If you are looking for the best online casino site in the state of New Jersey, look no further than Resorts Online Casino. Resorts specializes in offering the largest selection of online slots in the industry, and the games will provide hours of entertainment.

Real money slots online is a growing trend in the United States, and especially in the state of New Jersey. Other online casinos are trying to catch up to Resorts Online Casino, but they still have a long way to go.

This is a breakdown of the real money slots online that we feature on our site, and highlights some of the amazing special features that you will find. If you can’t find the game at Resorts, then it’s probably not worth playing. 


Resorts Casino was the first in the state of New Jersey, all the way back in 1978. The casino has changed a lot over time, but all of the changes have been major improvements. 

Resorts Online Casino has focused on creating the best customer experience, and everything they do is geared towards achieving that mission. Resorts has taken what they have learned from players since day 1, and they continue to apply that to their online casino.

Other online casinos might have joined the New Jersey market first, but few can compete with Resorts Online Casino today. Resorts is more than just an online casino; it is a complete gaming experience that continues to deliver.

If you like surprises and free gifts, then Resorts Online Casino is the place for you. You haven’t experienced playing real money slots online until you have visited this casino. 


If you are looking for the best selection of real money online slots, then look no further than Resorts Online Casino. With over 500 real money slots available each day, Resorts continues to deliver the best entertainment. 

When new online slot machines are released into the market, Resorts quickly reviews each game to ensure that it lives up to our standard and quality. If the game passes the test, then it gets added to our already large catalog of games.

We feature games with all different kinds of themes to choose from, and there are a variety of ways to win at each game. Remember, Resorts Online Casino is always putting you first, and our games are there to be won. 

The games are categorized on the online site and the mobile app, so it is very easy to find the perfect game that is right for you. The choice is yours, but we have made sure you have plenty of options.


Many of our real money online slot games can be found on other casino sites in New Jersey as well, but not all of them. Resorts Online Casino has a handful of exclusive games that can only be played on our site.

These exclusive games are designed by some of the top companies in the industry, and all of them have been built with our special features included. Take a peek at the exclusive games listed below and give them a shot today.


If you want to play real money online slots on the go, we have you covered. Resorts Online Casino has developed and launched a mobile app that is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. 

The app doesn’t offer as many games as the online site, but you can be sure that you will still find a large selection of games. Special features and exclusive games are also included on the mobile app, making our app the best in the industry. 

You can find the link to download this app through the site, or you can search for the iOS app on the app store. Now you can enjoy all of our great games and special features from the palm of your hand. 


Want to hit the jackpot at Resorts Online Casino, then come and try out one of our progressive slots! Resorts Online Casino offers some of the top progressive slots in the industry, and we have already seen some customers win big on our games. 

Progressive slots are unlike regular slot games in that the jackpot continues to climb as others play the game. If you are fortunate to be the lucky one to trigger the jackpot, then you could make a small fortune. 

There are still other ways to win some money or prizes through our progressive slots, but everyone is in search of the big prize. With several different options to choose from, our customers have plenty of chances to strike it rich. 

Look for Resorts Online Casino to continue adding more and more progressive jackpots to our catalog soon. If a company develops a top-of-the-line new progressive slot, you can bet that it will be on our site. 

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Resorts Online Casino not only provides the largest selection of games in New Jersey, but they also feature more ways to win. Winning is more fun at Resorts Online Casino, and the special slot features that they provide give you unique chances to win big.

You might find similar games at other online casinos in the state of New Jersey, but these games won’t look like this anywhere else. Take a look at these special online slot features, and find out how you can win big at Resorts Online Casino!


The Gamble feature is unlike any other that you will see at an online casino site, and it gives you a chance to win big. With the gamble feature, you have a chance to go head-to-head against the house to double or quadruple your winnings. The process is very simple, and here is how it works:

  • The first step is that you have to win some cash by matching symbols on the payline. After you win cash, the gamble symbol will begin to glow on the screen. The Gamble symbol is located to the left of the spin button when it is an available option.
  • If you’d like to access this feature, simply click on the gamble button to begin.
  • A screen will then pop up, giving you the gambling choices. You must choose to pick a color (red or black) or choose a suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs). 
  • The dealer will then draw a random card to determine whether or not you have won.

