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Imagine a player filling out a short form to enter a casino jackpot, being welcomed by a beautiful host who invites them to play and walks them through the game, and minutes later, they walk away with more than $16,000. That’s what happened to our Epic winner Troy from Philadelphia. 

Judging from his reaction, he had no idea that he would be walking away with more than $16,000.

As the name ‘House Money’ suggests, every bet is placed using money from the casino, and if the stars align, players could walk away with thousands of dollars. 

Before exploring what happened to Troy, here is a quick recap of what House Money is and what players could win. 

House Money is a spin-the-wheel casino game show. Guided by casino hosts, players get money from the house which they can use to place a series of bets, and each spin of the wheel could win them money. 

The hosts guide gamers through Gameshow Glory, helping them weigh the pros and cons of their wagering style as the players place bets in whatever order they feel could best maximize potential wins. There is a caveat; at the end of each game, there is a $200 spin that players make use of. 

Players can place 18 bets (they choose from $100, $50, $20, $20, $10, $10, $10, $5, $5, $5, $3, $3, $3, $2, $2, $1, and $1 wagers), and at the end of the game must spin the wheel for $200. 

Everything won in every round is theirs to keep. 

How it Happened?

As Troy entered the casino he met Tiffany, who introduced him to the game and described how it worked. She informed him that he would receive $450 from Resorts Casino, which he could divide and spread out across 18 bets, and that anything he won in each round would be his to keep. She also let him know that at the very end, there was a compulsory $200 wager. In Gameshow Glory, all bets are listed in a spin bank, and once placed, the bet is struck off the list.  

At the start he started with smaller wages, his first $4 wager didn’t win him anything. However the next smaller wagers won him smaller digits. With $2 wager, he won $0.40 and $1 that won him an additional $1.30. Troy’s next bets of $8 wager and a bigger bet of $20 were also not successful. With several spins yet to go, Troy decided to place a $10 wager which won him $5, followed by a $1 bet that didn’t win.  

At this point, Troy wanted to know more about Gameshow Glory, so he asked Tiffany how many bonus symbols he needed to win. She explained that to win a round, he required three bonus symbols in a single spin. With this information he places few more lower bets, he received $16 from a $4 bet. 

As every bet he placed was struck out of the list, all he had left out of the 18 original wagers were five bets as well as the final $200 compulsory wager. He could choose from $6, $15, $30, $40, and $100.  

He decided to go with the smallest one $6 wage which didn’t win. The next remaining bets in sequence were $15 $30 and $40 which didn’t create a win leaving him with two bets left: $100 and the final mandatory $200 bet.  When he placed the $100, the slots turned, and he and Tiffany watched three symbols line with eager anticipation. which awarded him a $100 prize in the form of free spins.   

Tiffany explained that the player spins the wheel to use their bonus, and that there are multipliers. Troy had seven free spins to play, each worth $100, so the game wasn’t over. With any luck, the free spins might bring him a few hundred dollars of winnings. 

Tiffany gave the wheel a spin, and three purple wilds aligned. Troy’s luck seemed to have turned; he won $1,700 on that first spin. Like they say, it isn’t over till it’s over. Troy had won a little more than $1,700 and still had six free spins to go. 

The second bonus spin gave Troy $1,080, and the third, fourth, and fifth spins won him an additional $3,380. At this point, he was dumbstruck; he wasn’t saying much, only watching as spin after spin brought in more and more money.  With just four of the seven free spins left, he hugged Tiffany, and gave her a nod to spin the wheel. She did, and Troy won $1,160.  

The fifth spin gave him $6,440 bringing his total winnings to $13,830. He had just two spins left, and on the sixth spin, he won $1,330. Troy’s last spin won him $1,430, so he had bagged $16,590.  

His $200 bet didn’t win anything, but Troy had won $16,612.70 without spending any money at all.  

How do I apply to be on House Money?

Any player could be the next lucky contestant on House Money, and the process is quite straight-forward. Go to Resorts Live Winner’s Circle and apply: all registered players at Resorts Casino are eligible, so if a player doesn’t have an account, they can register and become a member

On the Winner’s Circle page, there is an ‘Apply Now’ button; players can click on it to be redirected to an application form that asks for basic details such as a name, email address and phone number, as well as city of residence and a favorite slot game. 

Players are required to upload a short video explaining why they would like to be a contestant on House Money, and once they confirm their active Resorts Casino account, they can submit an application. 

Any player selected to participate will be awarded $450 to use during the game. If they win, all their money is transferred to their Resorts Casino account as bonus credit. Players have up to 72 hours to collect winnings and all bonus credits must be used within 30 days of receiving them. 

Troy isn’t the only lucky House Money winner. Joe, another avid gamer, won more than $11,000 in May 2023. Just like Troy, he started with low-value bets and played all of them until he had only the big ones left. 

When he played the $100 wager, his luck turned, and he received seven free spins. The first one brought him nearly $10,000 in winnings, and by the time he finished the other spins he had more than $11,000 in his bonus account. 

Another gamer, Pierre, won a little more than $10,000, the highest amount that anyone had won up until then. 

The game is subject to certain terms and conditions; players should bear those in mind, especially regarding potential winnings. Players who would like to familiarize themselves with the game before they register can watch the videos on Resort Casino’s Winner’s Circle page.

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Author: Tanya Fields

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