If you’re a newcomer to the world of iGaming, there’s no need to be scared of the complicated terms and technical parameters. When you understand how they work, it’s easy to pick the title that will suit you and maximize your enjoyment. In this article, we’ll explore and explain an essential parameter of online casino gaming – slot volatility. 

Simply put, slot game volatility determines the risk factor and how frequent and big the slot payouts will be. It’s up to the player to pick the game with the necessary characteristics. 

It seems a bit complicated at first, but when you take a look at a few examples of the slots themselves, it’s certainly easier to understand what to expect from the games.


First of all, let’s look to define volatility. As mentioned, it can be explained as a risk level that determines how big and frequent winnings can be. This parameter is closely related to the RTP, though it doesn’t show how much the casino earns. When the RTP is high, it’s always a big advantage for players. At the same time the variance is up to player preference.

Slot Volatility Levels

There are essentially three major types of slot volatility. However, it’s also possible to have a combination – for example, medium-low or medium-high. 

Volatility can also determine the potential of winning at a slot and can also be a factor that determines the range of bonus options.

Example: When a bonus option is available in every 200,000 spins, it’s a more desired feature and can be more valuable than the one that is provided in every 100 spins.

Let’s continue as we explore a range of titles, their risk levels and the tips for players to pick a machine according to their needs.


By now, you should be aware that volatility is associated with the level of risk and potential winnings. But there’s still much more to explore! Let’s find out how volatility is connected with the other technical aspects of casino games.

Volatility vs RTP

When it comes to online slots, these two factors are two of the most crucial ones you’re likely to encounter and definitely influence the outcomes of each round. But they shouldn’t be confused with each other. 

RTP (Return to Player) is a percentage that determines the winning potential of a game. It’s usually over 95% and sometimes can vary in the bonus games.

Let’s take a look at an example. The Mythic Maiden from NetEnt has an RTP of 96.58%. This reflects the potential percentage of stakes paid back to players. The rest (3.42%) is the casino’s income. 

It goes without saying that the higher the RTP, the more desirable the slot becomes. Indeed, the variance of high RTP machines can differ greatly, meaning players can be really spoilt for choice. For instance:

  • Dazzle Me from NetEnt (RTP 96.9%, low volatility)
  • Gorilla Kingdom from NetEnt (RTP 96.03%, medium volatility)
  • Divine Fortune from NetEnt (RTP 96.59%, medium volatility)

Volatility vs Variance

For seasoned gamers, the terms ‘volatility’ and variance’ are almost regarded as synonyms. However, in practice, these terms can vary in purpose and function. First of all, volatility is a common term in the world of finance, while the variance is commonly used in poker games. 

Furthermore, variance is used to describe games played over a long period, while volatility measures the risk in the short term. However, in most cases, you will notice that ‘volatility’ and ‘variance are used interchangeably. 

Volatility vs Risk

As well as the terms mentioned above, ‘risk’ can also be considered a synonym for variance. When you opt for a game with high variance, you take higher risks as you can run out of money without winning anything at all. But if you are lucky to win something, this amount will be more desirable as it could be a larger sum.


So, you now understand how the volatility mechanism works. But how can you use this information in your own gameplay? It all depends on your demands and budget – but first, you need to ask yourself several questions.

What’s your budget?
If your budget is low, there is no sense in picking high volatility slots online. If you do so, there’s a big risk of leaving a gambling site with empty pockets.How much time will the gaming session take?
If you’re going to have a long gaming session, it’s reasonable to opt for slots with low volatility. As a consequence, you’re likely to receive small awards, which, if you do, will allow you to go on playing for a long time.

What is your target?
This is another important detail. If you’re hunting for a huge jackpot, high risk is a must. However, if you’re searching for that ‘fun factor’, this is more likely on low-risk slots.


As we’ve already described, high volatility is associated with high risk and the potential for high reward. In other words, you will have to make dozens of spins before winning something. Should you hit a winning combination, the payout could certainly be significant.

High Volatility Slots – Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the pros and cons of high volatility slots.

The potential for significant payouts.High risk – there can be consistent spins without winnings.
The games with high risk usually have varied bonus options.Achieving a jackpot may take a long time.
Potential winnings are usually huge (over 10,000x). 

The cons detailed above are comparatively minor and when you are aware of the risks involved (though gambling is always about risks), the adventure can be worth it.

Neon slots with jackpot

High Variance Slots

What does high volatility mean in slots? It’s about engaging gameplay and the potential for huge payouts. The providers of these titles may vary, as well as other options that come with the games. Let’s take a look at the top-five best high volatility slots and find out their technical features.

