so if you’d prefer to play on the go, you can!

Some of our most popular game shows even welcome guests to come along and play for big prizes. If you’re local to Atlantic City and want to be a contestant on one of our live shows, why not apply?

One of the most popular shows available to watch and take part in at Resorts Live is House Money. You don’t even need to physically be in our studio to have a chance at winning some big prizes! This show offers thousands of cash opportunities to in-house contestants but keep watching for a chance to win big.

You’ll also find that Resorts Live offers several exclusive deals and offers to help welcome you into our live games. All you need to do is register, make a deposit and keep playing (and watching!).

Resorts Live works similarly to everyday online casino experiences in that you’ll have a variety of familiar games to play. However, the added dimension of having a real presenter can add a sense of realism that many players crave!

If you really enjoy playing casino games at physical venues or have always wanted to take part in a TV game show, Resorts Live has plenty to offer you.

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Unsure where to get started? If our fantastic tutorials don’t tempt you, take a closer look at the live shows catalog and dive straight in.

As mentioned, we line up a varied catalog of live shows featuring our presenters, including Hoagie, Whitney and Tiffany. For example, you’ll find Hoagie and Tiffany regularly play and take you through popular titles such as Totem ThunderLobstermania Slingo and Willy’s Hot Chillies. Simply take a look at our schedule and tune into the Slot Squad!

Whitney Ullman has her own show, Win with Whitney, where viewers and players get the chance to explore hidden gems in the Resorts Casino catalog. In the past, she’s taken us through games as diverse as Fruit Shop, Ice Opals and Wild Portals.

Then, of course, there’s also our video archive – the Resorts Classics lounge. It’s here where you’ll get to dive into all kinds of previous shows and tutorials. We cover all bases, though we frequently play through the latest additions to our game library as a priority.

If you’d like to keep your eyes peeled for some live casino table fun, we regularly host blackjack and roulette shows. The best part about our shows and tutorials is that you can either take part as a player, or just sit back and enjoy. It’s your call!


Here at Resorts Live, we care deeply about making sure you get the best out of our games. Sometimes, it’s good to have an experienced guide show you around before you make a commitment! You don’t have to join as a member to watch our Resorts Tutorials – but we highly recommend you do!

Live casino gaming is more than just a craze, and Resorts Live is riding a huge wave of entertainment as we head towards the middle of the year. 2023 is proving to be a huge year for our players, with big wins and surprising prizes having already made their way to lucky contestants from across New Jersey.

Want to know more about the best slots and online casino experiences at Resorts Live? Make a point to watch a few tutorials with us, and when you’re ready, leap into a game or two and play along!

Author: Tanya Fields

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