Roulette Betting strategies you need to know

For all that roulette is a game of chance, different people approach this Vegas classic in different ways. Many bettors use roulette strategies to try to get ahead of some of the trickier odds on the table. However, some strategies are more preferable than others depending on the style of roulette you play!

At Resorts Casino, we provide an array of different roulette tables for you to try. We’ve even got a host of live dealers on hand! However, the strategy you use for these classic games is entirely your choice. Let’s take a closer look at how other people approach the wheel.

What are roulette betting strategies?

Roulette strategies are techniques that players use to try to get ahead of the house edge. In most cases, the most popular roulette betting strategies work online and offline. 

However, it’s vital to remember that there’s never a 100% guarantee that you will win at roulette. The ball spins around the wheel completely at random. When it comes to virtual games online, roulette works on a randomized algorithm.

The roulette games available at Resorts Casino are verifiably random and fair. This means that you never really know which numbers are going to come up.

That said, plenty of players use the ‘best’ betting strategies for roulette to try to make the game go their way. Below, we’ll take you through the most popular strategies out there – however, always remember that there’s no guarantee of a win, regardless of how you play.

Popular roulette betting strategies

Given that roulette is at the mercy of a randomly spinning ball, it can be confusing at first to work out how roulette strategies even come into being. It’s all about being shrewd with the betting! The below techniques are regarded as some of the best roulette betting strategies online (and in physical casinos). 

However, as always, do make sure that you have a handle on the money you spend. If roulette stops being fun, and it feels like you are just chasing a win, it’s time to walk away. By all means try the following strategies and see how they work! Just keep in mind that ultimately, you’re still playing a game of complete chance.

With that disclaimer firmly in place, let’s take a look at some roulette strategies.

Martingale roulette strategy

Players who use the Martingale roulette strategy focus on trying to rebalance their bankroll. That is, they want to recoup anything they’ve lost.

The most simple way to describe Martingale is that it’s a ‘double-down’ strategy. Essentially, you’ll double your bet every time you lose. This may sound counter-productive, but there’s a method to it.

Martingale players realize that by doubling their bets after every loss, they’ll eventually make back their losses once they win. This strategy, therefore, is popular with players who want to get back to a level pegging before building on their bankroll. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to keep winning, you may never need to use it!

The Martingale strategy comes with a few big risks. For example, if you hit a lengthy losing streak and you keep doubling up your bets, you’ll quickly spend your bankroll. It’s not the best strategy for a long-running game of roulette.

That said, it’s one of the easiest roulette betting strategies to get to grips with. For some players, it’s a quick way to recover from losses (provided that they choose safe bets along the way). Players using the Martingale strategy may choose to wager on black or red, or odds or evens, where there’s a relatively high chance of return.

Before attempting Martingale yourself, always check the betting limits at your chosen table. Sometimes, you’ll have a wager ceiling that you can’t go past. If you keep on losing, you won’t be able to work the Martingale magic for too long.

Labouchère roulette strategy

While the Martingale strategy is fairly straightforward, the Labouchère method takes matters into more complex territory. Generally, Labouchère works best if you focus on even bets (such as red/black or odds/evens), but the strategy can and will change depending on your continued success.

This pattern-based system depends entirely on how much you would like to win from any game of roulette. For example, set yourself a base win of $20.

With that figure of 20, split it up into smaller digits in a row. For example, you could split it into 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, 5, 1.

You’ll then need to take the leftmost number in the sequence and the rightmost number, and add them together. Based on our example above, this is 1 and 1. So, that’s a bet of $2. Then, bet that $2 on an even market (say, 1-18).

If that bet comes back to win, cross off the leftmost and rightmost numbers in your sequence. You’ll then need to move the leftmost and rightmost numbers again, so in the sequence above, that’s 2 and 5. Your next bet will be $7.

The idea is to keep betting while you’re winning and while you have a sequence left. If you lose, however, you simply move the total bet to the rightmost end of your sequence and keep playing.

Ideally, players will stop after they experience a loss, as this ends their winning streak. If you keep playing while you’re losing, you’ll rack up long sequences and lose larger amounts of money.

This is one of the best roulette betting strategies if you’re on a winning streak. However, a slump could hit at any time, so it pays to keep an open mind.

Fibonacci roulette strategy

If the name of this strategy is familiar, it’s because the Fibonacci Sequence is one of the most famous mathematical formulas of all time. As it happens, it also lends itself to online and offline betting. 

Some believe that the Fibonacci system is one of the safest plays in roulette, while others feel that it carries more risk than they’re perhaps willing to balance.

Firstly, let’s look at the classic Fibonacci Sequence up to a point. The first few numbers in the sequence are 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and 34.

Essentially, each number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers. Apply this to roulette, and you change these numbers to bets.

Start by betting $1 on an even market, and see if you win or lose. If you win, you either stay where you are, or if you’re further along in the sequence, you go back two numbers. 

If you lose, you move along one to the right. So, if you bet $1 and you lose, you then bet $1 again. If you lose again, you then bet $2, and so on.