If you guess the right color, then your winnings are doubled. Guess the right suit, and your winnings are quadrupled!

Super Bet

There are many select slot games offered on that will allow you to supercharge your experience. The Super Bet feature not only increases the amount that you are allowed to bet, but it also increases the fun and the winning potential. 

Here is how the Super Bet Works:

  • Begin by placing your bets. Choose your bet per line amount (Same process as playing a normal game)
  • Click on the SuperBet icon (Remember, only select games have this feature)
  • After clicking on this icon, the game will automatically play all paylines and multiply your bet for each line.
  • Random symbols will begin to turn into “Wild symbols” on the game. If you are lucky, the wild multiplier will also become boosted, giving you a chance to win even more!

It’s that simple. Find a game with the Super Bet feature attached and get in on the action today!

Slide a Wild

Almost all online slot games will feature some sort of wild symbol. You are probably familiar with what these wild symbols can do, but what if we told you that the wild symbol could move between reels?

That is what happens with our “Slide a Wild” special feature. You have the power to move the wild between reels to increase your chances of winning some big money. 

If you are feeling wild, then this is the perfect special feature to take advantage of. 

Up Wild

There is no doubt that the Wild symbol is what everyone looks for when they are playing on our online slots. Resorts Casino takes this up a notch with our Up Wild feature. 

Up Wild will take you on an even wilder ride, and this is a ride that you want to be on. On select games, you can watch the wild symbol climb up one of the reels to unlock even more wilds. 

Up Wild can also be triggered with just one symbol, meaning that this special feature can be triggered with every play. This is a special feature that helps set Resorts Online Casino apart from the competition. 


Select-a-Play is a unique feature that is special to Resorts Online Casino. Select-a-Play puts you in total control over the bonuses or free plays that come with the games that you choose.

While almost all of our slots feature bonus opportunities or free games, Select-a-Play gives you control over how you want to use these bonuses. 

One of the options that you can choose is a high number of free games, with a low prize multiplier. Or you can choose a low number of free games with a high prize multiplier. 

Try some games out using each of the two selections and determine which method you like best. The power is totally in your hands with Select-A-Play. 

Free spins

Resorts Online Casino is always putting the customer (you) first, and that is exactly what we do with our free spins special feature. Free spins can be unlocked several different ways, but they are always free to you.

Free spins enable you to stay in the game much longer, giving you more chances to win big at the online casino. Be sure to check out our huge list of games that come with free spins, and follow the instructions to ensure you receive them.

Resorts Online Casino will also offer free spins as a bonus or promotion opportunity, so be on the lookout for these special announcements!

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are commonly found on casino slot games, but we take those bonus rounds up a notch at Resorts Online Casino. A majority of our games will offer bonus rounds, and they are much easier to earn at our site.

Each game will come with a different symbol that must be matched to unlock bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are available without making any wager and give you a great chance to rack up some extra cash.

Bonus payout amounts are different depending on the game that you choose, so do your research to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. 


Resorts Online Casino has two bonus offers that are available right now to new customers. The first bonus is a $20 no deposit bonus just for signing up. This bonus is extremely easy to take advantage of, but a bonus code must be used when creating your account.

Simply create an account at and enter the bonus code RCFREE. $20 will be credited to your account before you are even asked to make a deposit! We are confident that you will be hooked on our games, and will keep coming back to play. 

The other bonus that we are offering is a $1,000 welcome deposit match. This bonus is available by using the bonus code: DEPOSIT1

Resorts Online Casino will match your initial deposit 100% up to $1,000. Some wagering requirements must be followed, but this is a great way to boost your account when signing up. 

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