Maximizing Your Luck: A Guide to Horoscope-Based Betting

Luck is a funny thing – we all chase it, yet none of us really know how to harness it for the best! For example, many people follow their daily and weekly horoscopes to decide whether or not it’s worth trying their gambling luck on a slot game or a live casino dealer. Gambling horoscope can create predictions based on the your zodiac.

Of course, no one really knows how to harness luck for the best. Casino and slot games are random by design! That said, there is a growing interest in tying horoscopes, star signs and astrology to playing casino games online.

What’s your gambling horoscope, and does your star sign or weekly summary suggest that it’s worth giving casino games a try? Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know and what you can expect.

What are horoscopes?

Horoscopes are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions made based on the date you were born. According to the Western zodiac, we’re all split into 12 different ‘star signs’ or ‘astrological signs’. These are:

Aries (the ram)

Taurus (the bull)

Gemini (the twins)

Cancer (the crab)

Leo (the lion)

Virgo (the maiden)

Libra (the scales)

Scorpio (the scorpion)

Sagittarius (the centaur)

Capricorn (the goat)

Aquarius (the water carrier)

Pisces (the fish)

Depending on when you celebrate your birthday during the year, you’re assigned one of the 12 signs above. For example, if you’re born between April 20 and May 20, you’re a Taurus.

Different star signs supposedly carry different traits and personality quirks. For example, Capricorns are hard-working, Cancers love to be the stars of the show, and Leos crave the finer things in life.

From these signs, astrologers and horoscope writers create predictions for people to follow each day, week, month or year. Many people enjoy reading their horoscopes as they feel that they give them purpose and direction. Sadly, there’s no proof that star sign predictions are true – but they’re fascinating to think about!

Is there a connection between horoscopes and luck?

Many people believe that horoscopes link directly with luck, and even their chances of winning prizes at casinos and slot games. For example, a horoscope for the day may say, “Today will be a great day to try something new,” or “Your luck will convert by this time tomorrow.”

As mentioned, these predictions are highly interpretative. However, several casino fans use their predictions to help guide them in making choices when they visit online gambling sites for the first time.

It’s also possible to find different types of games and tables based on your zodiac profile. For example, Aries players supposedly take more risks than Taurus players – which may mean that they prefer tables with higher stakes.

Luck is, of course, completely random. That’s as far as we know! Those who believe in astrology think that star charts and birth signs determine when we’re most lucky. Therefore, it’s not unheard of for people to only play games at specific times!

So, the answer to this question really depends on who you ask! However, there are a few points you can follow if you would like to use your gambling horoscope to decide when and what to play.

How to use horoscopes for gambling

There are two main ways that you can use your horoscope to help decide your gambling activity:

  • Choose games based on your star sign or zodiac attributes.
  • Play games when your horoscope suggests that you’re likely to be lucky.

Of course, you can blend the two approaches if you wish! The most important point to remember (and we cover this a little more below) is that you should always set firm limits.

If you’re completely new to star signs and horoscopes, you may find that you learn something new about yourself when reading your forecasts or your zodiac profile. Do remember that there may be some suggestibility here!

For example, you could read a profile about Pisces and recognize that you are often compassionate and friendly – it’s easy to apply your daily experiences and traits to these profiles.

That said, astrology does still offer many people a lot of purpose and confidence. Given that gambling is so random, it’s only reasonable that some people decide when and how to gamble based on their star signs.

What’s unreasonable, however, is to expect horoscopes to completely define the gambling experience. At Resorts Casino, we encourage our players to keep an open mind! All our games provide completely random experiences.

Therefore, it’s entirely your choice whether or not you choose specific games based on your horoscope or if you avoid gambling on some days.

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Dos and don’ts of horoscope-based gambling

Let’s break this down further and consider some must-dos and must-avoids when tying horoscopes to gambling activity.

Do set limits

No matter what your horoscope for today tells you, always set healthy limits for the amount of money you want to spend on online casino games.

As mentioned, games at Resorts Casino are completely randomized. This means that you may not get the big wins you expect immediately (or you might – it’s completely random!).

Always set financial or time limits so that you have complete control over how much you spend in a session. We always advise players that once games stop being fun, it’s time to quit.

Don’t chase wins

Just because your horoscope tells you that you’re going to have a lucky day, it doesn’t mean that it’s worth following a gambling win until you’re out of money!

After all, a ‘lucky day’ could refer to all kinds of things. What’s more, a horoscope that tells you that you’re going to “come into some money” doesn’t always mean from gambling.

If you keep chasing wins that never come, you could turn a hopefully lucky day into a very disappointing one!

Do play games that appeal to you

You don’t have to play specific games that your zodiac signs dictate you should.

For example, if your horoscope or star sign suggests that you should stick to high-roller games, there’s no harm in going low stake. Ultimately, we advise all our players to pick games that suit their budgets, gambling experiences and individual tastes.

