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Imagine walking into your favorite casino and being handed a bunch of free money. You didn’t win a contest. You weren’t selected because you played a certain number of blackjack hands. No, you were handed the money because you happened to know a secret password and that’s Online casino codes!

That doesn’t really happen in the real world. At most land-based casinos, you’re treated to incentives like free stays and entertainment for playing, but rarely do new players get free cash just for showing up.

However, in the online casino world, specifically at, free cash is waiting around every bend. And all you need is a special password to get your hands on it.


Some online casinos call them promo codes while others, like, call them bonus codes. Whatever their moniker might be, they do the same thing —provide you with free cash or the opportunity to earn something extra on top of your regular winnings when you play online casino games.

So what can you earn by taking advantage of a coupon code? At, coupon codes tend to pay out three distinct things?

Free cash off the bat.

When a code pays out cash, redeeming it means that money gets added to your account right away. This is like playing with house money.

Bonus funds, which are eventually converted to cash.

In this scenario, redeeming an online casino code gets you bonus funds. They’re added to your account and are immediately available to play with, but they aren’t converted to actual cash that you can withdraw until you’ve met the specified wagering requirements.

Entries to a contest, which could pay out cash or other prizes.

Some codes are your ticket into a contest. Redeeming it lets the online casino know that you want to be a part of a promotion. Once you use the code, points earned by playing for real money gets you entries into a contest, which could pay out cash or other prizes.


Codes are easier to find than you think. At, you’ll find them on the website on the Promotions page. It’s updated frequently, so it’s worth checking the site daily to make sure you’re not missing out on any free casino bonuses. Each promo features a unique code, so make sure you’re using the right one.

Some codes are reserved for specific loyal players who regularly log in and play. has one of the best online casino rewards programs in New Jersey. It’s called Resorts Rewards and it lets players earn big incentives just by playing for real money. What’s more, top casino players can join Echelon, an even more rewarding loyalty program.

Through the two programs, there are nine tiers (five in Resorts Rewards and four in Echelon). Some promotions are offered exclusively to players in a certain tier. Be sure to watch your email for specific codes tailored to you.

It’s important to note that certain codes are reserved for a specific rewards tier and can’t be used by all players. For example, if you’re a Diamond member of Resorts Rewards and receive a special code, you can’t share it with a Gold member.

No DEPOSIT Bonus At Resorts cASINO

Some codes require you to make a deposit. Others might require nothing at all (except, of course, entering the code). Be sure to check the steps listed in the email you received or on the specific promotion page first.


First, jot down the code you want to use. Remember, you might find it on the promotions page or in an email.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Go to My Account >My Bonuses
  • Remember the code that you just jotted down? Enter it here. Make sure you get all the characters right or it won’t work.
  • Follow the instructions on the next screen. If the code requires a deposit, you’ll know about it here.
  • That’s really all there is to it. In no time, you’ll be able to enjoy your free cash and wager it on your favorite slots and table games. Or who knows? That code could be your ticket to some even more amazing winnings.

Looking for the best codes? Check out our online casino bonus codes page and Promotions page at for the latest ones. And don’t forget to bookmark the page. Things are always changing and you don’t want to miss out on Online casino codes for free money!  

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