  • Extra Chilli from Big Time Gaming
    This is a really hot slot with peppers decorating the screen. The title amazes users with its potential max win of 20,000x stake. The RTP stands at 96.19%, being at its peak when the Feature Drop (buy bonus feature) is activated. This game provides up to 117,649 ways to win.
  • Pyramidion from IGT
    The secrets of these ancient structures are closely guarded. But you can come closer to these mysteries and could even benefit from them with Pyramidion – a machine with 20 paylines and a 96,39% RTP. The bonus options are Tomb of Power free spins and the Power Wilds meter.
  • Medusa Megaways from NextGen
    This is another title with hundreds of ways to win. This slot’s jackpot amount is amazing as the maximum possible stake is up to 50,000x. The RTP is 96.28%. With this slot, gamers can enjoy an unusual grid, and the intrigue of its unique graphics and the ‘Medusa’s Gaze’ feature.
  • Chicken Fox from Lighting Box
    A slot that features a cunning fox that has prepared a winning amount of up to 18,950x for those who are ready to help the chickens in-game. Wilds can multiply by five times if a player lands the ‘5x fox’ wild. Landing white egg or golden egg symbols triggers free spins. High volatility, RTP 95.61%.
  • Trollpot 5000 from NetEnt
    Having a really simple design, this machine is popular for its old-school theme. The winnings are capped at 10,000x. High volatility, RTP 96.19%.

Remember, the highest volatility slots are for gamblers that are prepared to risk their funds for potentially high payouts.

Medium-High Volatility Slots 

When it comes to this type of slot, it’s interesting to notice the differences when compared to high variance. The rewards can be slightly more frequent, though those massive maximum wins can be quite a bit lower in total. 

Here are the top three medium-high variance slots:

  • Opal Fruits from Big Time Gaming.
    With the potential for huge jackpots, here, the maximum possible win is 36,000x. If your bet is high, the reward is certainly promising. With colorful fruit symbols, 5,625 ways to win and a 3-5-5-5-3 grid, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

With an RTP of 96.09%, payouts are up to 8,641x the stake. Play for jackpot respins and Pearl Jackpot Respins to maximize your winnings.

When Should I Play High Volatility Slots?

For those players that are still asking the question ‘what are high volatility slots’, it’s important to consider that they are machines perfect for these categories of players: 

  • Experienced high-rollers.
  • Players that have a significant budget.
  • Players who are prepared to take risks.
  • Patient players prepared to wait to achieve the desired jackpot.

As you can see, high variance slots aren’t a perfect option for newcomers. Even if these qualities don’t align with your strategy and preference, the online slots here at Resorts Casino are sure to be an ideal pairing.


Another popular type of online slot are medium variance slots. These titles certainly don’t come with the promise of huge payouts, but they do mean that the risks are lower and the gaming sessions can be longer. High rollers can still try out these games and novice players may also find them quite engaging.

This type of slot can be considered the ‘middle ground’ as the risks aren’t as prevalent as those in high volatility slots and the rewards aren’t significantly lower. Here’s a comparison of the strong and weak points of this option.

Medium Volatility Slots – Pros and Cons

The risks are lower.The jackpots won’t be significantly large.
The rewards are still engaging. 
The gambling market is full of slots with this parameter. 

It’s rather difficult to reveal the disadvantages of medium volatility slots – the only minor issue is that these titles won’t promise the same exciting jackpots as the high-risk games do. But remember that the chances of getting a lower award are higher here.

Medium Volatility Slots

Let’s get familiar with medium volatility slots – their names, providers, characteristics, bonus features that await players, and the maximum win amount. Take a peek at the top-three machines that have this parameter:

  • Silver Pride from Lightning Box
    This is a story of the king of the jungles and other wild creatures. The max win is 5,600x, while the RTP is equal to 95.27%. There are 1,024 winning lines. The game includes bonus rounds and multipliers up to 27x. 
  • Crown of Egypt from IGT
    Welcome to a world of ancient mysteries. With 40 paylines, there are 1,024 ways to win when the stake is 80 coins. The grid is 5×4. When it comes to the bonus options, these include the Multiway Xtra system. Plus, scatters with a pyramid design can trigger 10–20 free spins.
  • Blown Away from Lightning Box
    The max win of this title is pretty unusual for this category – it’s 22,610x. However, its risk level is medium. The other parameters are a 95.7% RTP, 25 paylines, and a bonus round that awards 10 free spins whereby the cow symbols multiply the wins by 7x. Reveal a walrus wild symbol to boost your winnings further.