In fact, it’s easy to filter down different games and gambling styles here at Resorts Casino. If you would prefer to lead with your gut and personal tastes over your horoscopes, please do so!

Don’t rely on your horoscopes to completely dictate your experience

We’re certainly not saying that you should ignore your horoscopes if they give you a lot of hope and reassurance. However, relying on them to completely dictate your gambling may not be a safe option.

At Resorts Casino, our randomized games don’t operate on astrological signs and/or horoscopes. Therefore, your experience is always likely to be interpretative.

Of course, if you’re finding it hard to choose the next game to play or you prefer to follow your horoscope when it comes to gambling online, that’s entirely your choice!

Using horoscopes to choose games

If you would like to start using horoscopes to choose your casino games, there are plenty of great ways to get started. Below, we run through the 12 star signs in the Western zodiac and make a few suggestions to set you on your way.


Determined and forthright, fiery Aries are likely to enjoy playing traditional card games that challenge their competitive streaks. 

For example, an Aries gambler may enjoy trying their hand at poker. This game is fast-paced, relies on skill as well as luck, and is likely to appeal to those who are in it to win, not just have a good time!

Of course, all Aries are different – but it’s worth considering competitive games and tournaments.


For all that Taurus players are close to Aries in the Zodiac, Taurus gamblers tend to prefer casual games or slots. 

That said, if you’re a Taurus who likes taking occasional risks (which is rare for your star sign!), consider trying low-volatility games. You could try different types of roulette, for example, where there are short odds as well as long opportunities.


Gemini is the heart and soul of the party. They value excitement over luck and financial gain some of the time! This means that they’ll likely enjoy live game shows such as Dream Catcher.

Dream Catcher is a fast-paced game show where anything can happen from one play to the next. This will likely appeal to a Gemini’s need for ever-changing experiences!


Cancerians are homebodies at heart, but they also love taking center stage. They’re likely to enjoy playing games with live dealers where they can stand out as lucky winners. Therefore, may enjoy Resorts casino live.

While they don’t always like to stretch their gambling luck too much, they do crave an atmosphere. It’s also why online bingo, Slingo and lotto with a chat function will appeal to these players!


The typical Leo is a risk taker and isn’t afraid to chance it all to win big. Leos want the best out of life, and will do plenty to get their hands on the prize.

That’s why Leos tend to sway toward highly competitive games and tournament modes. The average Leo gamer will likely leap into a Megaways game with increased paylines, or a progressive jackpot on offer.

Leos have more patience than most when it comes to chasing a win, so do gamble responsibly. Set healthy limits and keep an open mind.


Virgos are highly confident in their abilities and tend to deeply analyze everything they get into. That’s why a Virgo will always drift toward sports betting or virtual sports. They can carefully analyze odds and markets from race to race.

In the casino, Virgos are likely best suited to live games such as Side Bet City, where there are plenty of different ways to win. Virgos love complex games such as different variations of roulette.


As the scales, Libra is unsurprisingly the most balanced of the signs! A Libra gambler will therefore look for games they can easily rationalize and make calculations for during play.

Libras love to test their skill and don’t tend to give up easily. They’re also highly visually stimulated, which means that visually impressive slot games such as 88 Fortunes may be most appealing.


Scorpio players know what they like, and are always willing to try new things. They also tend to go with their gut instinct, which means that they’ll likely head for games such as blackjack with multiple side bets and different win opportunities.

Scorpios may also wish to play games such as those in the Slingo range – provided that they stick to a firm money pot, they can bring a lot of patience to high-volatility games.


Like Scorpio, Sagittarians love trying new things and are often confident about the choices they make in life as well as in gambling.

Sagittarians enjoy a range of choice – which means that they need an online casino that lets them leap from slot games to tables and live experiences. They tend to play all kinds of different titles!


The Capricorn gambler is reasoned and practical. They tend to prefer games based more on skill, which means that they drift toward poker and slot games.

They also tend to be highly patient but will quit while they’re ahead. Capricorns should consider slot and table titles across the board.


Aquarius players are pretty unpredictable! They’ll likely find large prizes appealing, which means that heading to the progressive jackpot section of an online casino tends to be a good option.

That said, they may also blend well with slot games offering a range of bonus features. Nothing too boring or sedate is the key!


Finally, Pisceans tend to lead by emotion, which means that they need to be careful with the games they play. Consider games with low volatility or short odds, such as roulette or blackjack.

Pisceans are like Sagittarians, in that they’ll try a range of things before they make a final decision. Why not try out a few free games and see what sticks?


While it can be fascinating to tie horoscopes with gambling, don’t always let a horoscope define your online casino experience!

On that note, however, why not check out our exclusive slot game Zodiac Infinity Reels if you’re deep into your astrology and looking for something new?

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