This strategy is similar to the Martingale technique in that you’re increasing your bet value if you lose. Some players feel that it’s a good way to recoup losses as a result. It’s what experts in betting call ‘negative progression’.

Where Fibonacci beats Martingale is in the fact that you stand to bear smaller losses over time. However, it’s not a great strategy for longer play, as you can quickly wipe out your bankroll on a losing streak.

That said, Fibonacci doesn’t have a logical end – and it’s one of the simpler sequence-based strategies out there.

D’Alembert roulette strategy

Let’s stick with even bets again for this next strategy and make things even simpler. The D’Alembert roulette strategy is one of the most appealing to first-time players, simply because you adjust your bet up and down depending on if you win or lose.

This sounds a little like Martingale, but it’s a little healthier for the bankroll, and it’s easier to get into. To start, choose your base bet. For example, let’s set the opening stake at $3.

Now, bet that $3 on an even market and see if you win or lose. If you win, decrease your bet by one. So, your next bet is $2. Win again, and decrease it again to $1. Stick at $1 bets from here until you lose.

When you lose, increase your bet by one. So, from the $3 base suggested above, a losing bet would change your next hand into $4. Then, $5 and $6, if you keep losing.

If you keep winning, the D’Alembert system can help you keep your bankroll afloat. Keep losing, however, and you could quickly lose your whole pot.

For all that the D’Alembert route seems safer than many of the best betting strategies for roulette, it’s not always great for generating big wins. It’s also not sustainable if you keep chasing wins. Eventually, you’ll lose – it’s a fact of betting! You just need to know when to walk away.

Paroli roulette strategy

A roulette table 
Text below which explains the paroli roulette strategy

If you’ve kept the Martingale strategy in mind earlier in this guide, great news – the Paroli roulette betting strategy is pretty much the opposite.

With Paroli, you simply keep your stake at the same value for as long as you lose. Win, and you’ll double your money. Essentially, you’re taking advantage of a winning streak (and while you have money heading back into the bankroll).

However, there’s a limit to Paroli. Instead of keeping your bets running and running, you’ll need to return to your initial stake if you win three times in a row. This means that eventually, you can feel the benefit of the money you’re winning.

So, as an example, bet $1 and win. Then, bet $2 – and if you win again, bet $4. Win a third time, and head back to $1. 

Remember, as with all of the roulette betting strategies that we’ve discussed in this guide, you’ll need to choose even markets. So, be willing to place your chips on black or red instead of choosing anything more outlandish.

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How to choose the best roulette betting strategy for you

Choosing the best roulette betting strategy for you depends largely on what you want to get out of your games. Are you a high roller, or do you prefer to play roulette and other table games more conservatively? If you’re the latter, then you may prefer to use a Fibonacci strategy over a Martingale, for example.

Do also take a look at the types of roulette games available to play. At Resorts Casino, we try to cover all bases wherever possible. Consider the differences between American and European roulette, for example, where slight changes such as the presence of a double zero could impact the way that you play and win.

You’ll also need to look carefully at the bet limits and house edges in play. When you’re playing with a strategy such as Martingale, for example, you might only be able to bet so much while losing before the upper limit kicks in.

Crucially, we advise you to carefully set a bankroll before you start. Establish your walking away limits, whether that’s based on win, loss, time, or a combination of all three.

The danger of leaning too much into any of the strategies discussed above is that you could keep on going until you see a win. As with any casino games (online or offline), chasing wins is not a wise strategy. Our games are completely random – which means that you have to take wins with losses as and when they arise.

Of course, you may choose to avoid using a betting strategy at all for roulette. There are ways to win completely at random. However, some bettors lean into roulette strategies simply because they help them to manage losses and make the most of any wins that accrue.

It may be wise to try a few strategies for yourself on a free play mode or at a low stake before you dive right into your bankroll. This way, you can get a feel for each technique without watching your money like a hawk.

Which roulette betting strategy increases your chances of winning?

There’s no one ‘best’ roulette betting strategy for maximizing wins. All of the strategies that we discussed above can work to some degree, but success will vary depending on how you bet, which games you play, and how you perceive risk.

Never underestimate the differences in house edge between casinos, and the differences between national styles of roulette. For example, the chances of winning in European roulette just on base bets is around 2% higher than in American roulette. Again, it’s all down to that double zero.

With that in mind, it’s worth playing around with different strategies and styles of roulette to see how much return you can expect. Again, try playing with free credit or very low wagers to start. This way, you can find a rhythm that best suits your playing style, bankroll and attitude to risk.

It’s healthiest to assume that there are no shortcuts or secret ways of winning big at roulette. It’s still a game of chance, and there will always be a house edge.

As it stands, of course, some roulette betting strategies are great at helping you to curtail losses and to recover from losing streaks. It’s down to you, however, to manage these strategies accordingly, and to walk away when the game’s no longer fun, regardless of profitability.

Why not try some of the best roulette betting strategies listed above on some of our virtual tables and with live roulette dealers at Resorts Casino?

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