There are some tried and tested baccarat betting strategies that have developed over the years. In this article, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of the one-sided baccarat betting system.

Baccarat is a firm favorite when it comes to table games. It’s not too complicated and comes with all the glitter and glamor portrayed in Bond films. Players don’t have to be experts to try this game. Beginners find it an easy game to get their toes wet and get a feel for the excitement around tables.

Baccarat generally offers one of the lowest house edges in both land-based and online casinos. Novices find the hold percentage beneficial and often make a profit with baccarat.

Understanding baccarat

Most people are familiar with blackjack and attaining the sought-after 21. In baccarat, that elusive number is nine. Unlike blackjack, the players aren’t dealt individual hands. There are only two hands on the table – the banker and player hands – and the dealer takes care of everything. Seats around a table vary between seven and 14, depending on the casino. Each player quadrant contains a ‘player’ and a ‘bank’ block. Players can bet on a win for the bank, a win for the player, or a tie between the two. Cards from two to nine carry their own values. Tens, jacks, queens, and kings have a zero value, and an ace is worth one point. The hand closest or totaling nine wins. 

As mentioned, the house edge in baccarat is very low, which gives players a real chance at making a profit. In the best land-based and online casinos, you’ll likely find a house edge of 1.06% on the banker bet position and a 1.24% house edge on the player bet position. These are truly great odds, and it’s only in exceptional cases that you’ll find better on blackjack or craps tables.

Just keep in mind that this is not the case with the tie bet position. The tie option is attractive because it pays eight to one, but it has an exorbitant house edge of 14.36% at most casinos. 

The same applies to new-format side bets. These are bonus bets a player can place on the results of the next round. The house edge on side bets vary according to induvial bet sizes, but they are also very high.

Baccarat is straightforward. It’s a lively table game enjoyed by avid gamblers worldwide.

What is a baccarat betting strategy?

Simply stated, a betting strategy entails set wagering amounts and profit targets. It also dictates how one should bet. 

Most seasoned gamblers employ betting strategies when gambling. These systems can prove especially valuable with table games, and it’s important that beginners understand basic strategies for games such as blackjack and baccarat.

Unlike other table games, the employment of betting systems in baccarat often proves effective and successful. These systems all vie for spots as the best baccarat betting strategies. However, any betting strategy for baccarat often depends on the preferences and temperaments of the players.

If you’re a thrill-seeker who craves excitement and big wins, some strategies may bore and frustrate you. If you have loads of patience and diligence, these betting systems may however appeal to you. Your goal or desired profit target also has a lot to do with your chosen strategy. Some betting systems prescribe small wagering amounts and marginal profit cycles.

Some firmly believe baccarat is a game of skill based on logical rules and that this characteristic allows players to implement successful betting systems. These gambling experts also maintain that there are seldom players who enter baccarat arenas without a strategy.

However, other experts think it’s not the do all and end all to have a strategy. These gamblers play without betting systems, believing that a set of principles won’t make any worthwhile difference to the outcome of the game.

Objectively speaking, all gambling ventures depend on the whims of Lady Luck. So, no matter how good a strategy is, there’s always a degree of chance present in any form of gambling.The house edge is an ever-present factor, no matter where you play. Over the years, statistics have proven that the house edge can’t be beaten. However, one doesn’t have to beat the house edge to make a tidy profit in baccarat.

Some of the best betting strategies for baccarat are the:

  • One-sided baccarat strategy
  • Trend-switch combat strategy
  • Break the doubles baccarat strategy

A baccarat betting system will help you apply a sort of automation to your play and eliminate guesses and uncertainties. In other words, with a set strategy, you know what your next bet will be.

Baccarat consists of both skill and luck. Once you’ve grasped this reality, you’ll be able to enjoy this popular table game and have fun. As mentioned earlier, we’ll now take a closer look at the baccarat one-sided strategy.

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What is the one-sided baccarat strategy?

The baccarat one-sided strategy is the most common betting system applied to this table game. It’s ideal for those who want to extend their bankrolls and who want to play for a prolonged time before showing any defined profit.

This strategy is very easy to understand. A player only bets on one option for the entirety of a sitting. In other words, when using this strategy, you’ll either bet on the player option or banker option. Remember that this option carries low house edges, which increases your chances of winning.

As with blackjack, the actual odds of a baccarat session will depend on the dealing shoe. A dealing shoe is a box holding the cards for a session. The size of dealing shoes varies from casino to casino and from table game to table game. Ordinarily, a shoe holds between six and eight decks of cards.

Shoes alternate the odds between dealers and players, or the players and house edge if you like. This means that during various plays of one shoe, players will have a fractional advantage at some points and the house at other points.

The one-sided baccarat betting system denotes that a player can balance wins and losses and either make a profit or break even during a shoe. Proclamations such as these often play out differently in reality. Universal occurrences frequently show that the probability of an isolated event – or baccarat hand – is independent of preceding or following events.

Others, however, argue that baccarat is not an authentic isolated or independent event. This assumption relies on the fact that the cards played during a previous hand are discarded and can influence the outcome of the next hand.

The probability theory underpins the fact that there is no such thing as ‘due for a win’. So, just keep in mind that there are no guarantees that your chosen side – being either the banker or player option – will appear in any given or predicted order. Thus, you can win several times in a row and make some money or lose several times in a row and shrink your bankroll.

How does the one-sided baccarat strategy work?

As the name indicates, a player using this betting strategy will stick to one betting option and wager on either the banker or player. You simply bet the same amount on the same option round after round.

The best approach would be to start betting when a new shoe is issued. Choose and set a bankroll for your baccarat adventure. Remember, addictive gambling can ruin your life. Make sure you can afford to lose your bankroll without it affecting your livelihood and wellbeing.

People often apply a ‘stop loss’ approach during the one-sided baccarat betting strategy. Effectively, this means you stop betting for a while when you’ve lost several rounds in a row. Some baccarat frequenters would put this ‘stop loss’ in place after losing three hands in a row and wait until their chosen option starts winning again. Once the wins pop up, you start betting again.

You should know that some criticize the implementation of the ‘stop loss’ when using the one-sided betting system in baccarat. They hold that it counters the probability theory and adds a significant amount of guesswork.

Baccarat experts recommend you stick to a betting flat rate to extend your bankroll and playing pleasure. Set a reasonable profit target at the beginning of your game. Most seasoned players using this betting system will implement a 5+ unit bet and win.

Just remember that this system, or any other betting strategy for that matter, cannot eliminate or bypass the ever-present house edge. It simply gives you a slight theoretical edge for a short period.

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