Top 5 Roulette Tips for Beginners

To a beginner, roulette may seem like one of the easier games on the casino floor. However, for the 200 or so years that it has been in existence, it has proved to be just like every other game of chance. It can be a treasure trove or a money pit. Players need to have some understanding of how it works and employ smart strategies if they hope to win. As you begin your roulette journey, especially if you plan to play in the long term, a few roulette tips can go a long way to making sure that you place good bets and don’t overplay your hand. 

Keep reading to find out what you should be doing to maximize your chances of winning. 

Tip 1 – Understand how the game is played

How hard can it be? You throw a ball on a spinning wheel, wait for it to come to a stop, and see whether or not it lands on your chosen number, right? Not quite. Roulette may look simple, but it is a complex game. Those who take the time to understand it have a better chance of winning. 

The game is played on a spinning wheel, and players place bets on the area of the wheel they would like to bet on. A wheel has either 37 or 38 slots depending on the type of roulette you’re playing. 

A typical roulette wheel has 36 slots. 18 of these are red and the rest are black. If you look closely, you’ll see either one or two additional slots depending on whether you’re playing the American or European version of the game, so you end up with either 37 or 38 slots.

You can place your bet inside or outside the wheel. Inside bets are riskier but have higher payouts. 

As a beginner, you should place minimum bets on the outside of the wheel and play this way until you get a good feel for the game. 

This is a very rudimentary explanation of roulette, but there are numerous articles available that go into detail about how the game is played. 

Tip 2 – Diversify your bets

This is one of the most important tips and tricks for roulette. It doesn’t matter if you have a lucky number – it will not be of much help in this casino game. Roulette is a game of probabilities, so it makes mathematical sense to diversify your bets. 

Switch your numbers for each spin if you want to increase your odds of winning. You may notice that a certain number wins more often than others. This doesn’t mean anything. As you play more and more, that number will stop winning. 

Many new players lose because they are under the illusion that betting on the same number in a row will get them there in the end. It isn’t true. 

In some parts of Asia, for example, the number eight is considered lucky because its pronunciation is similar to the pronunciation of ‘fortune’. Many roulette players bet on this number hoping that it will make them rich.

According to the rules of probability, the number eight doesn’t stand a better chance of winning. It is just like all the other numbers on the table. You may win once or twice, but your luck may be followed by a long losing streak. 

To mathematically increase your odds, you should diversify your numbers.

Tip 3 – Learn the math

For most beginners, this is the complicated part of the game. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around it. If you want to place bets that have good odds of winning, you need to have an understanding of the math. 

The first thing you ought to know is the house edge. For every bet that is placed, the house takes a cut, known as the edge. The American version of the game has a house edge of around 5.26%, while the European version has an edge of around 2.7%. 

Say that you place a bet of $10 on European roulette and you lose. You can expect to lose the whole amount, not just $2.70. However, if you win, the house will take its edge and you get the balance. 

If you keep playing, sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose. If you calculate the amount bet against what you keep, you will find that you have lost roughly 2.7%. The house edge applies to all the bets that are placed in a single period. 

It is especially important when betting large amounts. If you plan to spend $100,000 on a session, you can expect the casino to keep $2,700.

Each roulette game has table limits. This refers to the minimum and maximum amounts that players are allowed to bet for each game. Most online casinos have a lower limit of between $1 and $5. 

This may not make much sense. For such a small amount, you cannot expect to win substantial amounts. 

These limits are there for your benefit. The lower limit is set for beginners. It gives them a fair chance. If you stick to the lower limits, it is unlikely that you will incur large losses. 

The upper limit ensures that players don’t bet more than the casino can afford to pay. If, for example, a player bets $200,000 on 35:1 odds and wins, the payout would be massive and the casino could run out of cash. 

These limits are calculated by mathematical experts and are worth paying attention to. It may be especially tempting to bet higher than the lower limit. You figure that if you bet more and win, your payout will be bigger. Always remember that the same logic applies in reverse. If you lose, you lose more. 

One commonly asked question is how long a beginner should stick to the lower limit. There is no hard and fast rule. You should use set limits until you feel that you have a good understanding of the game. 

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Tip 4 – Never go over your bankroll

A bankroll is the amount of money that you set aside for each gambling session. Smart players know that when their bankroll is spent, it is time to leave the table. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan to play a small amount or spend tens of thousands of dollars – set a limit to how much you can safely spend. 

This means that you are not gambling with money you need. Rather, you are using money that if lost, will not be missed. 

Assuming that you have mastered the basics of the game and want to increase the size of your bets, how big should they be?

Your average bet is determined by the size of your bankroll and how long you plan to play. 

An average wheel spins 40 times an hour. This means that if you want to play for two hours, your bankroll should support at least 80 spins. If you would like to play for three hours, you should spread your bankroll in such a way that you can play for 120 spins. 

Say that you plan to play for one hour and will bet $1 for each spin. That works out to $40. If you plan to play for three hours at $1 a spin, you should have a bankroll of at least $120. 

In a nutshell, the longer you play, the more you spend, so work out precisely how long you can afford to keep playing. 

Tip 5 – Stick to red and black

This is where the odds of winning are highest. An American roulette wheel has 18 black slots and 18 red ones, and they pay out at 1:1. Say that you bet $5. If you win, you get to take home $5.

The other slots have higher payouts, but they are riskier. Beginners are advised to play red and black until they have a good understanding of the game. Green slots have higher odds, but they are riskier. 

These five basic roulette tips will help you master the game. Many beginners don’t get very far because they discard the basics. This isn’t smart. As much as roulette is a game of chance, there are certain things you can do to become a frequent winner. 

One question that beginners ask is whether they should play American or European roulette. The answer is simple: stick with European roulette until you understand the game well enough to take bigger risks. 

Remember, American roulette has a much higher house edge, almost double the edge for European roulette. As a new player, it doesn’t make much sense to take unnecessary risks. 

Treat your initial games like a class. Set aside small bankrolls and be observant. 


These roulette tips for beginners should help you get started, place fairly good bets and avoid going over your bankroll. Remember to avoid lucky numbers because it is all a game of chance. Place low-risk bets until you understand the game a little better. 

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Author: Tanya Fields

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