That’s not all. The catalog of slots at Resorts Casino is full of machines with this level of risk. It’s up to you to decide your favored game.

Medium-Low Variance Slots

Slots of this type have a higher hit frequency, although the rewards will be rather average. Medium-low variance slots are certainly a good option for novice players and are suitable for those who enjoy longer gaming sessions. Here are our three favorite titles with medium-low variance:

  • Fortune Coin from IGT
    This low-medium risk slot features a ‘Maxi Jackpot’ feature, which can boost the jackpot value by up to 166.67x the stake. The jackpot bonus offers four types of award values.
  • However, the slot’s max win is 41 666x. Fortune Coin’s RTP is set at 96.2% and there are 243 paylines. 
  • Guns N’ Roses from NetEnt
    The payouts of this slot are rather moderate, with a stake up to 1,250x. The payout percentage is equal to 96.98%. As for the other characteristics of this game about the legendary band, there are 20 paylines and features such as ‘Encore Free Spins’ and the ‘Appetite for Destruction Wild’.
  • Slingo Starburst from Slingo Originals
    In 2021, this famous slot was relaunched by Slingo. Here, the max win is 1,500x. The RTP is 96.5%. As a blend of a slot and a bingo game, the slot is played on a 5×5 grid. 

There are some exceptions to the slots featured here, but in general, you’ll notice that there’s fewer bonus features, while the max win is also lower.

When Should I Play Medium Volatility Slots?

This level of risk is perfect for those who: 

  • Want to take small risks while gambling.
  • Have a limited budget for playing.
  • Don’t mind getting small but regular payouts.
  • Aren’t fond of complicated bonus features.

In other words, these games are sure to be adored by novice or conservative gamblers who enjoy the gaming process and will be glad to get small but regular rewards.


When it comes to low volatility slots, the rules are simple to understand. The risks are extremely low and payouts are awarded frequently. However, the payouts will be quite low, so it’s quite difficult to win big. 

Low Volatility Slots – Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the benefits and disadvantages of low volatility slots to learn more.

Low risk of losing your budgetLow winnings
Long gaming sessionsLow coin stakes
Comparatively quick wins 

With low volatility slots, it’s possible to have a really long session in which almost everything you bet could be paid back. 

Low Volatility Slots

Here are our top three low volatility slots, with a description of the parameters of each. 

  • Dangerous Beauty from High5 Games
    A slot with an RTP of 96.0%, a max win of 1,000x, five reels and 40 paylines. Wild symbols offer 1,000x, 250x, 50x rewards per payline.
  • Jimi Hendrix from NetEnt
    Here, the RTP is comparatively high and rises up to 96,9%, while the max win of 400x. The slot includes a range of bonuses entitled ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Red Guitar Re-spin’, and ‘Crosstown Traffic’.
  • Triple Double DaVinci Diamonds from High 5 Games
    The winnings for this slot are set at 2,312x the stake. With 40 paylines, the slot also includes an RTP of 90%, which can increase to 97.1% when symbols are unlocked using the game’s ‘Spin-crease’ feature.

As mentioned, low variance slots don’t boast a massive range of bonus options, and the maximum winnings can’t be compared with those as seen in high volatility games.

When Should I Play Low Volatility Slots?

Low volatility slots are intended for a long gaming session and come with the potential for small but pleasant prizes. They typically include a simple interface and accessible rules for players to follow. This type of game is sure to be great for conservative players or those who are looking to get acquainted with the iGaming world for the first time.


You’ve already read about the most prevalent types of risk in slots and have even seen some examples of the best titles. But there is still something else to consider – adjusted volatility. This is a unique option that isn’t provided by all software developers. It’s quite rare, nonetheless, it is an option you may well encounter.

Top Five Slots with Adjusted Volatility

There are a number of slots that incorporate adjusted volatility. Some of these machines have a risk level that can be customized by players at the beginning of each round. Others change this parameter when a bonus game is triggered. In other words, it all depends on the machine you select and the settings the supplier has prepared.

Here are what we consider to be the top five slots with adjustable variance.

