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So, what is Dream Catcher, you might be wondering? Well, you may be familiar with the table game roulette, and Dream Catcher similarly features a wheel that is divided into numbered segments that you can bet money on. 

In other words, it’s a type of Live Spin-to-Win game. If you’ve considered trying one of these kinds of games but have felt too daunted by the pressure of what seems like a complicated barrier of entry, or you’re worried that it might be too risky an investment compared to other games, then you’re not alone. However, Dream Catcher is actually a moderately simple game that can potentially give good returns on solid bets!

Read on to find out the best Dream Catcher casino game strategy, the rules of the game, and more about the best live Dream Catcher casino game available! 

How does Dream Catcher work?

Dream catcher

The Dream Catcher casino game is, as mentioned, a Live Spin-to-Win game in the same vein as roulette, but with some key differences that make it more similar to slots in some ways. The Money Wheel in Dream Catcher is separated into 54 separate segments, each of which has one of the following numbers on it: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. One of the segments is labelled as a 2x multiplier, while the other is a 7x multiplier. The goal of the game is to correctly bet on the number that the spinner lands on, after which you receive a payout dependent on what you bet. 

Higher numbers are less common but pay out significantly more on a winning bet. Specifically, the amount you receive for each winning bet in Dream Catcher is equal to your bet multiplied by the number the wheel landed on. Therefore, if it lands on 1 after you bet on it, you only receive 1 to 1 of your bet, whereas if you bet on 40 and the Dream Catcher lands on it, you get a payout of 40x whatever you bet. You also receive your stake back as part of the winnings of your successful bet.

When the Dream Catcher wheel lands on one of the multipliers, the wheel is spun again with the bets remaining on the same number. The winnings for the next spin are calculated according to the multiplier. For example, a £20 bet on 5 would ordinarily net winnings of £100. If the Dream Catcher wheel landed on a 7x multiplier the previous spin, however, then the total amount of winnings would be £700. 

What’s more, these multipliers can stack, with bets remaining in place until the Dream Catcher wheel lands on a number that isn’t a multiplier. In this case, a bet on 5 that would return 5 to 1 the bet would become 10 to 1 if it landed on a 2x multiplier. If it then lands on a 7x multiplier, it becomes a payout of 70 to 1 if your bet is successful on the subsequent spin. The Dream Catcher casino game is generally considered very safe by players. It has a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage at between 90.57% and 96.58%. This puts the RTP at around the same as slots. If you’re a mathematician when it comes to gambling, you can look up the RTP rates here.

However, one of the most iconic elements of Dream Catcher, and the reason that so many people love the casino game, is the showmanship involved in the presentation. The dealers spin the Dream Catcher wheel and engage with the players in a way that is uncommon among live poker games. The dealers add an element of fun that provides energy and makes the whole game feel more like being a player on a game show.

Playing Dream Catcher with Resorts Casino

Dream Catcher can be accessed online at our website, where live-streamed footage of the game is available straight from Atlantic City to bring the Dream Catcher wheel to your screen, whether you’re using a mobile, tablet or desktop device!

Our trained dealers are here to show you the best live Dream Catcher casino game possible. Watch along with them to see the results and hope to win big on your lucky number. Very little is required to get started, with no minimum opening bets. All you have to do is bet as much as you want on the number you choose, and if the Dream Catcher wheel lands on that number, then congratulations! You get a payout worth your bet multiplied by the number you picked.

Our Dream Catcher wheel has all the glitz and glamour you expect of the game, along with the standard numbering of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 – with the 2x multiplier and 7x multiplier embossed in silver and gold respectively. 

Of course, to play Dream Catcher online at Resorts Casino, you’ll have to set up an account on our website. Simply follow the steps on the website by filling in your personal details such as your name, date of birth and address for verification. You then just need a password and you’re ready to deposit money into your account! With any amount of funds in your account, you can go ahead to play and bet on our wide collection of live games, including the best live Dream Catcher casino game available!

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Tips and strategies for winning at Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is primarily a luck-based game. That being said, expert players tend to have certain strategies they use to win big.

Dream Catcher is a very fast-paced game, meaning that you won’t have much time to think between rounds, with each one lasting no more than 45 seconds in most cases. For this reason, it’s best to plan out your strategy ahead of time, making sure that you know exactly where and how much you want to bet for each round and sticking to a cyclical betting system to ensure the best odds of winning. When doing this, take note of how much you want to bet in total. This way, you can ensure that you don’t go over it or lose track of your betting amounts.

One of the most popular Dream Catcher casino strategies is to continuously bet very small amounts on a range of numbers that give a high payout. This means betting on the 5, 10, 20 and 40 spaces to get a great degree of board coverage. This way, you cover a lot of the wheel segments, meaning that there are better odds that the wheel will land on your number. 

More importantly, because of the way that the game works, you will always win back more than you spent on a winning bet (assuming that you spread all bets equally among the numbers) because the lowest payout is 5 to 1. If, for example, you bet $1 each on 5, 10, 20 and 40, and the wheel landed on a 5, you would come out with $5, one dollar more than you spent betting.

The real trick to this Dream Catcher casino strategy are the multipliers, however. With just a single multiplier, you can skyrocket your winnings. Even with four $1 bets, with a 7x multiplier that lands on a 20, you can get $140 in winnings! 

Now that you’ve heard all about the game, try out Dream Catcher by following the link here.

Author: Tanya Fields

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