  • Victorious from NetEnt
    When launching this slot, you are given the option to select your level of variance. Choose from ‘high’ to win up to 7,000x your bet or ‘low’ for the chance to get up to 1,500x your bet. The RTP for this slot is 96.88%, with 243 paylines.
  • Tutan’s Treasure from Slingo Originals
    Here, the RTP varies and rises up to 96.7%. Players have an opportunity to gain a max win up to 2,800x their stake. With unique gameplay, players can select the level of risk by choosing the treasures they wish to uncover in the game – the more expensive the treasures, the higher the variance. Following that process, players are given five spins to try to collect the rows of combinations.
  • Wheely Wheely Big Win from Slingo Originals
    Having just a 1,000x max win limit, this title boasts a number of technical qualities, including a maximum RTP of 95.94% and a maximum bet of $100. The gameplay is unusual as it features a spinning wheel configuration, meaning you won’t experience classic paylines or reels. Players can also adjust the size of each wheel, which changes the risk level.
  • Mad Scatters Tea Party from Slingo Originals
    Alice from Alice in Wonderland is the main character in this highly atmospheric and mystical slot. With an RTP of 95.3%, before playing, gamers can choose between Alice, Dormouse, March Hare, and Mad Hatter scatter symbols to modify the risk level. Playing with Alice provides the opportunity for more wins, whereas opting for the Mad Hatter can give bigger wins.

This adjusted volatility option is recommended to those with a strong understanding of bankroll management and how to use this option wisely. If you’re interested in selecting your volatility level, it’s certainly an option worth exploring in any of these slots.


It’s possible to calculate volatility using a number of indicators. In the first instance, you can gain an understanding of slot volatility by taking the maximum win amount as a benchmark.

  • High – Machines that offer huge jackpots of over 10 000x. 
  • Medium – The max win is usually between 5,000x–10,000x.
  • Low – The least volatile slot machines, which payouts of around 5,000x.

There can sometimes be exceptions to the above, so it’s important to be attentive to the variables.

Alternatively, you can use other methods to establish the volatility and level of risk:

  • Online casino filters
    Some slots allow players to use filters to select the risk level – a convenient and efficient option.
  • Slot reviews.
    Additionally, you can read reviews of new or existing slots. In most cases, volatility and the level of risk will be specified.
  • Bonuses
    When the range of bonuses is high, in most cases, you are looking at high volatility online slots. While low-risk games typically don’t boast a high number of advanced features.
  • Your bet
    Mainly, the games with a high level of risk will, in turn, have pretty high minimum bets. However, this is not always a rule.
  • Slot game menu
    You can open the menu of a slot and read about its technical details. Often, suppliers specify the volatility level and the RTP.
  • Provider’s official site
    Visit the provider’s official site to read about your slot of choice. Here, you will typically be able to gather information about the game’s volatility.

As you can see, it only takes a few steps to find the information you need. Being prepared is a big advantage, especially when it comes to playing online slots.


With a firm understanding of volatility, you can use this knowledge to set your budget and select the right game for your gaming style. At Resorts Casino, our catalog of slot machines is home to hundreds of titles for all your gambling needs. Select the games that meet your preferred level of risk and align with the amount of money you’re prepared to spend. With these parameters in place, you’re sure to maximize your gaming enjoyment.


For your convenience, we’ve set out the following FAQ to answer any remaining questions you may have.

What does slot volatility mean?

Volatility is the factor that dictates the amount and the frequency of payouts. When it is low, it’s good for newcomers that may be looking for small but constant rewards. High volatility means for bigger rewards, though they won’t be that regular.

How can I determine the volatility present in a game?

Each machine has a menu where the basic parameters of the games are provided. Additionally, players can visit the official site of the provider or read the reviews of a certain slot to find out the details.

Will the highest volatility slots will pay more?

If we take a look at two slots with the same RTP and different volatility, the one with high risk will provide the bigger prizes. Alternatively, a low risk machine will pay smaller amounts more often. You can benefit from both of these machines, meaning it’s not necessary to just pick high risk titles (unless you prefer this type of gameplay). 

What is more important, RTP or variance?

These parameters are both crucial and can dramatically influence the outcome of your games. The RTP should always be high as this will guarantee a low house edge and will mean that you can benefit from the games as much as possible. While the variance will show how regular or rare and small or big the rewards are. 

What level of variance is recommended for novice players?

Even newcomers can have their own preferences – some players may prefer risky games, while others might enjoy more moderate rounds when it comes to gameplay. But in general, the best option for novice gamblers is medium risk – it’s the middle ground in the world of gambling.

Can I find high RTP low variance slots?

While these are two different parameters, you can certainly enjoy a title with high RTP and low risk. For example, Dazzle Me from NetEnt has an RTP of 96.9% and low volatility. This means that the chances of winning are high and the house edge is only 3.1%. As such, players can benefit from small, regular payouts.

Where can I find the best low volatility slots?

Resort Casino is home to a wide range of titles that have low risk. This list includes acclaimed machines from groundbreaking providers – Starburst from NetEnt, Red Hot Tamales from IGT, Wild Plunder from NextGen, Dragon Spin from Bally, and many others.

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